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NINO Sales Down With AXIS; DnA Nova Still Selling Better


More bad news for Marvel’s marketing department as the sales for November reveal issues of NINO to have actually gone down even though they were tied into the AXIS event.

NINO#23 is listed at 21,706.

NINO#24 at 21, 575.

October’s NINO #22 had 22,485 in sales.

NINO is out of the top 100 (again).

Comparing NINO to the 2007 Nova by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (which received none of the promotion that NINO has been getting) says a lot.

DnA’s Nova #23 actually saw an INCREASE in sales coming in at 26,409 from the previous issue’s 25,060.

Likewise, DnA’s Nova #24 saw 26,238 in sales.

Tom Brevoort has again been trying to spin things in favor of NINO on his Tumblr page. Brevoort made another snarky remark insinuating that Richard Rider Nova was canceled because of sales. Brevoort also likes to make it sound as if the sales numbers and rankings released by Diamond and sites online are incorrect. While true, the numbers may not be exact, they probably do give an overall general indication of sales. We know that former editor on DnA’s Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, Bill Rosemann, said the sales on the cosmic titles were rock solid. We also known whenever Marvel cancels a title, it’s around a certain number, which NINO is near (around 20K seems to be the cancellation threshold). Joe Quesada also stated sales on DnA’s titles were not the main factor in cancelling them (it was the Guardians of the Galaxy movie).

(numbers via ComiChron)


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DnA’s Guardians of the Galaxy Featured On ABC’s Manhattan Love Story

With the Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy movie netting $750 million, someone at ABC has picked up on the fact that it was inspired by the 2008 Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning Guardians of the Galaxy comic book as a trade has appeared on Manhattan Love Story.

Former Guardians of the Galaxy artist Brad Walker posted the following image on Instagram from an episode.

While Manhattan Love Story has been cancelled by ABC, the remaining episodes will be featured on Hulu.

Brad is currently doing art for the DC Comics Sinestro series.


A photo posted by Brad Walker (@iambradwalker) on


Friday sneak peek! The mustachio’ed! #sinestro #greenlantern #dc #dccomics #bradwalker

A photo posted by Brad Walker (@iambradwalker) on


#sinestro face finished. #greenlantern #sinestrocorps #dc #dccomics #bradwalker

A photo posted by Brad Walker (@iambradwalker) on

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Fans Call For Boycott of Bendis Guardians of the Galaxy #21


Marvel Cosmic fans may have finally had enough of Brian Michael Bendis and his Guardians of the Galaxy.

When word became known that Marvel Studios was moving forward on a major motion picture based on Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy comic book, the head honchos at Marvel Comics canceled their run, in essence firing the cosmic duo off the titles.

Bendis was named as the successor, with many people considering Bendis a backstabber in addition to highjacking DnA’s title, which again inspired a $750 million dollar movie.

Now with Bendis‘ recent attempt to explain the fate of Richard Rider, which interestingly enough was also first written by DnA in the best selling The Thanos Imperative, it’s looking like fans are coming to their senses.

Tom Brevoort was already questioned about the poor quality of the Richard Rider story in recent Bendis issues of Guardians of the Galaxy, which saw numerous misspellings and questionable art choices, with Brevoort blaming fans for – get this –  actually wanting the story to be told.

Now the social network Reddit is responding as a fan has called for a boycott of BendisGuardians of the Galaxy #21.

Guys, can we all resolve NOT to buy Guardians #21 next week? Because f–k Bendis.Comics

Some comments:

I am on board with this. Plus his handling of the GOTG kind of sucks. I miss the old run.

he should probably have paid more attention to Thanos Imperative, given that what he’s writing is basically its followup. It’s like if I tried to write a sequel to No Country For Old Men without actually watching the film.

I don’t mind the stories so much as the characters. Most of the Guardians have been rewritten to the point where they might as well be new characters. Only, they’re not. And the fact that that he’s kept the names and labels means that any other writer who actually wanted to use the established characters can’t, because Bendis‘ OC characters are masquerading under their names. The only reason Marvel is pushing new cosmic material is because of the movie, and the movie only exists because of how well the 2008 run was received. Surely you can understand people being upset when the new material doesn’t reflect the stuff that parented it in the first place?

I mean, his job is literally to write comics. Having some understanding of the comics he’s writing for seems like it would be part of that job, no? Does Marvel really not have editors who check things like this?

Bendis appears to have no respect for this cosmic saga because the characters feel very different to who Abnett and Lanning.

Abnett & Lanning spent years revitalizing the cosmic side of Marvel and crafted one of the greatest comic book epics of all time. Then Bendis took over, disregarded key events, and changed everyone’s personalities until they were almost unrecognizable. It’s like he completely missed the point of what made the A&L stuff such a fan favorite. I’ve always been a big Bendis supporter but even I have to admit that he made a clusterf–k out of this one.

I wish there was some sort of Omnibus of all the cosmic Omnibus’ for Annihilation through Thanos Imperative.

I only read the first Bendis issue, and I normally like his stuff, but thought it was woeful compared to the DnA run. Still not got any better then?

Sure, Bendis ignores everything that happened in the Thanos Imperative, I mean everything, literally everything, cant even spell Richard Rider’s name right (Ryder). All major points in the story line were ignored. And that is not the worst thing, even ignoring all that, he took a 2 page story and dragged it across three issues with a shitty resolution that makes no sense. We are on issue 20 of Gotg, and nothing really interesting has happened…F— BENDIS

i’ve hated it the whole time anyway. it’s been typical bendis: absolutely no plotting and every character sounds the same.

I don’t hate him, but I think it boils down to this; With Avengers, he completely revamped a comic that wasn’t very good at the time, and it was much better for it. With GotG, he completely revamped a comic that was already one of the best and well loved comics around, and it is much worse for it.

Amen, brother. People need to wake up and stop supporting garbage.

Fans are also upset over Marvel’s decision to replace Richard Rider with an “idiot” (the creator’s own words) that they dub “NINO” (Nova In Name Only). The good news is that the NINO replacement is selling less than Richard Rider, and fans also voted Richard Rider a favorite choice for the Marvel Heroes 2015 video game, and Rider was the best-selling action figure of the Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite movie line.

Regarding Bendis‘ Guardians of the Galaxy and its high sales, Tom Brevoort stated it had nothing to do with Bendis writing the title, but everything to do with the movie interest.

Similar to Joe Quesada stating sales weren’t the factor in Abnett and Lanning’s cancellation, former Marvel Cosmic Editor Bill Rosemann, who was also in essence fired from the Marvel Cosmic titles, recently stated sales on DnA’s books were “rock solid.” Rosemann was also responsible for Rocket Raccoon becoming a member of the Guardians, with Rocket now a household name.



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DnA’s Nova Still Outselling NINO


Good news for fans of Richard Rider as it is learned Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s 2007 Nova run is still outselling the new “NINO” replacement.

October 2014’s sales numbers are out, and NINO sold 22,485.

Abnett and Lanning’s own issue of Nova #22 sold 25,060 copies back in February 2009.

Bear in mind, Abnett and Lanning’s Nova never got anywhere near as much exposure as NINO, who Marvel has been jamming down fans’ throats by putting the character in every event. NINO is also featured in a Disney animated series, which obviously isn’t helping.

Meanwhile, even though Marvel Comics cancelled and killed off Richard Rider when news of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie became known, the character still is popular amongst the fans as the Richard Rider Nova action figure from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie line was the top selling figure (even selling better than Rocket Raccoon). Most recently, a poll for the Marvel Heroes 2015 video game saw Richard Rider Nova come out on top over NINO as the default choice of character for the game.

And speaking of DnA’s Nova #22, Marvel Studios used the cover as inspiration for promo art for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Then there is the less than stellar appearance by Richard Rider in the recent issues of BendysGarbage of the Galaxy. It was pretty clear that Bendys and the editors on the book didn’t bother to do their homework as everything from the dialogue to the art to the writing was just awful. (Note: Fans are now writing “Bendys” due to the misspelling of Richard Rider’s name. We’ll follow suit). The three drawn out issues saw Rider create a doorway for Star-Lord and Drax to return to Earth. Of course, Thanos just managed to sneak by, which totally circumvents Nova and Star-Lord’s (and Abnett and Lanning’s) intent to trap Thanos in the Cancerverse in the first place.

Obviously, fans didn’t enjoy the three-part story, but guess what? That is the fans’ fault, according to Tom Brevoort. I’ve been following Brevoort’s responses on his Tumblr for quite a while, and one thing he always does is spin blame away from himself and Marvel. 

Yep. That’s just what Brevoort does regarding reaction to Bendys‘ Rider story.

My advice if you want Richard Rider back as Nova is to stop buying anything with NINO in it.

I would also advise the Nova fan sites out there to stop all promotion of NINO.

Quasar fans all stuck together. Where’s the Nova cake, guys?


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Andy Lanning Wants To Write More Nova and Darkhawk


Best Marvel Cosmic news I’ve heard in a while.

CBR posted a write-up about the Guardians of the Galaxy panel at the recent New York Comic-Con.

Former GoTG writer Andy Lanning attended as well as former Marvel Cosmic editor Bill Rosemann.

Both Lanning and Rosemann inspired the multi-million dollar Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The good news is that Andy Lanning still would like to write Nova and has stories in mind.

Rosemann also mentions Darkhawk, with Lanning talking about the “War of the Raptors.”

Previously, Lanning talked a bit about their planned post-Thanos Imperative plans last year as well.

Andy Lanning:  “I love Nova so I keep going back and reading the stuff. Luckily, Gerry is a great writer and I still got stories in my head which won’t see the light of the day, if I were to write those, I would respect what Gerry has done and take my thing in a different direction.”

Bill Rosemann: “We did our best [regarding Darkhawk]. Each event we try to see who we can elevate. In ‘War of Kings,’ we said Darkhawk! He would look so cool in space. There was the story we found out Darkhawks were the Sith to the Novas Jedi. It’s out there, and the people that are working on the books now are looking at things… I hope they bring them back.”

Andy Lanning: “There’s a whole, ‘War of the Raptors’ story yet to be told.”

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Legion of Superheros Movie Rumored Following Guardians of the Galaxy


Following the success of Marvel and James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, is Warner Bros. going to attempt another cosmic movie following Green Lantern?

Well, that is the current rumor as Latino Review is suggesting WB may be going forward with a Legion Of Superheroes flick.

Interestingly enough, the writers of the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy comic book that inspired the #1 multi-million dollar movie of this year, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, also wrote Legion back in the late 1990s/early 2000s (as did Keith Giffen who wrote Annihilation which preceded the Guardians comic).

The report by LR states WB is sending out the DC Comics Legion Of Superheroes comic books to various screenwriters and reps to see if they can come up with ideas for a movie pitch.

The Legion Of Superheroes might not do too bad if set in the vein of Guardians (i.e. not so serious) as the characters do, admittedly, have corny names such as “Cosmic Boy,” “Saturn Girl” and “Lightning Lad.” One bonus might be the film could use Superboy, as the team has been tied to the character since its beginnings. Another bonus is the team is from the future and is connected to the Man of Steel, Superman.

Of course, it would be pretty epic if WB went in the opposite direction of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy and made Legion Of Superheroes a serious military science-fiction story set in space.

Either way, sounds pretty good to us.

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Get Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Prelude Marvel Comic Book For Free

Marvel Comics is giving away the first issue of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie prelude for free.

Simply head on over to and enter the code: STARLORD

The story centers around Nebula and Gamora’s relationship before the movie and features the art of Wellinton Alves.

GET READY FOR MARVEL’S GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY WITH AN ALL-NEW COMIC BOOK PRELUDE—WRITTEN BY COSMIC LEGENDS DAN ABNETT AND ANDY LANNING! • Who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? Find out here! • Plus: Gamora! Korath! And more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


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Andy Lanning Approves Of Guardians of the Galaxy 17-Minute Sneak Peek

Fan-favorite Marvel Cosmic and comic book writer Andy Lanning recently got a chance to see the special 17-minute Guardians of the Galaxy sneak peek.

Lanning was one-half of the writing team on the 2008 Guadians of the Galaxy Marvel comic book, which the movie is inspired by.

It’s sufficient to say, Lanning is happy by what he saw judging from the following tweets.

You can also check out a fan’s stellar review of the footage and spoilers.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” has an August 1, 2014 release.

For news, images and more head on over to the Cosmic Book News Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Hub.

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Dear Tom Brevoort: Why Not Just Leave DnA On Guardians of the Galaxy?

Thanks for the answer, Tom.

Something we’ve been saying all along…

Per Tom Brevoort’s Tumblr:

I understand your explanation of why big-name creators are more likely to work on big-name books, but isn’t Guardians Of The Galaxy a good counterargument? That wasn’t an A-list title, but Marvel clearly wanted it to be (presumably because of the movie), & I’m sure Bendis’s involvement was partially an attempt to bump Guardians up to the big leagues. And it worked pretty well! Why not do that more often, using big-name creators to boost interest in B-list creators (and hope that interest lasts)?


You’re acting a little bit as though this happened in a vacuum.

Taking absolutely nothing away from Brian and Steve and Sara and everybody who worked on the series, the other big draw for GUARDIANS was that there was a movie on the horizon, one that was beginning to be promoted. That created interest in the property regardless of who was working on it. So in tandem, this all led to a top-selling series—but while you could manufacture some of it potentially with another property (assuming that you could convince creators like Brian or Steve or Sara to work on it), you wouldn’t have the driving interest in the film to help bring people to the series.

Read Timelord’s response in the CBN Forums.



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NINO Nova Doomed: Dropping Out Of Top 100: DnA Sells Over 11K Better


Well, I sure hope Kevin Feige, James Gunn and Marvel Studios are taking note, because the editors that run the comics sure as heck don’t have a clue.

The latest numbers for NINO (Nova In Name Only) Nova show the series close to dropping out of the top 100 monthly comics as Nova #14 comes in at #97 for the month of March with Nova #15 coming in at #98 as well.

According to Comichron, NINO Nova #14 netted 23,459 orders with NINO Nova #15 dropping to 22,996.

For a comparison, DnA’s 2007 Nova series of the same issues saw 28,881 and 28,586, respectively.

That’s a surplus of over 11,000 for DnA, which didn’t come with any hype, promotion or Avengers crossovers.

While Tom Brevoort might state on his Tumblr that we don’t know the official numbers – as I’ve said many times – the numbers do no lie when it comes to cancellation time, and NINO’s numbers are at the cancellation threshold.

I’ve also told Tom on Tumblr that the reason for NINO doing so poorly isn’t because of anything Cosmic Book News has done, but because of the material alone. Similar to Bendis‘ Garbage of the Galaxy, Loeb’s NINO Nova is the direct opposite of everything DnA offered. It probably also didn’t help that the editors and creators talked down to the existing fan base in interviews and columns.

The good news – at least as how it might pertain to the movies – is that Marvel Studios seems to be well aware of the fans and how the comics are perceived.

Even Joe Quesada (of all people) stated Marvel Studios feels if they please the loyal fans, they feel the movies will do well.

“Really, you have to start with the loyalists,” Quesada said. “If the loyalists reject it, then we feel that everyone is going to reject it.”

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Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude Infinite Comic

Rejoice my friends and all hail the antithesis of Bendis!

Hey Bendis – you paying attention? Ignore all the Marvel hype about you and attend DnA’s master class about how to write a good cosmic comic book. Same to you, Brevoort and Alonso (hereinafter referred to as “Bonso“).

Mind you – this is not the Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II. Nor is it any other Gamora comic book incarnation – especially (Blessedly! Thankfully!) not the Bendis-fied cardboard cut-out GotGINO version of Gamora wearing the trademark GotGINO cheap Japanese anime “costume.” This is the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Gamora, and for the first time since Bonso decided to fire DnA for DnA’s success in creating an innovative new property that defined itself by defying super-hero cliches, I feel like we have a Gamora that is finally back in recognizable character. If this book is any indication of the quality of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, we have a great deal to look forward to when the movie is released this fall.

DnA’s Guardians of the Galaxy was basically a science-fiction version of The Dirty Dozen. It was para-military science-fiction which respected the characters, gave each a defining role and voice, and took the subject matter seriously. The characters were not meta-humans, but were instead characters who possessed abilities greater than those of humans because of having evolved on planets other than Earth. In other words, it was respectable science-fiction, and while it represented a change for the characters/concept – it was a change for the better. In contrast, Bendis and Bonso deliberately decided to simultaneously super-hero up and dumb down the team. GotGINO abounds with super-hero team cliches, the characters have lost their defining roles/voices and have been reduced to generic and interchangeable roles/voices just like any Avengers or X team you care to name, and perhaps most egregiously – the entire concept has been reduced to the level of farce with Rocket and Groot just around to shout catch-phrases, make lame jokes, and perform “zany antics” which would be right at home in any Looney Tunes cartoon. DnA created a powerful team full of interesting characters who were capable of addressing universal threats. Bendis and Bonso reduced said team to a sad, 3rd-rate, Avengers-wanna-be team that is a shadow of its former self and deliberately portrayed as weaker than and subordinate to any of the (way too many) Avengers or X Teams you care to name. DnA talked up to their readers. Bendis and Bonso talk down to theirs. DnA’s version was a change for the better. Bendis‘ and Bonso’s version is a change for the worse.

I’m happy to say the the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Gamora draws her inspiration from DnA’s portrayal. In this prequel to the upcoming movie, we’re introduced to Gamora shortly after the events portrayed in the Thor: The Dark World teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy involving Sif and Volstagg delivering an Infinity Stone to The Collector. It seems The Collector has in mind collecting all the Infinity objects, and he manipulates Gamora into begrudgingly helping him. Along the way, Gamora, dressed (thankfully) in clothes reminiscent of her Volume II portrayal, proves exactly why she deserves the title of “The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy.” At the end, we get a glimpse of Star-Lord, Yondu, Ronan, Rocket, Groot, and Thanos as portrayed in the upcoming movie to complete the whetting of our appetite for the movie.

Andrea DiVito returns to cosmic for this book, and his art is truly magnificent to behold. I’ve missed seeing his work, and his return is truly welcome. Villari turns in a great job on coloring.

If I had one criticism of this book it would be that it ended way too quickly. I was left really wanting more – and that’s a drastic and welcome departure from my reaction to each new issue of Bendis‘ GotGINO. Pick this book up and get your Bendis Antithesis today!

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James Gunn Previews Nebula For DnA’s Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Prelude

James Gunn posted the following image of Nebula, played by Karen Gillan in the movie, from the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book prelude by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Wellington Alves.

DnA visited the set of the Guardians a few times, and recently Abnett let it be known that James Gunn was instrumental in getting the cosmic duo back on board the comics.

The issue becomes available in April.

Gunn posted the following image on Facebook with:

This was just sent to the printer – art from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude No. 1 featuring Nebula (inspired by Karen Gillan in the movie). The issue is by Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett, and Wellington Alves. Nebula has been one of my favorite characters since I first introduced her to the script, and I loved her more when Charlie Wen introduced her new design and then, of course, when Karen portrayed her. 


• Who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? Find out here!
• Plus: Gamora! Korath! And more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
32 PGS./Rated T …$2.99


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First Look At Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude Preview By DnA

Marvel Comics released a first look at the Guardians of the Galaxy prelude movie tie-in issue from Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Wellington Alves.

The first issue hits in April.

Via CBR, Dan Abnett offered:

Because the movie is taking the comic and adapting it to movie form the characters will appear to be very recognizable, but they’re not in quite the same continuity as the comics. Since this material is based on the movie there are a lot of references and likenesses.

Issue #1 is a Nebula story, which involves a lot of the other characters from the movie. Issue #2 is a Rocket and Groot story. So these stories introduce some of the regular and supporting characters and set up some of the elements of the film. 

Wellinton Alves, who we worked with on our “Nova” run, is penciling both issues. These stories take a little longer to get done because unlike a regular Marvel story everything has to be run by the Studio to make sure that we’re head on; that nothing’s said or done that shouldn’t be and that the details and tone are right.

Tonally I think it’s absolutely in keeping with our “Guardians” run as you would recognize it but it has its own flavor. That’s something I worked hard to maintain in those Prelude stories 


• Who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? Find out here!
• Plus: Gamora! Korath! And more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
32 PGS./Rated T …$2.99





Guardians of the Galaxy” has an August 1, 2014 release. 

For news, images and more head on over to the Cosmic Book News Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Hub.

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New Bowen Guardians of the Galaxy Busts Teased

Randy Bowen released the following image that reveals more Guardians of the Galaxy busts are in development.

We see parts for Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax and Rocket Raccoon.

Bowen Designs previously released a mini-bust for Groot (pictured below).

These look to be based on the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy comic book from DnA and Brad Walker.

Randy Bowen added with the following pic:

The Kucharek Brothers have been at it again..



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Thank James Gunn For New DnA Guardians of the Galaxy Comics

April sees the return of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning to Guardians of the Galaxy in the form of backup stories and a movie tie-in prelude.

The cosmic duo formerly known as DnA are no longer working together, and now Dan Abnett has offered the following.

We see that Dan Abnett will be writing the back-up story in Guardians of the Galaxy #14, and that Abnett and Lanning will be penning the prelude.

We also see that Guardians of the Galaxy movie director James Gunn was instrumental in getting DnA back on Guardians.

Thanks, James! Class act!

Abnett also recently said he is interested in writing a Cosmic Avengers series.

Via Bleeding Cool:

Andy Lanning and I are no longer working together, and indeed haven’t worked together since early last year except to finish commitments. The very long-standing relationship was no longer working, and the split was for the best. I am very much happier now working solo. Throughout our partnership, I had always worked solo too, and that’s what I will be doing from hereon: at the moment on Battlestar Galactica (Dynamite), He-Man (DC), 2000AD strips, projects for Boom! and Dark Horse, and other unannounced work for DC and Marvel, as well as game writing (Alien: Isolation and Shadow Of Mordor), and, of course, my novels for Warhammer 40K and others.

The one exception to our parting is the GoTG work for Marvel, which is new. I am extremely excited at the prospect of the movie, and flattered that the DnA version has been developed in this way. We were lucky enough to get several set visits, and during one of those director James Gunn requested that we work on new material to support the film release. Neither of us wanted to disappoint James, so we took on the work as a ‘last job’. These, as I said, are new material, and very much led by the movie continuity.

The announced story in the “100th” issue will be from me solo. Hope this clarifies things.



Brian Michael Bendis (W) • Nick Bradshaw (A/C)
• 45 years in the making! It’s finally here!!! The 100th issue of Guardians of the Galaxy! (Okay it’s actually the 101st, but we had an X-Men crossover to get through! Sheesh!)
• It’s an all-star celebration of the most popular super team of 2014 as cosmic captain Brian Michael Bendis welcomes Nick Bradshaw (WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN) to the team!
• As the GOTG gets ready for new members VENOM and CAPTAIN MARVEL, there are unexpected dangers that promise to tear the team to its core.
• Plus in this special double sized anniversary issue…two special back up stories by former GOTG writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning!
48 PGS./Rated T …4.99

• Who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? Find out here!
• Plus: GamoraKorath! And more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
32 PGS./Rated T …$2.99

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James Gunn Talks Guardians of the Galaxy; Input From Joss Whedon; Inspired by DnA


August 1st sees James Gunn take the Marvel Cinematic Universe out into the far reaches of space with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Speaking in the latest issue of Total Film Magazine, Gunn compares the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Rolling Stones and talks about getting onboard with Marvel Studios and the process involved as well as being in part inspired by the comic books.

Interestingly enough, it was The Avengers director Joss Whedon who offered some input on Gunn’s first draft of the screenplay. 

“No, no in fact,” Gunn replied in regards to Marvel not minding about including the twisted humor he is known for. “It’s a 100 percent true story that when I turned in my first draft they were really happy with the screenplay –  which of course I was overjoyed with – and the only comment they had, which was basically from Joss [Whedon], was they wanted it to be ‘more James Gunn.’ So that’s what I did… I said, ‘It’s your funeral!'”

Regarding being inspired by the comics, Gunn mentions Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel comic book writers who penned the series from 2008-2010 and visited the set with Gunn as well.

“Yeah, definitely,” Gunn said about being influenced by comic book storylines. “Abnett and Lanning’s series from 2008 and the stuff after that is really the lynchpin for the movie. But I think it’s a less about taking actual story-points and more about what is the essence and feeling of that series.”

It was also recently announced that Abnett and Lanning would be writing a new Guardians of the Galaxy prelude comic book out this April dealing with Nebula, Korath and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” has an August 1, 2014 release in the U.S.

For news, images and more head on over to the Cosmic Book News Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Hub.


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Cosmic Book News EIC Matt McGloin Responds To Tom Brevoort About Nova (Video)

Tom Brevoort is back at it again, answering fan questions on his Tumblr account about Richard Rider and Marvel Cosmic.

As it’s Tom’s account, he tends to be choosey about how and what he answers.

The latest has Tom and myself getting into it about how Marvel Cosmic and Nova was promoted compared to Loeb’s NINO Nova.

Tom wonders how Marvel treated them differently.

How come Rider was never promoted like Loeb’s? And you were the head Marvel Cosmic editor, too. 

Sorry, but how was the current Nova promoted better than the previous Nova, apart from launching during Marvel Now? 

For a change, I decided to throw the following video up on YouTube with some of my thoughts.

We’ll see how this works out. Maybe there will be more.

Head on over to our Marvel Cosmic forums for more.


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DnA’s Guardians of the Galaxy Complete Collection Coming In August

Right in time for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Marvel will be releasing the 296-page whopper, The Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett and Lanning: The Complete Collection Volume 1.

Amazon has the listing of the new TPB up with August 5, 2014 as the release date and a $24.77 price.

Previoust TBPs of the 2008 run are hard to come by and fetch a hefty price on eBay.

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie gets released August 1, 2014.

This May also sees the release of the Annihilation Omnibus HC.

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Op-Ed: The Lo(e)botomization of Nova

The Cosmic Triune

An Opinion-Editorial

“The Lo(e)botomization of Nova”


Lobotomization:  to deprive of intelligence, vitality, or sensitivity.

                                                     -Definition courtesy of Merriam-Webster Dictionary



According to Marvel Editorial, Issue #10 of NINO is the 100-issue mark of “Nova” comic books published.  I dis-respectfully disagree.  I count 90 issues of true Nova comic books and 10 issues of Nova In Name Only comic books.   It’s insulting to equate Nova with NINO in any way, but Marvel Editorial’s whole approach to the Nova fans since the “hiatus” of Volume IV has been insulting.  They frequently talk about Rich and NINO in the same breath as if there’s no difference between the history of the two.  Hey Marvel Editorial – they’re not interchangeable.  Rich was great.  NINO is a farce.  And a sub-standard farce at that.

Sure I know it’s just a marketing gimmick to try to improve the rapidly declining sales of the ongoing insult to and dis-respect of true Nova fans that is NINO, but I think this “occasion” calls for an analysis of how the “creative team” of Loeb, Wacker, Bendis, Brevoort, and Alonso took a good concept and ruined it for all the wrong reasons.  I liken their process of turning Nova into NINO to the above defined dis-credited Neurosurgical procedure of lobotomization as popularly portrayed in such movies as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Sucker Punch – and I refer to their process as “Lo(e)botomization.”


The Deprivation of Intelligence:


Loeb himself has been directly quoted in various articles saying NINO should be written as an “idiot.”  I could stop writing this section directly after such a quote, but I think it’s important to detail how this Lo(e)botomization is made a reality and how it affects fans of the true Nova concepts.

Let’s start with a little Nova history.  In 1976, Rich Rider was created and portrayed as a late teen/young adult struggling to learn how to control and use the powers he had been granted by an emergency deputization.  Finally, in the Annihilation event, he was transformed into a powerful and mature leader of men.  Fans both old and new praised this metamorphosis, and Nova Volume IV became the best Nova series to date with its imaginative, intelligent, action-packed storylines and its new and improved hero.  Of course, it received none of the marketing hype and support that NINO has enjoyed, and it was eventually placed on “hiatus.”  What we didn’t know is that prior to “hiatus” it was apparently decided by Alonso et al to declare Rich “dead” even though Volume IV writers, Abnett and Lanning, have been quoted as saying that in their storyline Rich was never dead but merely temporarily “marooned” in the Cancerverse.  Obviously, Rich was declared “dead via editorial fiat” in order to create room for Loeb’s new “idiot” character, Sam Alexander (aka NINO).

Setting aside Alonso’s disrespect for and disregard of Rich Rider fans for a moment, his decision marks the beginning of the “deprivation of intelligence” aspect of the Lo(e)botomization of Nova.  Loeb immediately created a 14-year-old Peter Parker-ish character (without the Parker intellect), hi-jacked and watered-down the look and concepts of the Nova mythos, eliminated all true cosmic elements by plopping the little “idiot” on Earth in a one-horse town, and set out to appeal to a pre-pubescent audience (and to a small post-pubescent audience who just can’t seem to get enough of hackneyed teen angst storylines) with silly, implausible stories involving the “idiot,” NINO, blundering and cheating his way through every situation.  To say that the NINO storylines are juvenile, puerile, un-imaginative, boring, and intelligence-insulting in comparison to Volume IV would be an understatement.

To make matters worse, Loeb has presented no reason why NINO deserves to have or keep the powers other than that the powers are “inherited” by NINO from his drunken father’s “magic helmet.”  Even worse, 14-year-old NINO has had no training to use powers equivalent to the power of a tactical- nuclear-weapon-carrying fighter jet and is continually put in kill-or-be-killed combat situations with the full knowledge and consent of his (apparently negligent and unfit) parents.


So readers are expected to believe that an “idiot” child can responsibly confront situations on Earth and in space for which he has no prior experience/training; that he can safely handle powers that could level a city without endangering himself and the public; that his parents have no problem with him constantly risking his life sometimes light years from home, and that everyone in the Marvel Universe is completely fine with it?  I don’t know about other people, but I like a modicum of plausibility in cosmic stories.   Loeb’s scenario for NINO is intelligence insultingly implausible.

And there’s a moral issue, too.  Why does Marvel/Disney believe it is perfectly moral to un-willingly induct a minor child into a para-military organization and place said child in kill-or-be-killed combat situations?  The rest of Western Civilization would disagree on moral grounds, and even as this article is being written the United Nations is forming a resolution condemning use of child combatants.  Since Disney makes its money selling entertainment to kiddies, do they really want to send the message that minor children performing combat operations is perfectly acceptable to their company?  If so, I can’t wait to read their official explanation justifying their position.


The Deprivation of Vitality


In Annihilation, Nova Volume IV, and The Thanos Imperative, Giffen and DnA gave us a true Nova – a mature, powerful, effective, true leader of men actually leading other powerful beings to confront and overcome universal threats.   These were big stories with edge-of-your-seat excitement that left the reader anxiously anticipating the release of the next issue.  These stories talked up to their readership with adult themes and high-stakes situations where literally anything might happen.

In contrast, we have NINO stuck in a small town dealing with schoolyard bullies and blundering/cheating his way through the occasional boring confrontation with a super-villain.  Yawn.  Have you read that teen super-hero story somewhere before?  How many times?  Yeah – me too.  Loeb, Brevoort, and Wacker present this hackneyed, puerile non-sense that talks down to readers as if it’s something new and special.  In actuality, it’s old, boring, listless, clichéd, and utterly predictable.  Loeb even made sure to kill off all the “Black Novas,” the only truly innovative and exciting idea he had in putting together the ongoing travesty that is NINO.  Those characters were much more interesting than NINO – and readers said so.  Once again, Marvel Editorial ignored the readership and retreated to the clichéd old angst-ridden teen superhero formula.


What was vital about Rich Rider’s Nova, and potentially vital about the “Black Novas” had they been developed, was the “military science-fiction” aspect of the characters/storylines.  What made modern Marvel Cosmic (i.e. the Marvel Cosmic of the Annihilation event forward until hi-jacked by Loeb and Bendis) vital, new and interesting were the elements incorporated from both popular military science-fiction/science-fantasy (e.g. Star Trek and Star Wars), hard-core classic written military science-fiction (e.g. Lensmen and Starship Troopers) and written heroic fantasy (e.g. John Carter of Mars).  This was made possible because the pre-Loeb/Bendis Marvel Cosmic was niche-audience focused and largely ignored by the “super-heroic fantasy” selling, mainstream-oriented Marvel Editorial staff.  Once a Guardians of the Galaxy movie was announced and expected to be a big hit, Cosmic suddenly moved from “neglected niche” to the forefront.  It then, of course, had to be made to conform to the “super-heroic fantasy” formula that Marvel sells, so the very essence or vitality of what made Volume IV of Nova and Volume II of Guardians of the Galaxy was discarded and replaced.  In the case of Star-Lord, we went from the Giffen/DnA  “approaching middle-aged,” scruffy Han Solo-ish characterization to a 20-something feckless dream-boat-ish characterization.  In the case of Nova, the powerful, mature, leader of men that was Rich Rider was replaced by an “idiotic,” blundering, immature, obnoxious, teen Peter Parker-ish character sans the saving grace of the Parker intellect.  In both cases, the Cosmic aspects of the characters were made incidental rather than central, and we’re left with un-interesting characters obsessed with the petty and parochial problems of Earth.  Jeez, Marvel Editorial!  Don’t you have enough Earthbound super-heroes to deal with Earth’s petty problems without sucking away the vitality of the cosmic heroes just to make them conform to your comic book selling formula?  Ever consider maybe actually promoting a different approach?  Maybe if you’d supported DnA’s efforts the way you’ve supported Loeb and Bendis’, this article would never have had to be written.


The Deprivation of Sensitivity


I’m not using sensitivity to mean “emotionality.”  Everyone knows Loeb has loaded NINO with enough smarmy, maudlin, and/or puerile sugar-sweet moments to send diabetic readers into a coma.  I know Disney loves that garbage – just watch any of their child-oriented movies if you don’t believe me.  For those of us over the age of 8 though – it just comes across as corny and annoying.

I’m using sensitivity as it’s used in a medical-scientific context to mean “reactivity to external forces.”  I’ve already discussed how NINO reacts to the external forces of plausibility and morality.  NINO gets a grade of “F” in reaction to those two external forces, and I needn’t re-iterate the ground already covered in previous sections of this article.  I touched upon what the fans really want under the vitality section and will cover it in more detail now in this section.

Brevoort has made it clear over on his Tumblr page that Marvel Editorial expected a backlash from Rich Rider fans once it was clear that Rich was to be replaced with NINO.  He has also made it clear that he thinks Rich had so few fans that the backlash would be of no consequence to Marvel or to NINO’s sales.  Alonso made it clear in several interviews that he thought Nova fans would buy ANYTHING with the word “Nova” smeared across the cover and he expected Rich Rider fans to “embrace” NINO.  Loeb simply said Rich’s story was “over.”  And Wacker has never missed an opportunity to insult, denigrate, and otherwise disrespect the Rich Rider character and Rich Rider fans in general over at a Certain Boot-lickingly Repellant website’s forums where he is given free rein to do so and where the moderators protect him from any fan talk-back.  Does that sound like sensitivity to a set of fans many of whom loyal Nova readers since Rich Rider’s premiere in 1976?  Heck – that doesn’t even conform to Disney’s model of hospitality.  Marvel Editorial Staff – you need to go on down to Orlando and undergo Disney’s Hospitality Training course.  You should probably send Wacker and Brevoort two weeks early since they’ll need the remedial (i.e. “slow learner”) version.


Fact is, NINO is a failure.  It’s a failure conceptually, morally, in entertainment value, and – increasingly – in sales.  Potential buyers are voting with their dollars and for the most part they’re voting thumbs down.  NINO sells less than Volume IV sold without all the hype.  NINO has failed to be embraced in large part by the Rich Rider fans who feel insulted and alienated by the treatment shown them by Marvel’s Editorial staff.  Heck – even the cover to NINO #10 lavishly portrays an insult to long-term Nova fans with “idiot” NINO standing in a pose of defiant triumph with his foot on Rich’s helmet.  There’s a reason why something similar is NOT seen on any of our actual war memorials.  It’s because that’s a universal sign of disrespect to a fallen enemy.  Apparently that’s how Wacker et al view the Rich Rider fans and they’ve not so subtly made that clear with NINO #10’s cover.  If they wanted to show respect, NINO should have been placed standing behind his fallen BETTERS with his head bowed and his hands folded in front of him.  In a way though, NINO #10’s cover sums it all up.  Marvel Editorial isn’t sensitive to the desires of the Rider Nova fans.  Heck – they didn’t even care what we wanted.  They just wanted to dish up some warmed-over and “Lo(e)botomized” Spider-man.

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Article by Timelord

Dedicated to Loeb, Bendis, Wacker, Brevoort, and Alonso for their tireless efforts toward making Marvel Cosmic mundane enough to appeal to the lowest common denominator of comic book reader.

The opinions reflected herein are purely the opinions of the author of this article and do not necessarily reflect the official opinions of CosmicBookNews.

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Woah! Major DnA Marvel Cosmic Easter Egg In Thor 2!

Potential spoilers follow for Thor 2 and maybe even the Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

A new image still has surfaced online from Thor 2 of Stellan Skarsgard as Erik Selvig.

Check out the chalkboard behind him!

Not only do we see reference to the Marvel 616 Universe (what comic fans know as the “regular” universe) – but also The Fault! 

Of course, Marvel Cosmic fans will recognize The Fault from the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning run on Marvel Cosmic with the end War of Kings unleashing the T-bomb ripping open a rift in space that leads to the Cancerverse! DnA would continue with The Fault through Realm of Kings where Quasar would go off to investigate only to have an evil version (Darth Quasar!) come through. This would lead to the blockbuster event known as The Thanos Imperative which saw the Galaxy’s Mightiest Heroes band together to not only take down the evil Lord Mar-vell, but also the Mad Titan Thanos! Star-Lord and Nova would be trapped in another universe as a result of their battle against Mar-vell and Thanos as well! 

We have no idea if this is just a little Easter Egg that Kevin Feige through in to Thor 2 or if it will play into the Guardians of the Galaxy movie (or after!), but it’s still a cool nod nonetheless. DnA have also visited the London set of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie on multiple occassions.







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