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Watch Live: Our Game Of The Year Awards Show

Ring in the new year with Cosmic Book News!

Follow along live above as‘s very own Lawrence Napoli and his crew of gamers goes over the best video games of the year – as well as the awful games – and the most notable things that went down in the industry.

You can also follow along live on Twitch and join the chat room.


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Ben Affleck Is The New Batman Podcast With Matt McGloin & Lawrence Napoli


Ben Affleck is the new Batman!

Warner Bros. officially made the announcement last night in addition to the as-of-yet untitled Batman/Superman movie having a July 17, 2015 release.

Affleck will co-star with new Superman Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

Cosmic Book News also learned that Affleck has signed on for a multi-picture deal as well as that Lex Luthor has been cast in the movie.

So with all this big news hitting, EIC Matt McGloin and CBN movie reviewer Lawrence Napoli went live on the air to discuss Ben Affleck as Batman.

Below you can listen to the 90 minute podcast where all things Ben Affleck are discussed, as well as Warner Bros. versus Marvel Studios, talk of the Justice League movie, and lots more.

For even more Ben Affleck discussion, read Lawrence’s op-edBen Affleck As Batman Is The End Of DC.

Download “Ben Affleck Is The New Batman” Cosmic Book News Podcast (mp3)

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Call Of Duty: Undead – Movie Set Report For August 4th, 2012


Call of Duty: Undead, the previous movie that we informed you about being filmed in Buffalo, NY, the hometown of Cosmic Book News, had its first official shoot this past Saturday, August 4th, at Kronies Bar & Grill in Kenmore, NY.

There, bar and fight scenes were being filmed, and once again, Cosmic Book News got the call to take part.

Call of Duty: Undead is written and directed by Aleksandar Ivicic, a 21-year-old Croatian refugee, with all proceeds being donated to the veterans’ charity, Wounded Warriors.

In addition to Ivicic, the production staff consists of Jim Clark (co-director), Jeffrey Lavin (director of photography), and Kevin Schmitz (sound) of the epic alien sci-fi movie Ombis.

But that’s not all, as‘s very own Lawrence Napoli has been brought onboard to offer his expertise as well. Napoli, a graduate of Boston College, double majored in film and political science, and will be offering support where needed.

I am also happy to announce that I have volunteered my services to help out on Call of Duty: Undead with their pr department, social media and website design, and have brought our Nova 619 webcomic creators, Darren Blackburn and Jasmin Steele, onboard for movie poster art as well.


The actors featured in the movie consist of an all-star cast of local talent including Kevin Tanski, who played one of the select members of the Gotham PD in The Dark Knight Rises, Robert Woodley, Will Mutka, Mike Sarcinelli, Kahley Cuff and Christopher Clark. Tanski, Sarcinelli and Cuff all attended the classes of renown acting coach, Frank Rossi, and Woodley and Clark are veterans of the U.S. Military.

The basic premise of the movie is that the Alpha Squad are brought together in response to a VIP missing persons report leading them into a confrontation with the undead — “Call of Duty” style. The movie will not only consist of action-packed sequences, but character development, a unique plot, and of course — guns. 

This being an “undead” film you can also expect lots of zombies as well, and they are being developed by special effects make-up artist, Phill Beith

Beith, who studied Tom Savini special make-up effects at Douglas Education Center, and having also worked on Ombis, saw his passion for gore come alive with the movie Ghostbusters, particularly how the effects of Slimer were done by Steve Johnson. From there, the late legendary make-up effects artist Stan Winston (Aliens, Terminator, Jurassic Park) would further inspire Beith to take up his dream.


And I’m told Beith will have his work cut out for him as the movie is requiring zombies with a similar look to those found in The Walking Dead and the Zombie Survival Guide — something virtually unheard of in independent lower budget films.

Regarding what went down at Kronies Bar & Grill, yours truly took part as an extra in the bar scene. I got to mingle with the likes of Elizabeth Ann, a model and Playboy centerfold, who was at the center of the rucus, and also bar tender Angel Izard, whom I first met on the set of Ombis. Long time friend of Tanski, Andrew Streit, was involved as well, taking one to the kisser for his girlfriend, and pro-wrestler Mark “Killer Kumpf” stepped up to take it outside with Tanski’s character, Keith.

You can check out some set pics below, and head on over to the Call of Duty: Undead IndieGoGo site to view some footage and help out with the cause.

In addition, you can follow Call of Duty: Undead on their Facebook and Twitter.

(black and white images copyright Hot Iron Production and Nick Turton)

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