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Dear Axel Alonso, How Much Longer Do Nova Fans Have To Wait? Sincerely, Richard Rider


Way back, and I mean way back in December of 2011 when Marvel was hyping their biggest event ever, Avengers Vs. X-Men, the Marvel execs and editors held a video QnA.

One of the questions pertained to the Human Rocket, Nova.

Now, we had just seen a Nova in the November 2011 Point One special that saw a seemingly young Nova Corps member attempt to warn Terrax of the oncoming destructive power of the Phoenix Force.

So a Twitter user asked about Nova’s role in Avengers Vs. X-Men.

Well, Marvel EIC Axel Alonso responded that they have big plans for Nova and that he thinks it’s better if we wait and see.

Alonso goes on to state that Nova fans will be excited.

So what did we get?


Well, we got the Mark Waid Infinite Comic that featured a Nova arriving on Earth only to end up in a coma, which took place in April of this year.

And that’s it.

Exciting? Hardly.

So, Mr. Alonso, what happened to the year of Nova?

Next year?

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Watch The Nova Infinite Comic (Video)


For those who do not to have either a capable phone or tablet, you can at least check out the video of the Nova Infinite Comic.

This sees Nova make his way to Earth to warn the Assemblers that something Cosmic this way comes!

And blue blazes, Marvel! When are you going to make this available through your site?!

Couple spoiler remarks after the vid.


• Nova Marvel Infinite Comics Was Pretty Darn Good!

• Timelord Reviews; Nova Infinite Comic

The CBN Forums are presently discussing the new Nova vs. Richard Rider, as well as why the head honchos at Marvel seemingly keep referring to this Nova as the regular version, which of course we all know is Richard Rider! 

Another hot topic: Just why did this Nova not want his helmet removed?!

And for more from “Kid” Nova, stay tuned to AvX!

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Timelord Reviews: Nova Infinite Comic

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1264:]]Okay – the art was amazing and the writing was very well done for the type of story it is.  But let’s not get bedazzled by Immonen and Waid.  This is probably their first and last foray with this new character.  If you want to see what less talented writers and artists do with this new character, check out the next episode of Ultimate Spiderman this weekend.  I watched both premiere episodes last weekend.  Let’s just say my teeth still hurt from all the grinding I did of them as I suffered through that torturous hour.

I put “Nova” in quotes for a reason.  This is “Nova” in name only (i.e., NINO).

Here’s why this is NINO.

What we are presented with is a hackneyed premise:  Angst-ridden teenage boy mysteriously acquires strange powers which he barely understands.  While trying to do good, he unwittingly misuses these powers requiring rescue by headliner heroes.  Upon recovery, he adopts a smart-alec or over-confident attitude to hide his insecurity – again requiring mentoring and/or rescuing by headliner heroes as he persistently uses bad judgment and becomes the perpetual teen sidekick. 

How many times have you encountered that premise over the course of your comics reading history?  If you’re a long time reader, the correct answer is:  “Too many.” 

If you’re a long term Nova reader; your next thoughts should be, “Didn’t we already go through this in the 1970’s?  And again in the 1990’s?”  With Volume IV of Nova, I thought we had finally put this teen angst second-stringer tripe behind us – but apparently Alonso, Brevoort, and Loeb can’t trot that formula out to sell too many times.

Sure – the uniform borrows elements from the classic and some of Wolfman’s and DnA’s concepts have been retained (albeit in bastardized form).  But make no mistake, this is not Nova.  This is “Nova” – a pale imitation and an un-necessary downgrading reboot of a concept that had finally matured with the advent of Annihilation and Volume IV.

Frankly, if it was this or nothing – I’d have preferred nothing.  At least we’d have a history of some great stories and the concept would’ve remained un-sullied.

Disagree with my assessment?  I invite you to look at that last panel where scrawny unconscious teen “Nova” is carried away in the arms of big, tough, wise Iron Man.  That should tell you all you need to know about Sam Alexander.  He’s no Nova Prime.  He’s NINO. 

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Nova Marvel Infinite Comics Was Pretty Darn Good!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1253:]]As much as we complain about Marvel not using Richard Rider in the Nova role, I gotta admit the new Infinite Comics is pretty darn good.

If you purchased Avengers Vs. X-Men #1, you will find a code in the back which will enable you to download the free digital copy. With that, comes the Nova Infinite Comic.

And if it’s not there at the end of AvX, delete the file and re-download. That’s what I had to do to get it working on my iPhone.

I still can’t access it on — or find it for that matter. If you know where on to find already downloaded digital content, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Regarding the story, it’s a continuation from Point One, and also shows us Nova’s perspective from what happened previously in AvX #1.

Nova is off to warn the Earth’s Mightiest that the Phoenix is on its way. He’s been traveling so long, he’s not sure what’s what, and crash lands on Earth, where the Avengers find him.

Throughout his journey, Mark Waid offers us insights to the new Nova. We see he is a fan of the Cardinals, has perhaps a troubled relationship with his Dad — and is new.

We also seem to get something that might show the Worldmind is communicating with the new Nova, but we don’t get any thought bubbles like DnA’s past stories. Mention of the helmet “screaming” is made, so not sure what that could mean.

The art was amazing, and I’ll admit if it was a comic, it just wouldn’t have come across as good. This is the best I’ve seen out of Stuart Immonen, IMO. The animation was top notch as well. While I don’t have an iPad, which is probably best for viewing, it still looked good on the iPhone.

So do yourself a favor, and if you haven’t already done so, download the Nova Infinite Comic, either for free with AvX #1 or for $.99.

Though, I would have much rather had Richard Rider in the role!

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Joe Quesada Draws Nova Infinite Comics Cover


Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesda drew the “cover” to the new Marvel Infinite Comics which makes its debut tomorrow with Nova.

Over at Gizomodo they showed off a couple videos of the comic and cover, and also the following images of Quesada’s process.

The Infinite Comics becomes available tomorrow, with issues of Avengers Vs. X-Men.

I already have my issue of AvX; however, no Infinite Comic came with the digital copy. Maybe a day too early.


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First Look At New Nova on New iPad From Marvel Infinite Comics

Take a look at the new Nova from Marvel Infinite Comics on the new iPad.

Written by Mark Waid and drawn by Stuart ImmonenMarvel Digital Infinite Comics featuring the New Nova will be made available free with purchase of the Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 physical copy next month.

If you happen to be attending the WonderCon this weekend, you can stop by the Marvel Booth and check out Marvel Infinite Comics! And then let us know how it is!

Thanks to Chris Eliopoulos on Twitter for the pic.



“Infinite Comics are a new technique in comics storytelling that is built specifically for the digital world yet in a very elegant way manages to keep the purity of what makes a comic a ‘comic,’” explains Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment. “It gives readers the same feel of reading a traditional comic while also offering a whole new experience that really feels like the future of where the medium is headed.
“The uniqueness comes from the fact that [Infinite Comics] uses tools that the digital medium offers, but it doesn’t reinvent comics so completely that they become something other than what they are,” continues Quesada. “If anything, outside of the great smell of ink on paper and the holding of a physical comic book, the Infinite Comics technique, I feel, enhances what a comic book can do without changing what makes comics great.”
The first offering from Infinite Comics will be AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1 INFINITE, a tie-in story starring Nova, written by Mark Waid with art by Stuart Immonen and Marte Gracia, available for purchase on the Marvel Comics app free with the redemption code found in print copies of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1 or included with the purchase of the digital version. It will also be available to purchase on its own for 99 cents.
“The events are concurrent to AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1,” Waid says of the story. “It shows a certain key sequence of events uniquely from Nova’s point of view, and much of what we learn will be important in later AvX developments.”
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Marvel Teases Infinite Comics With New Nova

Marvel is set to announce something big at the SXSW next Sunday.

We notice they are using the new Nova, to the delight of Nova fans everywhere. 

And that’s sarcasm in case you didn’t know.


Join the Revolution.
It’s coming to the historic Marvel: House of Ideas panel Sunday, March 11 at 1 PM on the Arcade Stage presented by IGN at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, TX. This show is free and the public!

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