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Ghost Rider Rights Go On Trial November 4th

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:8656:]]If Disney doesn’t come to a settlement with Gary Friedrich, the rights for Ghost Rider go on trial starting November 4th.

Just two weeks ago a Federal judge overturned a previous court’s decision that stated the rights belonged to Disney, which enabled Gary Friedrich to continue to pursue Marvel and Disney over the rights to Ghost Rider.

Now it’s reported that this November 4th a jury trial is set to decide the fate of the character, though Deadline mentions that Marvel is seeking a non-jury trial with a motion to be filed at a later date.

More than likely if the case does go to court, Disney would rather not have a “David vs. Goliath” court battle in front of 8 potential jurors.

Also possible bad news for Disney and Marvel is the precedent a favorable outcome for Gary Friedrich would present the multi-billon dollar company as this could lead to further lawsuits down the road from other creators behind established and popular Marvel Comics characters.

A pretrial conference is scheduled for October 30th where it will most likely be decided if a settlement has been met or if the Ghost Rider rights proceeds to open court.

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Ghost Rider Rights Could Revert To Creator Gary Friedrich


It recently became known that the movie rights to Ghost Rider recently returned to Disney and Marvel Studios – now it all makes sense.

Of course, possibly unrelated, but the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals just overturned a previous decision by a lower court that said the rights to Ghost Rider are owned by Marvel.

The new ruling offers a shot that Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich could get the rights back to the character that he created (or helped create).

The 2nd Court rules that the lower court judge erred in his decision that stated a previous agreement between Marvel and Gary Friedrich was valid.

The 2nd Court ruled that the contracts signed were “ambiguous” and needed further investigation in a new trial.

Complicating the issue is the question of the statue of limitations, which the judge noted, would have to be dealt with.

Gary Friedrich laid claim to the Ghost Rider rights after hearing a film was in development, and Disney and Marvel recently went after the creator for using and selling Ghost Rider images at various conventions.

Hopefully, both sides will see that hellfire isn’t required to make peace and a settlement will ensue.

You can read the full ruling from the 2nd Court here.

(via Hollywood Reporter)

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