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McG Talks He-Man, Skeletor, Kellan Lutz & More

Following Twilight‘s Kellan Lutz having revealed he took a meeeting for the live action Masters of the Universe He-Man movie, earlier today saw the director on the project, McG, taking questions about the film while at FOX’s Television Critics Association.

McG stated He-Man hasn’t been cast, but offered Kellan Lutz is in the running.

We haven’t cast the role yet, but I like Kellan very much. Obviously, we need a talented entertainer, but we also need a certain physicality, which he embodies. He’ll be considered very, very closely. We haven’t gotten to the casting process yet. Kellan’s a good guy, and we had a great meeting, and he’s passionate about He-Man, he’s passionate about the Adam story. He really knows a lot about it. I was charmed by his focus and intensity. He’ll be considered very, very carefully. We’re just not there yet. We’ve got to get the movie on its feet, then we’ll cast the movie.

McG also talked about casting Skeletor and confirmed the He-Man bad guy to heavyweight villains such as Star Wars‘ Darth Vader and Die Hard‘s Hans Gruber (which means they are taking a serious take on the characters and He-Man movie).

As Skeletor? I think the characters are bigger than any given actor. I think the right actor is going to be what’s most important. I’m not really hung up on, “Oh, it’s got to be a star.” I just want someone who’s right for it. I enjoy working with big movie stars. I enjoy working with discoveries. We’re going to do what’s right, so it embodies the energy. Skeletor needs to be an incredible menace. I really think — again — I mean it when I say Vader, Gruber, Skeletor.

McG confirmed Battle Cat and Evil Lyn for He-Man and offered an update where they are with the movie.

We have a big meeting with Sony regarding prep of the movie on Wednesday. And we’re in the middle of a bit of a script polish, and it’s my absolute passion. I’m laser-focused on that being my next film. 

McG also said they are inspired by and are trying to emulate what Kevin Feige did with Marvel; what James Gunn did with the Guardians of the Galxy movie, and what Margot Robbie did with Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

“I want to make sure our Evil-Lyn is the standard bearer. That’s a tall order, isn’t it?” McG said referencing both Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress.

(via IGN)

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Kellan Lutz In Talks For He-Man

Twilight‘s Kellan Lutz has taken a meeting for the upcoming Masters of the Universe He-Man movie.

Lutz took to Twitter to offer He-Man is in great hands, with it looking like McG directing.

“Hey @HeManTheMovie and all MOTU fans, Had an amazing meeting with @McGsWonderland and @ItsMaryViola talking MOTU! ITS IN GREAT HANDS!” Lutz tweeted.

He-Man has no release date set, but a logo and Battlecat concept art have been revealed (see below).

A fan also put together the above Kellan Lutz He-Man art.

The He-Man script is by Jeff Wadlow with Alex Litvak and Mike Finch. 

Kellan Lutz also starred as the titular character in the 2014 Legend of Hercules.



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Watch: Extraction Trailer Starring Bruce Willis, Kellan Lutz & Gina Carano

For those that might want to wait a week or so to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, an alternative is Bruce Willis’ latest movie, Extraction, which also stars Gina Carano and Kellan Lutz.

Watch the first trailer above.

Extraction has a December 18, 2015 release directed by Steven C. Miller.


A former CIA operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorist. When his son learns there is no plan for his father to be saved, he launches his own rescue operation.

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Check Out Superman (2012) Henry Cavill in Immortals (2011)

In the recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, new Superman Henry Cavill admitted he was a bit embarassed when he screen tested for Big Blue.

All the muscle he put on for Immortals, he took off for The Cold Light of Day (for EW Henry Cavill Cover pic and interview head on over here) which was right before the screen test.

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