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Brew’s Crew: Gilgamesh


(Editor’s note: This is another in a series of irregularly-scheduled columns by Managing Editor Byron Brewer, mainly dealing with cosmic comics and their many denizens. Mr. Brewer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of He welcomes both raves and opposing views.)

By Byron Brewer

I first met the Eternal called Gilgamesh (aka the Forgotten One and Hero) in the pages of Avengers during a bad, bad run of that magazine. Like the additions of Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic, he offered nothing exciting in the way of character interest. I love the Eternals, but Gilgamesh has always seemed, well, kinda blah.

During his millennia of activity, the adventurer and warrior sometimes known as Gilgamesh became an outcast from his fellow Eternals when their ruler, Zuras, decreed that he had been too proud a meddler in the mortal world and confined him to a sector of Olympia. He was eventually convinced to come out of exile and journey to the mothership of the Fourth Host of the Celestials to assist the Eternals in battle against the Deviants by the Eternal called Sprite.

After this battle, “The Forgotten One” was renamed “Hero” by the One Above All, the chief of the alien Celestials who had created the Eternals and Deviants. After losing a battle with Thor, Hero and the other Eternals assisted Thor in battling the host of the Celestials to prevent them from destroying humanity. Hero also fought Hercules, for whom he has also been mistaken down through the ages.

Later, when the membership of the Avengers had been virtually emptied, this Eternal joined them for a time. He renamed himself Gilgamesh, donning a costume that resembled the hide of the Bull of Heaven and went to work as a monster-slayer. He assisted the Avengers in battles against the Growing Man, Nanny the Orphan Maker, and N’astirh’s demons. He participated in the Avengers’ battle against Super-Nova and helped them fight the U-Foes.

He assisted the Avengers in their struggle with the Lava Men and was somehow severely injured during the battle. Gilgamesh was brought to the Eternals’ home of Olympia, which had temporarily fallen into the Negative Zone, for recovery of his injuries. There, he fought against Blastaar, who had temporarily disintegrated the other Eternals. Gilgamesh left the Avengers at that time, as his essence had been bound to Olympia. He later recovered from his injuries, and defeated B’Gon the sorcerer (begone! lol), thereby winning a reputation as a hero on modern day Earth. Gilgamesh was later seen among the superhumans selected by Her as potential mates.

Gilgamesh returned to AvengersMansionduring “The Crossing,” a crossover event, only to be killed by Neut, an agent of Immortus, who was at the time disguised as Kang, his “past” self. However, a number of the characters seen in “The Crossing” were revealed to have been imposters (specifically, shapeshifting Space Phantoms) during the events of Avengers Forever, so he may not have actually appeared in that crossover, and hence did not die at all.

It should also be noted that in times past Gilgamesh has feigned his death for one reason or another, such as when he originally “lived” as Gilgamesh in ancient times.

Will we see this “Hero” during the next wave of Eternals stories from a future Marvel NOWeffort? ON this one, I really do not care.

Sersi yes, Gilgamesh blah.

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