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Review: Earth 2 #18

Earth 2 is quickly becoming one of my favorite books, and writer Tom Taylor lets chaos reign with no pretense that any characters resemble anything you’ve ever seen before! Superman is evil, Lois Lane is the Red Tornado and Batman uses a gun, and that is literally just scratching the surface. Taylor rips a page right out of his Injustice playbook and turns everyone and everything you ever thought you knew on its head. He takes the idea of Earth 2 and makes the most of alternate takes on characters. It’s fun, surprising, shocking and action packed!

Since Taylor took over writing duties he continues to go full-bore with reinventing Earth 2. Last issue’s twist of Lois as Red Tornado takes on a more relevant tone as she takes on Batman. She thinks Bruce has gone mad, but there is no clear-cut stance on who is actually under the cowl – a signature of Taylor’s to keep you guessing. He also introduces readers to Aquawoman and a new twist on Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen. It’s such a fun read, and the discoveries and twists will make the fanboy in you jump for joy. Taylor knows how to navigate these waters better than most, and Earth 2 hits on so many high notes you may need a sedative after reading.

Artist Nicola Scott thrives on this book and Taylor uses her skills to Earth 2’s advantage. Shifting between Superman verses The Flash and Batman’s attempt to gain allies in the coming war with Darkseid, Scott understands what makes these characters different from DCU proper and excels at meeting the challenge Taylor presents. The book is fast paced and Scott never loses the reader in the mix but guides the eye with grace and power.

Earth 2 is just so much fun and in a world where anything is possible. Taylor and Scott never fail at providing top notch action, suspense and shock. However, Taylor avoids shocking for shocks sake and carefully plans each twist and reveal for maximum impact and dynamic storytelling. If you’ve ever wanted to see Superman at his worst and Batman doing what Bruce will never do then don’t pass on Earth 2. It’s a take on those heroes we know and love that imagines possibilities without restrictions which makes for an excellent and exciting read.

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Review: Earth 2 #17

Superman has returned to Earth 2, murdered Steppenwolf and is now the herald for Darkseid, and that’s only the first three pages. Do you really need any more reasons to be reading Earth 2?

Last issue was the final for writer James Robinson, and he went out with about the most shocking ending of any comic book this year. When Robinson announced he was leaving, I admit, I was worried about the book and it’s direction after the writer’s stellar run. However, most of those fears were alleviated when it was announced Tom Taylor (Injustice: God’s Among Us) was taking over and that the art will continue to be handled by the amazing Nicola Scott.

So how does Taylor kick off his run? With an opening panel that is no joke. Superman, with all the fire and brimstone he can muster, calling out, “All hail, Darkseid,” and returning the new Batman to literally destroy anyone in his way. One thing that Taylor has proven with Injustice is that his characters are clear in their declarations, and Earth 2 is no different. Superman’s destruction of the world army makes Steppenwolf’s battle look like a slap-fight. There is only one detective who knows what it’s going to take to defeat Superman, and on Earth 2 his bat symbol is red, but his determination and ability are equal to our Dark Knight.

The only remaining vessel of the World Army is also the prison of the world’s most dangerous and unpredictable villains. It’s up to Batman to make sure they are fighting on his side but that will be no easy task. The one major spoiler from this issue was online the week prior to the issue’s release, and I won’t spoil it here for those who might not have seen it or if this is their first go round with Earth 2. Needless to say it’s another major shock to the system, and by the end of the issue the ramifications will ripple through this arc. It’s like no other re-imagining of a character that I have ever seen, short of Superman’s, and Taylor is pulling no punches with the direction he is taking this book.

The one constant has been Nicola Scott’s art, and she is running wild here. From Superman’s all out assault, to Batman’s reemergence and Dr. Fate’s battle, it truly is a sight to behold. Her action, motion and detail is so spot-on and equal to the punch Taylor uses in his writing. This is a great issue and an outstanding beginning to Taylor’s run on Earth 2. Robinson’s work was left in excellent hands, and if you haven’t been reading this book before and you like to see your heroes and villain’s in a new and twisted light — then get this immediately.

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DC Comics Spoils Identity Of Earth 2 Batman On Twitter

DC Comics took to their official Twitter account to promote the new Earth 2 action figures.

In doing so they spoiled the identity of Batman.

James Robinson confirms.

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Review: Earth 2 #16

Earth 2 has been an under appreciated book from DC, and for those not reading it you’re missing out. Earth 2 #16 pulls out all the stops and will have you shell-shocked by the end. James Robinson made his announcement that he’ll be leaving Earth 2, and with what he pulled out of his bag of tricks this month it makes his departure even more depressing. Robinson has been killing it on Earth 2, and now that Villains Month is over, it’s all out war with Steppenwolf and his hunger dogs Beguiler, Bedlam and Brutaal leading the way. Make no mistake: This is war, but this is a very one-sided affair. The violence and mayhem are at an all-time high in this issue, and the World’s Army barely stands a chance.

Robinson is in top form here, and the characterization has come full circle as we get a final glimpse as to what makes his “dogs” tick. This is a scary bunch and Earth 2, with seemingly no equal, makes for a better story with a hero who literally stands no chance of winning. That’s what we get here, and it’s great! Robinson also uses a nice touch narrating the battle of Steppenwolf versus the Wonders of America, Flash, Dr. Fate, Damage and Green Lantern, who now has his ultimate chance at revenge, battle without fear. The embedded reporter is something we as American’s have become all to familiar with, and to use that voice seems very fitting and natural.

Artist Nicola Scott does some outstanding work here by giving real scope and size to such an enormous battle, and with details that are stunning. Scott must have gone wild with this canvas to work with, and her multi-paneled take during action sequences had a smooth flow and direction – not easy to do with such chaos to interpret on the page.

In the end after the devastation of the World Army and the very and possible death of a hero, Robinson throws one last head-spinning twist our way. Once Steppenwolf declares victory and addresses the camera for the embedded journalist, which keeps rolling, we get the biggest shock this series has ever delivered! Again, with the very best in writing, it will leave you guessing and questioning everything you know about Earth 2, Darkseid and the battle for Apokolips in issue #1. Earth 2 had some of the best action and surprises of any comic I’ve read this week, and I highly recommend picking it up from the very start. Because by the time you read this issue, you will be more than happy and satisfied that you did!

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Cover Shoot: Top 10 Comic Book Covers For June 5th

Cover Shoot

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This weekly feature will take a look at the most visually compelling covers on the market today. Whether they be variant editions or standard ones, these are the top 5 covers that stand out amongst the bevy of books that are released each week. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” these covers are worth more than that! No matter the storylines found behind them, these covers draw you to at least check them out, which can be worth exponentially more than just words to the companies that publish them! Enjoy!



1. Astro City #1 (Vertigo/DC): Alex Ross is a living legend of “realism” art in the comics genre! Focusing on bringing true depictions of comics characters to life, his paintings have graced covers too numerous to count but they all stand out above the rest on the racks. What makes this cover extra special is that it is the debut of Astro City for a new generation. Ross brings that aspect across stunningly as the Samaritan opens the door for, not only the other heroes, but to let fans into their world as well! Perfect!



2. Herobear and the Kid Special #1 (BOOM!Studios): Simple and classic, artist/writer Mike Kunkel, brings his modern American style of “cartoonism” back in this wonderful all-ages special. Crisp and clean, Kunkel keeps the cover to the “bear” minimum which helps to accentuate his skill of a single image on a bold background. This makes Herobear appear iconic and solidifies it as a stylised logo with but a single image!



3. Archer & Armstrong #10 — variant edition (Valiant Entertainment): Retro is all the rage right now and nothing means retro quite like the 8-bit variant covers that have been popping up everywhere! Matthew Waite’s “Donkey Kong” rendition is a cut above the rest due to him implementing specific examples regarding the characters throughout the cover. Just check out little drunk and sleeping Armstrong in the bottom corner to see how Waite mimics his cover with the hilarity writer Fred Van Lente brings inside the book!



4. Fearless Defenders #5 (Marvel): Piggybacking off of the retro game theme, Fearless Defenders has an amazing Street Fighter cover this week! Mark Brooks does a spectacular job paying attention to detail in this one, the logos are even the same! Mark Brooks always has unique ideas to bring to the covers of this book, from action figure themes to paper doll cut-outs, he truly does his best to make this book stand out on the rack.



5. Suicide Risk #2 (BOOM!Studios): Tommy Lee Edwards makes this cover scream off the racks with a blitzkrieg of colors that convey the chaos that awaits you inside! Lead character, Leo Winters, may be in a cacophony of exploding color but Edwards directs the reader upward to his eyes, where a stoic calm resonates and lets the reader know that below the surface, Leo Winters is deducing what his next move is. Fantastic!



6. Ten Grand #2 (Joe’s Comics/Image): Ben Templesmith is known for his mesmerizing line work that ensnares you with it’s complexity. Nothing resonates that fact more than this cover. With A stark white background all we can focus on are the two characters embracing in the middle. Nothing matters to them except each other, the rest of the world has fallen away. A cover should give you a sense of what the issue is about, THIS cover tells you what the entire series is about in a single image! Stunning!



7. Daredevil: End of Days #8 (of 8) (Marvel): Continuing with the beauty of single image covers, we gaze upon Alex Maleev’s haunting rendition of Daredevil. Juxtaposed against a white background, the stark crimson frame of DD can only draw attention away from the other books that may surround it on the racks. It is a powerful images that tells the reader the hero is weary of his quest and yet stoic enough to stand against evil. Maleev is one of the top cover artists of today and this is more proof as to why!



8. Earth 2 #13 — variant edition (DC): Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund combined to make an amazing color cover to this issue, but it is the line and ink version that is visually more astounding! Booth exudes enthusiasm in his line art that is sometimes overshadowed during the coloring process, but here we can see the pure emotion of Captain Steel as he is set ablaze capturing the the very essence of Booth’s line! There is something magical about crisp line and ink pictures that resonate with readers, this one is awesome!



9. Avengers #13 (Marvel): Simple line and ink can convey great emotion to a reader, then again, so can a cover that is so crammed with action that you are completely blown away! Lenil Francis Yu gives you an adrenaline rush from the first glance of this book and it makes you gravitate towards it immediately. His upward scale drives the eye from the twisted pile of heroes toward the looming threat above them, making the cover ominous as well as action packed! Few can manipulate such a magnitude of characters and convey that amount of emotion to a reader in a single image, few but the Yu!



10. Black Bat #2 — variant edition (Dynamite): I have watched Jae Lee evolve from an artist trying to find his own style to becoming one of the best cover artists in the business today! His balance of the subject and the juxtaposition of pure black against a vibrant background makes a truly astonishing cover. It seems overtly simple but it is a highly detailed melding of the creeping stark black of shadow with hint shades of grey. The sinister swathe of red draws the eye in and you can’t help but gravitate to that bold red logo as it screams off of the rack!

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James Robinson Leaves DC Comics & Earth 2

The writer behind one of DC Comics more popular New 52 series with Earth 2, James Robinson, has left the book as well as the company.

Earlier today, James Robinson announced on his Twitter that he was leaving DC Comics.

So as of today I am leaving Earth 2 with Issue #16. It’s been a blast. Man, it’s a lovely day. Think I’ll take Rex to the beach.

Yes, this also means I’m no longer working at DC Comics. Best wishes and regards to Dan, Geoff and everyone.

No other details about the departure are known, and Earth 2 was selling well with April’s #11 around 45,000.

Here’s August‘s #15 cover:


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The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for 4/3/2013


The Top of the Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This is a “quick pick” look at the Top 5 comics that EVERYONE should be reading this week! Whether it’s rife with characterization, filled with emotional strife, has a bevy of high octane battle sequences or is just a plain ol’ great read — these books belong at the “Top Of The Pile!” (In no particular order!)



1.  Harbinger Wars #1 (Valiant): For the past few months, everything in the Bloodshot and Harbinger books has been leading up to this! Fan fave, Clayton Crain (X-Force) has graced Valiant fans with some interior art work for this massive crossover but that’s just icing on the cake! This tale will see Bloodshot and his group of psiot children merge with Peter Stancheck’s “Renegades” in order to take down the Valiant Universe’s biggest threat — Toyo Harada. But, Harada hasn’t come alone. He has called upon his own team of psiots to destroy all those who oppose him with only one winner becoming triumphant — the reader!



2.  Polarity #1 (Boom Studios): From the mind of Max Bemis, frontman for the band SAY ANYTHING, comes this engrossing tale of Timothy Woods trying to deal with his bipolar disorder. That may seem hard enough but when his medication runs low, Timothy finds that it didn’t just keep his mind in check, it also repressed his super powers! A trip-tastic look into the world of sex, drugs and super powers that will blow your mind! Plus, each issue comes with a free download of an original song from Max Bemis!



3. Swamp Thing #19 (DC):  Scott Snyder may have decided to leave this amazing book in order to pursue the Man of Steel, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. In fact, Charles Soule does an amazing job ushering in a new perspective to Swamp Thing and brings some heavy hitting “guest stars” to make Alec Holland’s world miserable. First up is the Scarecrow in all his twisted demeanor, the second?…Superman! I guess Snyder didn’t have to leave in order to write Supes after all!



4.  Abe Sapien:Dark and Terrible #1(of 3) (Dark Horse): Mike Mignola and Scott Allie put there heads together for Abe’s first “in continuity” solo mission. Abe has been sidelined for quite sometime, you know, since his death and all! But, nothing can keep this B.P.R.D. agent down for long, especially since his physical transformation. Can Abe still be trusted to uphold the best interests of mankind in the coming wake of destruction? Considering one of his own already tried to kill him once, I’m betting no!



5.  Earth 2 #11 (DC):  James Robinson’s vision for new takes on the classic JSA characters continues to excite readers every month! This week is know different with not only the introduction of Dr. Fate to the New 52 Universe, but Mister Miracle and Big Barda as well! Robinson knows how to tell fantastic stories that will leave you with a sense of wonderment!



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Mister Miracle Revealed In Earth 2 #11 Gatefold Cover

Check out another cool DC Comics gatefold cover, this time to Earth 2 #11 where we see Mister Miracle stands revealed!

For the month of April all the DC Comics covers will feature gatefold renditions.

EARTH 2 #11

1:25 B&W Variant cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
On sale APRIL 3 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
• As Dr Fate emerges as the latest hero on Earth 2, what other heroes make a most unexpected appearance?

(via Newsarama)


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Your Alternative Comics Beat For January 12, 2013: Earth 2

Going Against the Grain

I know that this column was started to give people an alternative to superhero comics. And I’m fully aware that the title I selected for today falls right into that category. But even though this title does deal with superheroes and is based in the DC Universe, it’s still enough of a departure from the ordinary for me to be able to recommend it to you as something to change up your reading list.

That’s why I selected the new Earth 2 series from DC Comics, written by James Robinson.

Earth 2 – James Robinson’s Take


Many comic book readers might be familiar with Robinson’s iconic run on Starman. Robinson was able to take a superhero concept in that story and shed a whole new light of depth and family issues within a character. The setup for Earth 2 is much different, giving us an alternative reality where Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are killed defending earth from Steppenwolf and his Parademons.

This new take on the “wonders” of the world puts Alan Scott (the Golden Age Green Lantern) in the role of the emerald warrior like never before. Instead of a galactic police force or an old lantern carved from a mysterious rock, The Green, just like in Swamp Thing, gives Green Lantern’s powers. I won’t ruin the how or why, but Scott becomes the champion of the new era.

There are a bunch of other popular Golden Age characters re-designed in this series, including The Flash and The Atom, but you should really read it for yourself to see how they play into the story.

Why It’s A Good Alternative


It’s a great alternative because it takes the superhero genre and puts it in a new light. These are some of DC Comics oldest and most popular characters, and after the New 52 it seemed like they weren’t going to return. Robinson has given readers another reason to bring these characters back into the spotlight and make us remember why we love them so much. They may have new costumes and a new world to play in, but they still have the same qualities and faults that readers fell in love with decades ago.

The Great Debate


If you’ve read this far without bringing up the glaring press that Earth 2 received about Alan Scott being a homosexual in this new series, I applaud you. There were people in my local comic book shop who refused to read the series because the character was now gay instead of straight. I’m here to say that I’ve been a huge fan of every Green Lantern, Alan Scott included, and I love this new take on him.

Scott’s new sexual orientation isn’t just a gimmick; it drives his character and plays an important part in the story. If anything it’s made Scott a stronger character and a better leader, due to events that happen in the first few issues.

If you can’t move past this new character trait, I feel very sorry for you. You’re missing out on what has become one of my personal favorite DC titles. But if you’re willing to see a universe where every twist and turn in the world of DC took a left instead of a right, you’re in for a treat.

Ken Porter also writes comic books with his latest being “Ink Ribbon” from Visionary Comics.

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The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for October 3rd, 2012


The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


( A weekly quick pick of the five titles that should reside at the top of your pull list. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER! )


I do the research, you reap the reward! Before you head out to your favorite shop today, be sure to add these five titles to your list of goodies! Forget that “apple a day” nonsense, this “DOC’s” prescription to good health starts with these top five books of the week!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3377:]]1. Uncanny X-Force #32:  Look at this cover! Do I need to even say why this book is so B.A.? The Brotherhood vs. X-Force with a shocking conclusion! Get on board now before Rick Remender leaves!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3379:]]2. Earth 2 #5:  They are not the JSA, but they are “wonders” in their own right! Grundy and the Grey are destroying the planet and it is up to the new heroes of Earth 2 to save it! Though, one may not make it to issue six! Awesome stuff!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3380:]]3. Danger Club #4:  A traitor waits in the midst of the child heroes and someone will have to pay the ultimate price! One of the coolest under read books out there!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3381:]]4. The Boys #71:  The penultimate issue of Garth Ennis’ opus against super heroes! This is the end of days for one of them — everything breaks in this issue!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3382:]]5. Daredevil: The End of Days #1(of 8):  One of the most brutal DD books I have ever seen!  A future look at the brutal end of my favorite hero of all time! Bendis and David Mack write a great story you should check out!

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DC Comics Reveals First Batch of Zero Month Covers: Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, 10 more

DC Comics revealed a first look at the final versions of the covers for the first week of September’s “Zero Month.”

We see the final covers for Superman, Green Lantern, Batman Detective Comics, Earth 2, Animal Man, Green Arrow, Phantom Stranger, Stormwatch, Swamp Thing, Worlds Finest, G.I Combat and Dial.

These become available September 5th.

Click to enlarge and launch viewer:

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Advanced Review: Earth 2 #3

The most controversial DC book to date,  Earth 2, continues this week, and I am over joyed with the story that James Robinson unfolds before us!

Creating a completely new vision for some of the oldest characters in the DC Universe has to be an undaunting task. Anyone would be overwhelmed by the sheer thought of it, but James Robinson has truly created something special within the pages of this book. He has brought a level of excitement to these characters again, a “golden age” quality to a “modern day” book. 

We see the creation of the “first” Green Lantern for the very first time, and it is a wonderful amalgam of the original tale with fresh sensibilities! The tale is engaging and fast paced, hitting on all the major characters while adding something new as well. There is a deeper sense of these heroes being connected by unforeseen forces, something that heightens the level of intrigue while building the “team” mentality of the book. But there is something else at play here, something sinister and unnerving that slowly seeps into the world of Earth 2. A familiar villain that has been transformed into a pure force of nature, something that can rival life itself!

Highly engaging, with phenomenal art by Nicola Scott, Earth 2 #3 is a book no DC fan should miss! It is a window into the past and a reminder of how fun and intriguing “super hero” books can be!

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The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for July 4th, 2012


The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


( A weekly quick pick of the five titles that should reside at the top of your pull list. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER! )


I do the research, you reap the reward! Before you head out to your favorite shop today, be sure to add these five titles to your list of goodies! Forget that “apple a day” nonsense, this “DOC’s” prescription to good health starts with these top five books of the week!


1.  Danger Club #3 :  What happens when all the adults on your planet go missing and it’s up to you to save the world? That’s the premise of this great book that never fails to thrill and shock you! Speaking of shocks, there is a HUGE reveal in this book that no one should miss!

2.  Earth 2 #3 :  Controversial? Yes. Outstanding? Even more so! Not only do we get to see Alan Scott become the Green Lantern in this issue, but a all-new, all-different villain enters the fray as well! For get the Green. Forget the Red. Forget the Rot. Fear the Grey!

3.  Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1 (of 6) : For me, this has been the best of prequel series! We get to see this vile villain from birth to the donning of his costume in this issue, and it is amazing! But what really solidifies it as the best, is Jae Lee’s outstanding art!

4.  Avengers Vs. X-Men #7 :  This series has done a complete 180 in the last two issues, making it exciting again! Matt Fraction writes a solid tale and Olivier Coipel’s art is top notch! Plus, an Avenger gets set on fire! And it ain’t Wolvie, kids!

5.  The Boys #68 :  Garth Ennis’ middle finger to super hero comics, is slowly coming to an end — but it’s going out with a BANG! The Boys are finding out that their fearless leader has been doing so very bad things and must be stopped. But how do you stop someone who knows everything about you? Awesome stuff!

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Review #2: Earth 2 #2

Of course, “new” Green Lantern Alan Scott (that’s him, the “gay” Green Lantern!) is getting all the regular media spotlight but is really only seen briefly here in Earth 2 #2 and is still quite under development.

The lion’s share of this month’s issue is devoted to Jay Garrick and his mysterious powers of speed. The cover only gives the reader a hint at how fun it is to see this “new” Flash developing his powers as he shows off and delves into what it means to be a hero.

Writer James Robinson is really doing some great “world building,” as they say even in this realm of the New 52, and putting out solid characters we are getting to know well and developing them slowly so we really do care. They are becoming more characters than heroes … or maybe both, and that is not a bad thing.

Artist Nicola Scott does her best to distinguish Garrick from the 100 other Flashes we have known in a manner evoking portions of the uniforms worn by John Fox, Jay Garrick and Bart Allen Impulse. Trevor Scott’s inks help solidify Scott’s art in that direction greatly.

I can say that Earth 2 is nothing like I expected it to be when the Second Wave washed over the DCnU, and that definitely is a good thing!

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The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for June 6th, 2012


The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile


By: Chris “DOC” Bushley

(A weekly quick pick of the five titles that should reside at the top of your pull list. In no particular order!)


I do the research, you reap the reward! Before you head out to your favorite shop today, be sure to add these books to your list of goodies! Forget that “apple a day” nonsense, this “DOC’s” prescription to good health starts with these top five titles of the week!


1. Harbinger #1:  Valiant’s second series comes out today, and it surpasses the original series in every way! Great characterization, coupled with a cool premise — makes for one amazing book! Read my full review here!

2.  Earth 2 #2:  Though we have all seen the hype this book is getting for the sexual orientation of one Alan Scott, this book is bigger than just that! Here we finally see the return of Mr. Terrific, a winged warrior’s first appearance to the New 52 and Jay Garrick become the Flash! They might not be the J.S.A. of old â€”  but it’s awesome just the same! Read my full review here!

3.  Before the Watchmen: Minutemen #1 (of 6):  Do I really need to explain why this is on my list?! One of comics “Holy Grails” has a prequel, ya know you’re going to get it â€”  if you can find it! ‘Nuff said!

4.  Fairest #4:  This great series from the pages of Fables, continues on with it’s amazing retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty story! But will Jonah betray Ali Baba and Briar Rose to the Ice Queen before the tale is even finished? Great book with spectacular art by the one and only Phil Jimenez!

5.  The Mighty Thor: Annual #1: So I hear that people are sick of Marvel not doing cosmic correctly anymore. Well, this ones for you! Taking place before The Mighty Thor #1, this tale has Uatu, Scrier, one thousand Thors, one thousand Silver Surfers and the cosmic granddaddy of them all â€” Galactus! This ones a throw down for the ages, folks!

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Review: Earth 2 #2

I must say that I have been a JSA fan for many a year, and I was quite disappointed when DC announced that those characters would not be arriving in the New 52 amongst their peers. And once it was announced that the JSA characters would be arriving in the “Second Wave” as “new”versions of themselves — I was taken aback for a second time. So, when Earth 2 #1 came out, and I wasn’t blown away, it didn’t shock me! But today, as I read Earth 2 #2 â€” I was completely shocked!

This issue was fantastic, THIS is why I read comics!

Now, don’t think I was shocked by what you have all heard in the media regarding this book. Yes, DC has made the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott, gay. That’s great, we need more diversified characters – and readers for that matter – in the genre. When has ones’ sexual preference ever determined how great of a hero they will be? Never! 

No, I was shocked at how well James Robinson channeled classic DC storytelling to create new origins for some of the oldest characters in the DCU! This is great storytelling personified! Not only do we get Mr. Terrific back into the swing of things, we get Jay Garrick back as the Flash! And the fumbling, self critical Jay Garrick is a refreshing look at how an everyman would act if thrown into an incredible situation such as his! Robinson’s story was fluid, touching on all characters without diverging from the overall story and creating intriguing situations and – even a new villain – along the way! A new villain that will strike a cord with old JSA fans to say the least! By book’s end there were four old JSA teammates together again in the same book – for the first time – and it just felt exiting! Robinson made this book feel like home again for old JSA fans — a classic for future generations!

Now I do have one complaint, what is up with Jay Garrick’s helmet? I thought I was watching an old Buck Rogers episode and Twiggy was running around! Seriously, Nicola Scott is a great artist, but that thing has to go!

Okay, now go get this book!

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Review: Earth 2 #1

If you thought the relaunch of the DCU was shocking in September, wait until you see this relaunch of the parallel planet Earth 2 (Justice Society, et al) and the heroes therein, many of whom are Golden Age DC heroes who no longer exist in the world of the New 52.

Whew! Was it me in the forums who was glad Earth 2 was coming back? Pardon me while I eat my words, lol.

No, no, Earth 2 #1 (why is that hard to type?) is a fine read, really. It is just the exposition about today’s New 52 heroes and how their Earth 2 doppelgangers differ that takes up most of this mag. Although I fussed at Geoff Johns for stretching out the teaming of the Justice League, all this in one mag is, well, too much. And it shows.

Not that James Robinson doesn’t spin a fine yarn here, especially if you are a fan of the current Justice League. This is an awesome companion book to that title as well as being something that I think will be refreshing. But the path to that refreshment seems awfully heavy handed in this first issue.

It is a great pleasure to see the art of Nicola Scott and Trever Scott, who kept this long history lesson flowing in an entertaining manner. The Apokolips war scenes were awesome, as was the emotional expressions of the characters. While it didn’t exactly fill our action quotient, it is a good start and a welcome change of pace.

Right now, this is definitely a pick-up title just to see where it might be going. I don’t know if it will hold on, but it certainly will be interesting to see where it winds up.

Earth 2 #1 is definitely recommended fare.

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First Look At Batman Earth 2 Design By Jim Lee

DC Comics released a first look at the Batman of Earth 2 as designed by Jim Lee.

You will notice that Lee has dark green grey labeled in the below image, giving a clue as to the color and look of the New 52 Earth 2 Batman.

“Who will Batman kill to save his own daughter?” asks EARTH 2 editor Pat McCallum. “Right out of the gate that should tell you we’re dealing with a different kind of Dark Knight here. More ruthless, dangerous…the costume is familiar and yeah, there is a Wayne under the mask, but we’re looking at a man desperate to save the only family he has left. EARTH 2 is about to become a very bad place to be a bad guy.”

DC Comics Batman Earth 2

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George Perez World’s Finest #1 Cover Reveals New 52 Power Girl

DC revealed the cover to World’s Finest #1, by artist George Perez, which features a first look at the New 52 Power Girl costume.

World’s Finest #1 premieres this May from Paul Levitz with George Perez and Kevin Maguire.

In WORLDS’ FINEST, writer Paul Levitz jumps between parallel Earths, following the story of Earth 2’s Huntress and Power Girl as they struggle to find their way back home. But fans of these heroes should keep in mind that they aren’t the Huntress and Power Girl we know so well. 


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