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Christopher Nolan Gives Reason Why He Didn’t Do Justice League Movie?

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:2432:]] With less than six months until the new Superman movie is released, Christopher Nolan has been fielding a plethora of questions regarding the Man of Steel and what’s to come.

The latest has Nolan commenting on director Zack Snyder as well as the character of Superman in general.

Nolan, producer on Man of Steel, tells THR that he is amazed by what Snyder is doing with Superman, and Nolan also says he wouldn’t know how to be able to do it.

Zack was the perfect man to take this on. He is unbelievably skilled at creating a coherent, cohesive world — whether it’s a very stylized world, like 300, or something that’s more challenging, more varied, like he did with Watchmen.

In my honest appraisal, taking on Superman and creating that world is far more difficult than creating the world of the Dark Knight. He has a lot of finishing to do on the movie — it has a very long post production schedule because, unlike Batman, Superman flies.

I actually feel guilty talking about it because I’m sitting here having nothing to do to it. I try to be as supportive as I can, and I’m just amazed by what he is doing. It’s not something I would know how to do.

The last statement from Nolan is particularly interesting in that it’s not something he would know how to do, perhaps giving us his reason why he bowed out of doing the upcoming Justice League movie.

Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy was a more realistic take on the super hero genre, which the Man of Steel and the Justice League movie obviously couldn’t be.

Man of Steel flies into theaters June 14th, 2013 directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as Superman, Michael Shannon as Zod, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Kevin Coster as Jonathan “Pa” Kent, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Diane Lane as Martha “Ma” Kent, Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy, Harry Lennix as General SwanwickAntje Traue as Faora and Aylet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van,.

Head on over to the Cosmic Book News Man of Steel movie news hub for more.


Excusive: Justice League Movie Character Info; Darkseid’s Elite, Lois Lane, Alfred and more

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4848:]]Our DC Entertainment source sent us over a fresh batch of news on the Justice League movie and characters set to appear.

Previously our source revealed to us the first news on the Man of Steel spearheading a new DC shared movie universe, the Justice League 2015 movie, a new Batman reboot in 2016, a few scenes from the previous DC movies and most recently plans for an Aquaman movie.

Here is the latest:

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4847:]]• Superman is essentially the same character from Man of Steel, and Zack Snyder is consulting regarding the writing of the character.

• Batman: The strategist of the group. Batman doesn’t really want to be involved with these super powered beings he considers too powerful. Easily the most complex written.

• Wonder Woman: She has only been in man’s world a few short months. The Wonder Woman script Michael Goldenberg is developing will be set before the Justice League movie.

• Green Lantern: Will be Ryan Reynold’s character from the Green Lantern movie, but will be freshly written with a more serious tone.

• Flash: The most popular hero in civilian eyes who loves media attention, but when called upon is very serious.

• Martian Manhunter: Alien who has lived on Earth in secret for over a hundred years who has knowledge of Darkseid and his reign. 

• Aquaman: Will be the King of Atlantis who has a key role in the film.

• There will also be a heavy military presence in the film which in future rewrites could include characters featured in Man of Steel or even Amanda Waller (Angela Bassett) of which neither are included in the first draft.

• Alfred Pennyworth is in the film in a minor appearance.

• Lois Lane is also in the film in a cameo.

• Darkseid’s Elite will be featured who go up against the Justice League early on in the film.


Suicide Squad Movie On Hold For Justice League, Man of Steel & A-List Movies

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4833:]]A while back there was talk about a potential Suicide Squad movie.

Now we get an update from producer Dan Lin that the project is on hold, and it even has a finished script, too.

“[It] has a script from Justin Marks,” Lin told the Collider. “[But] I think Warner Brothers wants to finish their A-list stories first and then we’ll talk about stories like Suicide Squad.”

Of course, those A-List stories mentioned would most likley be the new Supeman movie, Man of Steel, and its sequels, as well as the 2015 Justice League movie and what comes after.

There has even been talk of a new Batman reboot in 2016, possibly Green Lantern 2, movies featuring The Flash and Wonder Woman, and most recently, Cosmic Book News has been told about early plans for an Aquaman movie.

At one time a Lobo movie was said to have Dwayne Johnson attached, but with Joel Silver’s departure from Warner Bros. nothing has been seen or heard from the Lobo movie since.

Exclusive: Aquaman Movie In Development; Post-Justice League Movie

Exclusive: Aquaman Movie In Development; Post-Justice League Movie

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4825:]]Our DC Entertainment source has sent over some news on an Aquaman movie that is being developed.

If all goes according to plan it’s set to debut after the Justice League movie.

There’s nothing concrete other than Warner Bros. is looking at pitches from writers, as well as the new Aquaman movie is said to be based on Geoff Johns’ New 52 DC Comics Aquaman comic book.

Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis launched Aquaman as part of the New 52 back in September of 2011 which brought a more serious Aquaman to the forefront of the DC Universe, which has seen the character’s popularity skyrocket.

Previously, our DC Entertainment source provided us the first news of the Man of Steel spearheading a DC shared universe as well as the Justice League 2015 movie and Batman 2016 reboot, in addition to a couple scenes from the Green Latern movie and the Man of Steel which have been proven correct.


Ben Affleck Excited For Justice League Movie; Would Do Another Superhero Film

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4808:]]Ben Affleck was one of the many names rumored to direct the Justice League movie, which was eventually shot down.

Now, Affleck in a recent interview with HitFix wants to make it clear that he was never in contention to direct the movie, as he doesn’t like the bad press it could bring.

I just want to make it clear because it’s not like I had something to even pass on. Because someone will eventually do ‘Justice League’ and they’ll go, like, ‘Ben Affleck passed on it,’ and it won’t be true. So I don’t mind setting the record straight.

Affleck also is excited for the Justice League movie and compares it to The Avengers.

I think there’s a DC ‘Avengers’ that could be done because they have the characters for it. And there’s some stuff in the comics now that’s kind of interesting, and it’s cool. 

While Affleck is not on Justice League, would he direct a superhero movie? As long as the script is good, he doesn’t rule it out.

I would love it. My interest is really just in, you know, if I like the characters and if the stories seem smart and surprise me. The things that people look for. So those things exist in the superhero genre. And when they do, I think it’s really exciting. I think they exist in the science-fiction genre. If you look at ‘Blade Runner’ to ‘Alien’ to ‘Aliens’ on down through today. So it’s just about finding a good script, honestly. I wouldn’t be into something or not based on the genre.


Currently, Will Beall is writing the Justice League movie script which is slated for a 2015 release.

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Justice League Movie (2015) Rumored To Have Darkseid As Villain


Jonathan Nolan Is Excited For The Justice League Movie and Batman Reboot

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3559:]]Last we heard from Jonathan Nolan, brother to Christopher and co-writer on The Dark Knight Rises, he had not ruled out a return to the DC Comics movie universe.

Now, the Oscar award winning writer comments on the upcoming Justice League movie as well as the Batman reboot.

No hints are given as to his involvement, but nonetheless, Jonathan Nolan is excited for what is coming next.

“I’m incredibly excited,” Nolan tells EmpireOnline about the new Justice League and Batman. “I was a big Batman fan when I was a kid. In fact he was the only comic-book character I really liked. I went through a brief spell where I was reading Captain Britain, because I was an English kid living in the States, and Wolverine for 30 seconds, Spider-Man too, but really Batman was the one.” Nolan continues, “And I love that there are different versions of the character. I love that in the context of The Justice League, he’s kind of the black sheep of that family.”

Jonathan also said he’s a huge fan of The Avengers director Joss Whedon.

“To me Joss Whedon is a god, I’m just a huge fan of his work, I love his work on TV. And I thought The Avengers was just an incredible achievement,” he said.

Regarding the Justice League movie, all that is known is a script has been completed by Will Beall, with lots of rumors going around.

It’s rumored that the villain will be Darkseid, with a plot based on a trio of Justice League of America comic books.

Henry Cavill is also rumored to reprise his Man of Steel Superman for the Justice League movie with a new Batman reboot in 2016 to follow.

As the Justice League movie is due to be released in 2015, Warner Bros. should be announcing a director soon, possibly by next month at the latest.



Justice League Movie Plot Rumored: Darkseid & Destruction Of Earth


Earlier it was rumored that Darkseid would be the featured villain for the Justice League movie, and now some apparent storyline and plot details have become known.

According to the same source of the Darkseid rumor, Latino Review, Will Beall based his script for the Justice League movie on the Justice League of America comic book, #183-185.

The storyline features Darkseid attempting to destroy the earth with a death ray in order to replace it with his own planet of Apokolips.

The story didn’t just feature the Justice League either, as they were paired up with the lesser known characters from the Justice League Society.

Interestingly enough, DC Comics is launching a sister title to their top seller Justice League comic book, featuring lesser known characters as members of the Justice League of America.

And to add a twist of sorts to all this, Jim Starlin did two covers for the Darkseid storyline. Of course, Jim Starlin based his Marvel Comics villain, ThanosThe Avengers movie villain – on Darkseid.

The Justice League Movie is slated for a 2015 release, with Henry Cavill the strong favorite to play Superman and the Batman reboot in 2016 said to follow.


Superman’s Here! Now Bring On The Justice League Movie!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4640:]]Well, fanboys? What did we think of the new Superman Man of Steel trailer?

From all indications it seems as even the most skeptical of anti-Superman fans out there were pretty much satisfied.

Zack Snyder seems to be offering a deep story with some super action set in that Christopher Nolan “real” world.

Previous comments from Snyder and Henry Cavill said that if everything goes right for this movie, bigger things would be on the horizon.

We got more of that with Snyder even hinting that Cavill will go on to star in the Justice League movie as Superman, and it’s rumored Batman will be rebooted out of the Justice League – and others – with a new Batman 2016 movie.

Obviously the Man of Steel isn’t out yet, but with Superman firmly planted – or better yet let loose – it’s time to bring on the Justice League movie.

There is a Justice League script out there by Will Beall that Fox Studios creative consultant and comic scribe, Mark Millar, described as “both dark and mature.”

Now we are just waiting on a director.

And once a director is attached, we’ll get more in regards to who the cast will be and which characters will make up the roster.

The Justice League movie is also set to go up against Joss Whedon’s The Avengers 2 the Summer of 2015.

Are we worried?

With that, currently make the rounds on Facebook is the following image to which someone added a little something at the bottom.

Hopefully we will hear more about the Justice League movie by the end of this month or at the beginning of the New Year.



Justice League Of America Bird Poops All Over Deadpool

Marvel released a new cover for Uncanny X-Men #1 revealing Deadpool getting pooped (for lack of a better word) on by a bunch of different state birds and a couple district birds as well.

“Ornithology is one of America’s greatest past times,” mentioned Senior Editor Nick Lowe. “With Inauguration day and Spring just around the corner – we could think of no better way than to celebrate our history with a beaked representative from every state including Puerto Rico and then some!”

Of course this is a play on the upcoming 52 variants for Justice League of America #1 that features a different state flag and one for D.C. and Puerto Rico.

(via Bleeding Cool)



Batman Reboot Going James Bond Route? Michael Caine Wants To Be Alfred In Justice League Movie

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4487:]]In a recent interview, Michael Caine, who played Alfred for Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight Trilogy movies, let it be known that if asked he would return as Alfred in the Justice League movie.

“I said to Chris, ‘If they do it again and they ask me to be the Butler, I’m going to do it,’” Caine said and chuckled, Hero Complex reports. “He said, ‘I want 10%.’”

Now this puts a rather interesting perspective on things regarding the new Batman and the Batman reboot in 2016. Warner Bros. could simply go the James Bond route and use a new actor for the role of Batman without doing a total reboot.

They really wouldn’t have to mention the previous movies, much like Nolan didn’t touch upon The Dark Knight in The Dark Knight Rises, and could go on with the new actor doing his own thing.

This would even fit with a Catwoman spinoff movie, as Anne Hathaway said she would do it that as well.

There’s even been some thought that Christopher Nolan still might do the Justice League movie, as in a recent interview he seemingly teased – with a smile – that he might not be done doing super hero movies, but just taking a break. Nolan is also producing the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, in which director Zack Snyder recently did a complete 180 and basically said that Henry Cavill will be the Superman in the Justice League movie as well.

Fans of Batman, and again in relation to The Dark Knight, might bring up Heath Ledger and the Joker, and the question if another actor could do the role justice. Interestingly enough, The Dark Knight Rises novelization did leave the door open for the return of the Joker, as the Joker appeared to escape Arkham. And we really can’t think that Warner Bros. won’t be going back to the Joker – some time- as the Joker is the villain most folks think of in relation to Batman. 

The only caveat is the ending to The Dark Knight Rises which featured Joseph Gordon-Levitt discovering the Bat suit as well as Wayne Mansion Manor getting turned into an orphanage. Could that be smoothed over somehow? The obvious answer is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be the new Batman in the Justice League movie – which wouldn’t go over well at all – so what then?

Explain it by having Wayne living in a new location and mansion?

Or how about we don’t exactly know when The Dark Knight Rises took place? Which would, in essence, make it the last Batman story?



Justice League of America To Feature Martian Manhunter Back-Ups

Good new for fans of the Martian Manhunter who may have been unhappy with him getting booted from Justice League.

Yes, he will be headlining the upcoming Justice League of America, but DC Comics has also announced that Geoff Johns will write a Martian Manhunter back-up starting with Justice League of America #2, with Matt Kindt on art chores.

Matt Kindt offered, “I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working on this. I grew up with the JLA and Manhunter was one of the few characters I felt had so much more un-mined potential than most of the other characters. His powers and abilities really lend themselves to the kind of stories I love to tell. And working with Geoff? That’s like the cherry on top. But more than just being fun from the fan/reader part of me, we’re really working to make the back-ups be an essential part of the reading experience. We’re treating the back-up like the harmony to the main melody of the issue.”

Justice League of America #2 hits March 6th, 2013 from Johns and David Finch.



5 Reasons Why The Man Of Steel Will Not Be Boring!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4454:]]With the Warner Bros. release of the new Man of Steel movie poster featuring Henry Cavill as Superman seemingly in cuffs at the hands of lowly humans, the internet has been in an uproar.

First, there’s been mention that WB didn’t release the poster “officially” to the media (what? the world’s ending now?), and that they did it through The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray widget which linked to their Facebook Page.

Regardless how it was done, some anti-super fans (you know, the BATMAN fans!) are all up in a tizzy saying the poster reveals Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel will be boring as hell.

And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

They bring up things like Superman’s a boring character in the comics, he falls in love with Lois Lane, kryptonite is always used, he overcomes the odds in 30 seconds, they don’t want to see him fighting puny humans (to quote Hulk) etc. etc.

Well, I’m here to tell you why the Man of Steel will: Blow. You. Away!

It’s not your daddy’s Superman! Plain and simple, Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, Christopher Nolan and the rest of the cast have been consistent about one thing from the start — this isn’t the Superman you are used to, obviously meaning the movies that preceded it. It’s a different take, and not exactly like Nolan’s films, either.

So what can we expect, Batman fanboys? Read on!

Why so serious?

Possible spoilers ahead.


5. There’s a major frickin‘ Krypton War

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4456:]]It’s already been said that there is a scene featured on Krypton with advanced Kryptonian battle armor as well as weaponry. Russell Crowe himself basically just admitted that Jor-El is going to kick some butt. What might happen is while we saw Zod and his collaborators already captured in Superman: The Movie and sent off to the Phantom Zone, in the Man of Steel we’ll see Zod’s uprising, with Jor-El and the Kryptonian War Guild putting his coup down!

4. Spaceships

One, possibly two spaceships are said to play into the movie. It’s currently thought that Black Zero is Zod’s prison or spaceship, but there has also been rumor/mention of another. In addition, Zack Snyder’s hinted that the movie may be cosmic, obviously meaning outer space where the heavy-hitters lie. And if it is a spaceship, do you think Zod and Faora are its only prisoners? Think about it.

3. The U.S. Military

Yep, by all indications from the new movie poster, the comic-con footage and some leaked set images Superman may be going one-on-one against the might of the world’s strongest military force. But as we see from the movie poster, Superman is a man of honor and respects the laws of his adoptive home. However, who doesn’t respect the Earth – and who may want to remake it in his own image as a New Kryton – is Zod! However, the military is not without it’s own resources, as yes, kryptonite does apparently seem to come into play, albeit indirectly. By all indications it appears as if the military with fashion it’s own Kryptonite weapon — Metallo!

2. Lois Lane.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4458:]]So how does Lois play into all of this? We’ve already seen comic-con footage that she seems to be Superman’s sweetheart. And what else do we possibly know? That she gives herself to Zod — for some reason! It’s rumored that Lois might be used to create — a new Kryptonian Race! Early script details said that Zod and company wanted to remake Earth as a New Krypton and start a new Kryptonian bloodline. Why does Lois go willingly with Zod (with Superman watching?!) is anybody’s guess! Save the Earth? Save Superman? Something else completely?

Finally, there is one HUGE reason why the Man of Steel will not be a boring movie.

1. It ushers in the Justice League movie!

Henry Cavill is signed on for three movies, with Zack Snyder all but confirming that his Superman will appear in the 2015 Justice League movie. This is a direct 180 from what he was previously stating — that his Superman will be its own thing and not part of the Justice League movie. Following that, Christopher Nolan did not say no to doing more super hero movies. He did not say no, but said he is on a break. Being on a break means that you will eventually come back; in addition, his brother Jonathan (The Dark Knight Rises co-writer), did not rule out doing more super hero movies as well and would do more DC Comics movies.

Bonus: And here’s a bonus for the Batman fans, you just might be happy by the time the ending credits — roll!




Christopher Nolan Side Steps Justice League Movie Director Question? With A Smile?


How many times have we heard it? That Christopher Nolan is done with his Batman films and will not be doing anymore of those movies?

Probably too many to count by now.

Of course, with the success of The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan was the first pick to helm the Justice League movie, but apparently turned it down.

However, as we have heard from director Zack Snyder who at first said his Superman will not be a part of Justice League, but it’s own thing, could Christopher Nolan have changed his mine as well?

IndieWire caught up with Christopher Nolan and asked if he was done with super hero movies and suggested that Warner Bros. might want him on Justice League. IndieWire mentioned how the studio might want him to take a route with their movies similar to what Joss Whedon is doing with Marvel Studios. 

Nolan’s response was a soft laugh with, “Well, as I’ve said, and I’ll say definitively again, I am done with the Batman films, the trilogy is completed. It ended in the manner we had envisioned.”

Nolan goes on to comment about the question regarding whether or not he is finished with super hero movies.

“Well, I’m producing Superman [Man of Steel] now and I’m enjoying time off and taking a break,” he said with a smile, IndieWire reports.

The Justice League movie is slated for a 2015 release and by all accounts will feature Henry Cavill as Superman.

Are both Snyder and Nolan – already – on board?


Rumor: Justice League Movie Villain Is Starro! Not Darkseid!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4424:]]Warner Bros. is planning a Justice League movie in 2015 and by all accounts it will star Henry Cavill as Superman with the debut of the new Batman and many of the other DC Comics super heroes as well.

A rumor recently hit the net that the villain for the Justice League movie will be none other than Darkseid, the near omnipotent cosmic bad guy and resident of Apokolips.

However, with the use of Darkseid, the question that must be asked is will Warner Bros. be using a villain who is so similar to Thanos, the Marvel Studios Mad Titan from the mid-credit scene featured in The Avengers movie that will also go on to headline the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and The Avengers 2.

As Thanos is based on Darkseid – and they do resemble each other – conflict could arise with audiences questioning the Justice League movie’s use of Darkseid as it would look like an apparent rip off (though, comic book fans know better).

So with that, we received a tip on just who the villain of the Justice League movie is.

The tipster has sent us two previous bits of information, one of which was that Bradley Cooper will cameo as Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel, with the other being that Max Landis is involved with the “Man of Steel 2.” Note: Shortly after the Bradley Cooper as Lex Luthor rumor surfaced, his reps quickly shot it down.

So we’ll leave it up to you decide.

The the tipster says that the villain of the Justice League movie is actually — Starro! And not Darkseid!

Comic book fans will know that the galaxy conquering alien Starro is actually the first villain to take on the Justice League in the comic books. 



Justice League Movie (2015) Rumored To Have Darkseid As Villain

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4397:]]With Warner Bros. launching a Justice League movie in 2015, and with Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel set to star, it’s being said that Darkseid is the villain.

Latino Review, known for a few Marvel spoilers here and there that seem to be true, says that after they did some snooping around, it was revealed to them that Darkseid is the villain of the Justice League movie.

If you are a fan of the comics, the use of Darkseid for the movie is a no-brainer as he’s one of DC Comics’ most powerful and infamous villains.

Darkseid was created by Jack Kirby and is a New God from the planet Apokolips that has vast powers with not only strength rivaling Superman’s own, but a genius level (or beyond) intellect.

Interesting enough, a similar bad guy made his appearance in Joss Whedon’s billion dollar blockbuster Marvel Studios movie, The Avengers, with Thanos, the Mad Titan.

Marvel Comics’ Thanos is based on DC Comics’ Darkseid.

It’s also said that Thanos will be featured in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie as well as The Avengers 2, with The Avengers 2 set to take the Justice League movie head on in the Summer of 2015.

So will they both essentially be using the same villain?

We actually put it forth that Marvel Studios purposely put Thanos in the post-credit scene in The Avengers movie to – in essence – trump Warner Bros. use of Darkseid.

If you think about it, if the Justice League movie Darkseid resembles Thanos – at all – the general public might be left scratching their heads, as Thanos would have already been featured in three (if not more) movies.

Possibly a more plausible villain could be Braniac or how about both?



Comic Book Men’s Ming Chen Talks Justice League Movie, Star Wars & Green Lantern

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4382:]]I gotta say Cosmic Book News was pretty harsh last year on Kevin Smith’s new comic book TV show, Comic Book Men, at least for the first half of the season.

Things seemed to turn around for the show, which is set in Smith’s comic book shop in New Jersey, and it has this year as well.

It follows The Walking Dead talk show, Talking Dead, Sunday nights on AMC, and features just about everything you expect from a comic book store.

The cast is made up of Kevin Smith’s long time friends Walt Flanagan, who runs the shop, and Bryan Johnson, a guy who doesn’t work there, but hangs out (oh, and he’s kind of a d*ck). Then there is Mike Zapcic, think Cliff from Cheers, and Ming Chen, another recruit.

Ming is made out to be the “little brother,” always getting picked on, at the butt of jokes, and – at times –  seemingly not too bright.

However, Ming recently spoke about his opinions on comic book movies and Star Wars, and actually sounds like a pretty knowledgeable guy (though Walt might not agree!).

Some of the more interesting tidbits are Ming’s thoughts on last year’s Green Lantern movie as well as the Justice League movie.

Ming thinks WB was headed in the right direction for Green Lantern, in that it was a big budget special effects movie, but as most seem to agree, the story was lacking.

It’s all story. Working with Kevin [Smith], the tip he’s always giving aspiring filmmakers is [to] make sure your script is bulletproof. Everything else will fall into place. But the script is your foundation, your building block. If you can’t get that right, nothing else will be right, either. I think that was kind of proven in the Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds. The script just wasn’t there. They threw all the money at the effects and everything, but the script just wasn’t there.

Regarding the Justice League movie, Ming thinks they should go the route of Marvel and build up to the movie, instead of, say, launching with Justice League right away.

It would be great if they could follow the Marvel blueprint: setting up the origin stories with the individual movies, and then when you get to the team-up movie, you already kind of know what happened, so you can just get right to the action. I don’t know… at this point , I don’t think they’re going to bring Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern. I don’t know how they ‘re going to do it. They don’t have much time if they want to keep up with Marvel. But I think it can be done. It can definitely be done. It all depends on the right scripts.

While we’ve heard just about every name attached to the new Star Wars movies, Ming offers some of his own choices, and their pretty big names.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Joss Whedon grab hold of one of those. Not all three. I think they should probably switch off directors for the three … If James Cameron directed a Star Wars, it’d be interesting to see. He can definitely keep the storyline action-oriented. It’s the non-action stuff that you have to worry about.

(via Hollywood.com)

The next episode of Comic Book Men airs this Sunday and guest-stars Stan Lee. Tune in at 11:30pm ET on AMC to check it out.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Batman In Justice League Movie Is BS

Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Batman In Justice League Movie Is BS

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4307:]]Late last night the news surfaced that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be the new Batman in the Justice League movie with it even speculated that he might be appearing in the upcoming Man of Steel trailer.

It wasn’t rumored, but was stated to be true.

Cosmic Book News contacted our DC Entertainment source who said it’s “bullsh-t.”

In addition, the reps of Joseph Gordon-Levitt have come out and “have refuted the rumor entirely,” as reported by Hollywood.com.

The rumor had it that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be the new Batman in the Justice League movie with another Christopher Nolan actor that was featured in The Dark Knight Trilogy, speculated to be Gary Oldman, Commissioner Gordon.

The rumor went on to mention how Warner Bros. was basically telling Christopher Nolan “too bad” (which was most likely the first indication that it was false) in going forth with a Justice League movie related to his Dark Knight Trilogy.

Our own source told us that the studio had Jake Gyllenhaal as their favorite for the new Batman, but the actual choice for the new Batman comes down to the director, and a Batman that will most likely go on to be featured in the Batman 2016 reboot.

The news of JGL not being the new Batman really comes as no surprise as the thought of a Batman in the Justice League movie who is not Bruce Wayne is just too unbelievable. Right?


Exclusive: The Hobbit Superman Man of Steel Trailer Will Blow You Away; More On Green Lantern 2

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:2432:]] Our source from DC Entertainment just got back to us about the new Man of Steel trailer attached to The Hobbit.

Update: The Man of Steel Trailer is now online.

While no specific details are mentioned other than Zod appearing, the source says that it’s “probably the best comic book movie trailer ever made.”

The source sent over the following:

“The trailer has everything; you get a sense of the story, breathtaking action sequences that are just a snippet of the film. It has everything a fanboy would dream of in a first Superman trailer, but it has the appeal that would draw the wider audience in. I will say that clear and present images of Zod are seen in the trailer. You just need to watch it without knowing anything to be really blown away.”

This same source also provided us information that Henry Cavill would be appearing in Man of Steel sequels as well as the Justice League movie months ago, which director Zack Snyder recently all but came out and said.

The source also provided us with a specific scene in the Man of Steel that was featured in the Comic-Con footage, specifically mentioning what took place with Lana Lang.

The source also provided us a key detail about the creation of the Yellow Rings in the Green Lantern movie before the movie’s premiere. We are aware what Marc Guggenheim said about our Green Lantern 2 script information, and while we can’t verify the information personally, our source said that Guggenheim is playing his cards close to his chest.

There was also some mention in the news about trouble brewing at Warner Bros. causing a delay with the DC movies. Our source says that as far as he knows the Justice League movie and the Batman 2016 reboot are still moving forward and it’s a matter of WB choosing which other movies they want to move forward with.

There is a Flash movie script complete, Wonder Woman is getting written, Justice League movie in 2015, Batman reboot in 2016, possibly another Superman in 2016, and talk of Green Lantern 2 for 2017 as well as Flash and Wonder Woman, but obviously not set in stone.

Regarding the return of Ryan Reynolds in either the Justice League movie or “Green Lantern 2,” the source says it seems to be going back and forth a lot, that it seems as if Reynolds will be on board, but then goes stale, and seems as if he will not.

We’re trying to find out about the Joseph Gordon-Levitt Batman Justice League rumor as well.

Stay tuned to Cosmic Book News as more on the Man Of Steel develops.

Man Of Steel flies into theaters June 14th, 2013 directed by Zack Snyder starring, Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Diane Lane as Martha “Ma” Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan “Pa” Kent, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as Zod, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and Russel Crowe as Jor-El.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored New Batman In Justice League Movie; What About Christian Bale?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored New Batman In Justice League Movie; What About Christian Bale?

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4295:]]Now this is an interesting situation and one that many people have touched upon after the conclusion of The Dark Knight Rises.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie.

Well, that’s what HitFix is stating is already so: “According to sources, Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely will be appearing in Justice League as the new Batman.”

Update: JGL’s reps have refuted the rumor entirely as well as our own source who calls it “bullsh-t.”

If that’s the case, than it’s safe to assume that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be in the Batman reboot in 2016 as well.

The actor has stated himself in various interviews that it would take the right director and the right script for him to take on the Batman role.

As we saw at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne either died or seemingly retired leaving Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character to discover the Batcave and the Batsuit.

However, it’s been said that Christopher Nolan’s story ended there, and that he wouldn’t be doing anymore super hero films.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4296:]]While HitFix basically says that Warner Bros. is stating “too bad” to Nolan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt would obviously not take on Batman without the director’s blessing (assuming). But what is interesting as of late, is that in recent news stories surrounding the Man of Steel, of which Nolan is on as producer, his name has come up hinting at some type of control. Of course it could be just a pr-move to attach the name of “Nolan” to the movie, but Christopher Nolan has come out himself and said it’s all Zack Snyder.

Now with Zack Snyder recently – basically admitting – that the Man of Steel is spearheading a new DC shared movie universe with Henry Cavill as Superman in the Justice League movie (something Cosmic Book News has been telling you for months), could Christopher Nolan have changed his mind about being involved? 

Futhermore, if Joseph Gordon-Levitt does indeed appear as Batman, this presents a HUGE dilemma — he’s not Batman. This is something we’ve also put forth, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman would pave the way for the return of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne.

And similar to HitFlix, back in August we put it forth that Batman might be appearing in the new Superman Man of Steel movie — as it just makes too much sense. With Marvel Studios blockbuster The Avengers movie raking in billions, how could Warner Bros. pass up the opportunity to include their most famous super hero — Batman.

HitFix also says that Joseph Gordon-Levitt may not be the only returning character from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie and seems to think it could be Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon.