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Bad Dog #5 Review

This is one of the best books on the market, and you’re probably not reading it.  If you’re not, that’s a shame because you’re really missing out on a good time.
For those unfamiliar with the book, Bad Dog chronicles the adventures of two Bounty Hunters, Lou and Wendell.  Lou is a Werewolf and Wendell is a fallen Priest.  Currently, they’re on an adventure in Las Vegas.  Let me tell you, none of The Hangover movies can hold a candle to Lou and Wendell.
This book is written like one of the great “dramadies” on the pay-cable networks like HBO or Showtime.  That’s what makes it so good.  Kelly isn’t afraid to pull out all the stops to get a laugh or to emphasize a particularly poignant moment in the lives of our protagonists.  The story is fast-paced, the dialogue is snarkily funny, and the story is intriguing.  Kelly plays the supernatural elements as matter-of fact in the daily lives of the denizens of the Bad Dog universe.  So, no one gets too upset seeing a Werewolf walking down the street.  Unlike the current writer of Rocket Racoon who has to keep underlining the inherent joke of the character and thus stumble him through every story, Kelly knows how to let the humor arising from the joke of a Werewolf Bounty Hunter just flow and arise naturally.
It’s not all about laughs though;  Lou has many inner demons with which he struggles, not the least of which is depression.  Kelly is able to capture Lou’s moods in such a way that it makes the reader feel for the character without bringing the reader down too.  That’s a rare writing talent and one of the reasons why Kelly is one of the best writers of comic books in today’s market.
Greco’s art and coloring are amazingly well done.  He’s the perfect choice to illustrate this book, and whether he’s drawing Lou in the City of Las Vegas or the desert of Lou’s native Arizona, he makes Lou seem right at home.
So add this book to your pull list.  Issue #6 is a double-size issue; so this will be a good jumping on point if you’ve not been reading this book.  I can’t wait until this first arc is compiled into a TPB.  Better yet, I can’t wait until Showtime options it for a pay-cable series.
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