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Tilda Swinton In Talks For The Ancient One In Doctor Strange


It’s being reported that Marvel Studios has changed the gender of the Ancient One, the mysic who mentors Stephen Strange, for the Doctor Strange movie.

According to THR, Tilda Swinton is in talks to play the Ancient One, who is male in the comics, and will get the role if the talks work out.

Swinton is known for The Chronicles Of Narnia, Snowpiercer, Benjamin ButtonConstantine (2005 film) and Vanilla Sky.

Doctor Strange has a release date of November 4, 2016 release directed by Scott Derrickson starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character. Filming looks to begin this Fall in the UK.


Scott Derrickson Teases Mistress Death & Origin For Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has posted a rather interesting tweet, which teases Death (or Mistress Death) from the Marvel Comics.

Derrickson tweeted out an image of the cover from Doctor Strange #2, which features Death.

In what could be a possible spoiler for the movie, we’ll just say the issue sees Doctor Strange confront Death in what is part of his origin story.

Interestingly enough, Thanos just happens to worship Death as well.

We see the cover reads “Dr. Strange Meets… Death!” with Derrickson adding: “As will we all..”

Death, in Marvel Comics lore, is one of the cosmic abstracts and the personification of Death who came into existence at the creation of the universe along with the other cosmic abstracts: Eternity, Infinity and Oblivion. All four more or less balance each other out.

Doctor Strange has a November 4, 2016 release starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange.


Kevin Feige Talks Spider-Man, Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange, Captain America 3 & More

Kevin Feige continues to make the press rounds for Avengers 2, with this time the president of Marvel Studios asked about a potentially non-white Spider-Man.

In the above video, Feige is asked about Miles Morales with Feige responding:

We’ve always thought it should be Peter. We’ve never seen the MCU version of Peter Parker. It felt like we needed to see that first. Miles, I think is awesome. There are opportunities for him, for sure, if this all works and continues.

The potenital for a non-white Spider-Man is then brought up, with Feige responding:

Maybe. The field is very wide right now in terms of who we are looking at within a certain age range.

Feige also answered questions on Captain Marvel and offered they didn’t want to introduce her flying around without anyone knowing her character, and Feige offered in an earlier version of an Avengers 2 script, Carol Danvers was a part of it.

Regarding Doctor Strange, Feige offers the supernatural side of the MCU is something they have been talking about for a long time. Feige says director Scott Derrickson and the producing team are scouting locations in NYC with filming to take place in London this November. Feige also offers Benedict Cumberbatch is so excited, and they haven’t discussed Strange’s accent yet (Cumberbatch is British).

Feige is also asked if there is a possibilty to add in other Marvel movies in Phase 3, like a Hulk movie or Iron Man 4. Feige said they already added in Spider-Man, but said he would be more worried about having to change the schedule again than adding in more movies.

On Thor 3, Feige offers they are currently writing the script and looking for a director(s) and again confirms Loki and Tom Hiddleston, and says Loki has an integral role in Thor: Ragnarok.

Regarding the two part Avengers: Infinity War films, Feige says they wouldn’t be one big movie cut in half, but two distinct movies.

Captain America 3 shoots in two weeks, with Feige offering Cap is still the primary focus.


James Gunn Says No San Diego Comic-Con For Marvel

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:19559:]]Kevin Feige & James Gunn At SDCC 2013

No big Hall H presentation by Marvel Studios this Summer at the San Diego Comic-Con?

If Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn‘s words are to be believed, Marvel Studios will not be attending Comic-Con in July.

A fan asked Gunn about attending the SDCC on Facebook, with Gunn replying, “I’m not sure. Marvel isn’t going so I’m not sure I will either.”

It’s unknown if Gunn’s reply was tongue-in-cheek, but the director is known to be a straight-shooter when it comes to the fans, so Marvel Studios may very well be skipping out on the SDCC.

If it is true, more than likely Marvel will be holding their own press event – possibly at Disney’s D23 Expo a month after Comic-Con on August 14-16 in Anaheim.

Marvel did announce their Avengers Infinity War line-up post-Comic-Con at a solo event; however, that was thought more due to Marvel not signing contracts in time with various actors for their upcoming Phase 3 movies.

It is possible Marvel may want to hold their own press event as it generates more publicity and doesn’t get buried by everything else announced at Comic-Con.

DC and Warner Bros. are thought to be in full force at this year’s SDCC with Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League.   Maybe WB would be better off holding their own press event as well (BvS cast appeared for only a couple minutes at SDCC 2014)?

Marvel may choose to do their own thing – especially seeing they now have Spider-Man – which obviously would be huge.

Bear in mind, Gunn has been wrong or told a little fib in the past: When an early piece of promo art surfaced for Guardians of the Galaxy revealing an Infinity Stone, Gunn claimed it was fan art, but it wasn’t. However, Gunn really has no reason to stretch the truth here.

With Marvel possibly not being at Comic-Con July 9-12, that would mean no promotion for Ant-Man (opens following weekend on July 17th), nothing for Captain America: Civil War (Spider-Man announcement is/was expected), and nothing for Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange (November  4, 2016).


Chiwetel Ejiofor Up For Doctor Strange Role


Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor is said to be up for a leading role in the Doctor Strange movie.

THR reports on the news, but doesn’t have any further details, including which character Chiwetel Ejiofor is up to play.

It’s been said that Chiwetel Ejiofor may be up for a villain role, but reportedly, other sources have said that might not be the case.

Speculation has it that it’s possible Chiwetel Ejiofor is up to play the part of Wong, Doctor Strange’s assistant, or even the Ancient One, Doctor Strange’s mentor.

It’s also guessed the Doctor Strange villain will be Baron Mordo.

Chiwetel Ejiofor is known for 12 Years A Slave, Joss Whedon’s Serenity, and has a role in Ridley Scott’s upcoming The Martian.

It’s noted Marvel is in early talks with Chiwetel Ejiofor, so this isn’t guaranteed.

Doctor Strange has a November 4, 2016 release directed by Scott Derrickson starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.


Ethan Hawke Says Scott Derrickson Is Right Choice For Doctor Strange


Ethan Hawke was said to be a potential candidate to play Doctor Strange, and while he won’t get the chance to play the Sorcerer Supreme for Marvel, the actor did previously work with director Scott Derrickson on the hit horror movie Sinister.

While participating in a recent Reddit QnA, Ethan Hawke was asked about Doctor Strange and offered the following, stating it’s in good hands with Derrickson.

Doctor Strange sounds particularly interesting to me, not just because of the quality of the comic, but because of the man Marvel hired at the helm. Scott Derricksen directed me in SINISTER, and there’s a lot of lousy horror movies made. But Scott Derricksen really understands the genre. And the math and geometry involved in telling a great ghost story. And I feel certain that he will make an excellent Doctor Strange film if they give him the reins.

But really, I don’t covet any roles as much as I covet relationships with talented people. People often ask me “Do I prefer theater or film, or writing or acting?” And what I really prefer is being in a room with gifted, passionate people. Because it’s contagious. It helps you be in touch with the best part of yourself.

And sometimes, that doesn’t mean really successful, big-shot types. Sometimes it means being in the room with students, and young people whose idealism is undaunted.

I like listening to Laurelai Linklater and Ellar Coltrane talk about movies (my costars in BOYHOOD), and art, cuz they talk straight from their heart, with no secret agenda.

Regarding whether or not Ethan Hawke was going to play Doctor Strange, he recently stated on a podcast that he would be open to playing a similar character:

“If people are going put up with somebody like me, they want to make sure you’re going put asses in seats, and there’s a lot of actors that are going to to put more asses in seats than me. There’s a tremendous amount of salesmanship that’s now really important to a studio like that. It’s a tremendous amount of time in your life where you’re working, and you’re not acting. They’re making movies at a high rate, and they’re making them successfully. I’m totally open to doing something like that.”

Doctor Strange has a November 4, 2016 release starring Benedict Cumberbatch.


Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Doctor Strange: Reading The Comics & More


Benedict Cumberbatch will play the Sorceror Supreme for Marvel Studios.

Cumberbatch will star in the Doctor Strange movie that is being directed by Scott Derrickson and has a November 4, 2016 release date.

With the movie set to open next year, fans can expect Doctor Strange to start filming relatively soon.

While we we, Benedict Cumberbatch spoke about Doctor Strange with the Wall Street Journal noting that this movie will introduce Marvel’s supernatural elemnts for the first time.

I don’t think it’s a risk because of Marvel. Marvel is a stable of bringing out ordinary comic characters and turning them into screen-like gods. It’s very different, it’s an Astral Plane. There’s a huge new element to this Marvel universe that’s going to be employed in building this story and this character. But you know, I’m really excited about it, about working with Scott [Derrickson] whose imagination is endless, and all the boys and girls at Marvel who know what they’re doing.

Cumberbatch then goes on to comment that while he never read the comic books growing up, he is reading Doctor Strange now.

Growing up, no. I didn’t read many comics at all. Asterix a bit. I think that was it. There weren’t many comics in my household — [in a self-mocking voice] “I’m so deprived.” We didn’t have Marvel so much. But you can bet your bottom dollar I’m reading them now, avidly. 



Watch: 1978 Doctor Strange Movie

With Marvel Studios releasing a Doctor Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, check out the 1978 made-for-TV film featuring the Sorcerer Supreme.

The 1978 Doctor Strange movie was actually meant to serve as a pilot for a series. Stan Lee was on board as a consultant; Philip DeGuere wrote and directed it.

Peter Hooten stars as Dr. Stephen Strange, with Clyde Kusatsu as Wong and Jessica Walter as Morgan LeFay.


Leaked: Drew Goddard Says FU Doctor Strange; Tom Hardy Wanted As Sandman


New e-mails as a result of the Sony hacks reveal information about the Sinister Six movie.

E-mails obtained by a Twitter user reveal director Drew Goddard communicating with the co-head of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal.

Goddard apparently sent Pascal an e-mail following an article published on Deadline in regards to potential actors for Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange movie with Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch.

In the e-mail, Goddard writes as if Tom Hardy is playing Flint Marco, aka Sandman.

Goddard goes on to give Amy Pascal talking points as to why Sinister Six is better than Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Goddard also apparently gives away the ending to the film as he writes, “What does Dr. Strange have? Magic tricks? Fuck you, magic tricks — we’ve got a skyscraper Tom Hardy knocking down buildings!!!!” 

It probably should be noted the e-mail was sent in July, so things regarding Sinister Six could be changed as obviously Tom Hardy is playing Rick Flagg for Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad movie in 2016.


Josh Brolin May Have Confirmed Thanos For Doctor Strange, Thor 3 & Guardians of the Galaxy 2



Josh Brolin signed on with Marvel Studios this year to play the Mad Titan Thanos, and first appeared in character in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Following news of Brolin’s casting, it was also stated the actor would be appearing as Thanos in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron (still unconfirmed).

October then saw Marvel announce their Phase 3 movies where a teaser was shown featuring Thanos for The Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2, which have May 4, 2018 and May 3, 2019 release dates, respectively.

Now while doing press for his latest move, Inherent Vice, Brolin offers he has Marvel movies in 2016 and 2017 (via Nuke The Fridge).

“The fact that it’s so, it’s like, Yeah in 2016 and ’17, what am I going to be doing? Oh, I’m going to be doing that.’ I’m very lucky in that way, man. I just get presented these things and I go wow, really? Why now and why this? The possibilities for Thanos are unlimited.” 

Marvel has Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange getting released in 2016; I think it’s safe to say Thanos fits more with the latter, and Marvel also recently announced Benedict Cumberbatch as the new Sorcerer Supreme.

Regarding Marvel’s 2017 movies, it would be my guess that Thanos would most likely be featured in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and/or Thor: Ragnarok (Black Panther is also set for a November 2017 release).


Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Doctor Strange


Marvel officially announced Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, and now we finally get to hear the actor talk about playing the Sorcerer Supreme.

Obviously, Cumberbatch can’t say much, but he does say he is excited and also explains how he keeps himself grounded in regards to being such a popular actor.

Doctor Strange has a November 4, 2016 release directed by Scott Derrickson.


Marvel Movie Scene Between Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch That Must Happen


Marvel Studios recently cast Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange who will sooner or later team up with The Avengers.

Among the Avengers is Robert Downey Jr. who plays Tony Stark and Iron Man, but also played a certain detective on the big screen.

Cumberbatch stars as that certain detective as well for the BBC.

So with the two more than likely set to appear on screen together, check out what a Tumblr fan had to offer (via reddit):



Marvel Studios Reveals Phase 3 Timeline Image

Marvel Studios has released the image of their Phase 3 timeline that they used at the recent announcement for their upcoming movies.

The Announcements include:

Captain America: Civil War –  May 6, 2016
Doctor Strange – November 4, 2016
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – May 5, 2017
Thor: Ragnarok – July 28, 2017
Black Panther – November 3, 2017
Avengers Infinity War Part 1 – May 4, 2018
Captain Marvel – July 6, 2018
Inhumans – November 6, 2018 
Avengers Infinity War Part 2 – May 3, 2019

Marvel also has The Avengers: Age of Ultron hitting next May and Ant-Man on July 17, 215.

Click to enlarge:


The Avengers 2 extended trailer:


Benedict Cumberbatch Denies Doctor Strange (Video)


Follow the alleged departure of Joaquin Phoenix from the Doctor Strange role, it’s currently rumored that Benedict Cumberbatch is next in line to play the Sorcerer Supreme for Marvel Studios.

Last night at the Hollywood Film Awards, Benedict Cumberbatch was featured in a Red Carpet interview where CBS mentioned he was playing a superhero.

“I don’t know about that. Do you know about that?” Cumberbatch responded. “He needs to check his notes.”

“I think you are Doctor Strange,” CBS stated again.

Cumberbatch shook his head no and again stated, “Check your notes.”

Doctor Strange has a November 6, 2016 release directed by Scott Derrickson, with it recently rumored that Daniel Bruhl may be the potential villain of the film.


Daniel Bruhl Joins Captain America 3 Civil War; Rumored Doctor Strange Villain



Joining Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. on Captain America: Civil War is Daniel Brühl. announced the casting with no further details reported about which role Bruhl will be playing.

“With Daniel’s ability to deliver intense, nuanced performances, we knew we had found yet another great actor to share the screen with some of our biggest heroes,” Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige said.

Daniel Bruhl is known for roles in Rush (which also starred Chris Hemsworth) and Inglorious Basterds (pictured right).

Udpate: Variety is reporting that Daniel Bruhl is not the main villain in Captain America 3, but could possibly be the villain in the Doctor Strange movie.

Captain America: Civil War has a May 5, 2016 release directed by the Russo Bros. also starring Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

Joaquin Phoenix talks Doctor Strange, Batman, Wolverine

Joaquin Phoenix Talks Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Batman & Iron Man


Joaquin Phoenix was rumored to be playing Doctor Strange, and now the actor talks about portraying the Sorcerer Supreme and more in an interview with

It’s pointed out that negotiations seemingly faltered, with Phoenix stating he can’t talk specifics, but he does hint Doctor Strange may not have met his personal requirements.

I can’t talk about it. I’ve met on all sorts of movies throughout the years. What seems appealing about some of them is the idea of pushing myself in a way that’s out of my comfort zone. But really, it’s what I’m always looking for—good characters, big ideas and a passionate filmmaker. If those things line up with any kind of movie, I have interest in it.

Joaquin Phoenix does offer he is a fan of comic books with mention of DC’s Batman as well as Marvel’s Wolverine (interestingly enough, which are two properties not owned by Marvel Studios).

There’s some great Batman stuff and classic Frank Miller Dark Knight stuff and Arkham Asylum. But I was always a big Wolverine guy. I love Wolverine—big fucking great dramatic character. They’re all conflicted, and they’re really interesting.

Joaquin Phoenix also lets it be known he was offered a part in one comic book movie, and does regret not taking it, but again won’t give particulars.

There’s only one movie I regret saying no to—except the person who ended up doing it was so good and was absolutely meant to do it, so I don’t have any regrets. I’m not going to say which one, but it was a really big hit. It’s getting to the point where they’re making some pretty decent movies. I thought Iron Man was fantastic.


Scott Derrickson Teases Doctor Strange Lords Of Shamballa

We get another Doctor Strange teaser of sorts from director Scott Derrickson on Twitter.

Derrickson previously posted a Doctor Strange related page from the Infinity Gauntlet Marvel comic, and now Derrickson has posted a page from the J. M. DeMatteis and Dan Green 1986 Doctor Strange: Into Shamballa graphic novel.

The story sees Doctor Strange summoned by the Lords of Shamballa who offer Strange the opportunity to usher in a new golden age for humanity, but at a cost — three quarters of humanity needs to perish. The story takes Strange to South Africa, India and England.

Doctor Strange has a newly announced release date of November 6, 2016 with it looking likely Benedict Cumberbatch will play the lead, Stephen Strange.


Watch: 9 New Marvel Films Revealed Announcement Video

Marvel put together the following video recapping the recent announcements regarding the nine upcoming Marvel Studios movies.

Below you can also check out the logos and release dates revealed as well.

Captain America: Civil War: May 6, 2016 

Doctor Strange: November 4, 2016 

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: May 5, 2017 

Thor: Ragnarok: July 28, 2017

Black Panther: November 3, 2017 

Avengers: Infinity War, Part 1: May 4, 2018 

Captain Marvel: July 6, 2018

The Inhumans: November 2, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War, Part 2: May 3, 2019 










Marvel Studios Announces Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Avengers & More

Today saw a slew of announcements from Marvel Studios as a special event was held at Disney’s El Capitan Theater.

Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon took to the stage.

The Avengers 2 trailer was shown (watch below), with Feige thanking fans for making Guardians of the Galaxy the #1 movie.

Captain America 3 release date is confirmed for May 6, 2016. Title is officially “Captain America: Civil War.”

Doctor Strange release date will be November 4, 2016. Benedict Cumberbatch is not confirmed.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 gets a new release date – May 5, 2017.

Thor 3, titled “Thor: Ragnarok” gets July 28, 2017 release.

Black Panther is announced for November 3, 2017.

Captain Marvel is announced for July, 6, 2018 — will feature Carol Danvers.

Inhumans announced for November 2, 2018.

Avengers: Infinity War announced for May 4, 2018, which will be followed by Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 on May 3, 2019.

Exclusive footage for The Avengers 2 debuts featuring Cap and Tony Stark talking about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. There is a lot of tension between the two. The official title of the movie is revealed to be Captain America: Civil War, with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans coming out on stage.

Black Panther will be played by Chadwick Boseman, who also comes out on stage. Boseman will also be featured in Captain America 3 with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.

Black Panther concept art is revealed.










The Avengers 2 Trailer:


Benedict Cumberbatch Cast As Doctor Strange


It look likes we have our Doctor Strange, and it’s Benedict Cumberbatch.

Cumberbatch, who was among the rumored actors for a while, is said by Deadline to be Marvel’s choice for the role.

It’s noted the deal isn’t finalized, but stated negotiations are to begin, with the deal expected to be made.

Benedict Cumberbatch has been rumored for just about every role in Hollywood, including Star Wars: Episode VII and even Batman Vs. Superman, but now we see Marvel Studios moved in and scooped up the Sherlock actor, who also played Khan for J.J. Abrams in Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Doctor Strange movie has a July 8, 2016 release directed by Scott Derrickson with a script by John Spaihts.