Manu Bennett To Return As Slade Wilson For Arrow Season 3


Ahead of tonight’s premiere of The Flash vs. Arrow, it is learned Manu Bennett will return to season 3 of Arrow.

MTV reports that Bennett will be back for the fourteen episode, but it is not currently known in what capacity.

As noted, the last time Slade Wilson appeared, he was imprisoned in an A.R.G.U.S. supermax prison on the island of Lian Yu, swearing to Oliver Queen that he would one day escape. 

Will Slade Wilson keep good on that promise? Or could the upcoming appearance be a flashback scene?

Well, we are going to have to wait until Arrow returns following the mid-season break to find out.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the CW.


Manu Bennett Is Deathstroke In CW’s Arrow


We’ve already seen Deathstroke in full costume on CW’s popular new show, Arrow, and now an actor is officially attached to the role.

Manu Bennett, of Spartacus fame, has been cast as Slade Wilson, reports EW.

Bennett will be featured in flashbacks from the island teaming up with Oliver Queen, described as an “uneasy alliance,” and will be appearing in multiple episodes.

It’s also noted that Deathstroke will be a worthy adversary to Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow, which is a no-brainer, but that also hints that Deathstroke will make his way to Queen’s present day city of Starling City.

Speaking of adversaries, it’s recently become known just who John Barrowman plays in the show.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the CW.

Here’s an image of Deathstroke from Arrow in full costume (different actor):



Rob Liefeld Bids DC Comics Adieu: Walks Away From All 3 Books


Well, Rob Liefeld did tell Cosmic Book News that he was going to be leaving DC Comics for creator-owned pastures.

Last month the artist/writer tweeted to us that he would not be far behind Grant Morrison, who is also leaving the world of super hero comics behind including Action Comics and Batman Incorporated for creator-owned work.

However, regarding Liefeld it was thought he was at least staying on with DC Comics to the end of the year.

Not so.

Rob Liefeld took to Twitter again to state that he is off all three of his DC Comics titles (Deathstroke, Hawkman, Grifter) as of next month’s “#0” issues. According to Liefeld, the books will continue under different creators.

Below you can check out some of Rob’s tweets, and it’s also become known that his Image Comics title Bloodstrike is getting a film adaptation.

Just finished sending my thank you’s to DC personnel. Officially got off the DC52 treadmill this morning…

Scott Clark will be replacing me p. Deathstroke. Marat will continue the work on Grifter…I had a great time at DC.

I believe in what DC is doing, but had to preserve my sanity.

I walked off all 3 books. Can’t wait to see any attempts to spin. I have every email.

The 0’s are my last issues. Thanks for all the love.

This is the 4th time I quit in the last 4 months. This time it will stick.

Reasons are the same as everyone’s that you hear. I lasted a few months longer than I thought possible.

Massive indecision, last minute and I mean LAST minute changes that alter everything. Editor pissing contests… No thxnjs

Last week my editor said ” early on we had a lot of indie talent that weren’t used to re-writes and changes..made it hard”. Uh, no, it’s you

I respect Dan Didio and Bob Harras and thank them for the opportunities. Again, I dig many DC 52 books.

You will also note  Cosmic Book News stated back in February how there seemed to be editorial issues with the New 52.


Review: Deathstroke #10

What can I say about Rob Liefeld and his impact on what are perceived as some of the lesser books of the New 52 that has not already been said?

Nothing, probably, but I will try.

The reason I picked up Grifter in the first place was his foes were aliens, but the mishmash of stories soon started to weigh as heavily as the con man’s heart on me as a reader. Then Liefeld hit and immediately turned the book around.

I never really found that problem in Deathstroke, but with Liefeld art AND script this masked man has suddenly become a force to be reckoned with and his adventures are now taking on an entirely new scope.

The hunt for Lobo? As exciting a concept as I can imagine for this property and Liefeld has begun the quest in fine fashion, with each opponent having a strong respect for the other, each seeking knowledge as to how the other’s mind works. It is like a fine chess match, with some slobber-knocking action to boot!

I recall how Rob Liefeld hit New Mutants long ago with a bang. The only thing close to it may be when Jack Kirby took over Jimmy Olsen. Just shocking!

I like to be shocked in a great way, and this fan is sticking with Deathstroke to see where the writer/artist is headed. Simply a great book.


Rob Liefeld Goes Cosmic: Taking On Deathstroke w/Lobo, Hawkman and Grifter For DC Comics

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:371:]]Six DC Comics New 52 titles were just announced to be cancelled, one of which was Rob Liefeld’s Hawk and Dove.

However, that is by far the last we will see from the artist/writer at DC Comics, as it announced today that Liefeld will take on three books, Deathstroke, Grifter, and The Savage Hawkman beginning with each issue’s #9 this May.

Liefeld will take up both the writing and art chores for Deathstroke, and plotting for Grifter and The Savage Hawkman.

And from the descriptions below, it’s safe to say that Liefeld is going cosmic!

The DC Blog The Source made the announcement today and offered up the following:

On Deathstroke:

Liefeld will be writing and illustrating DEATHSTROKE, a perfect pairing of the edgy industry bad boy and the baddest bounty hunter on Earth. Raising the ante on the action for Slade Wilson, Liefeld kicks off his run in issue 9 by pitting Wilson against fan-favorite mercenary Lobo – who will be making his first appearance in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. But Lobo is just the beginning, and Liefeld shared some of his plans for the series.

“Deathstroke is tasked with the greatest challenge of his life, taking on the most dangerous prey in the galaxy…LOBO!” said Liefeld. “The galactic criminal has escaped from his terrestrial prison where he has been housed for years. He is free and ready to settle the score! And what is the secret of the OMEGAs and what role will they play in the deadly showdown?”

On Savage Hawkman:

Liefeld will be plotting THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN, catapulting the story into the intergalactic arena and pitting the Thanagarian warrior against alien foes in extreme gladiatorial combat. HAWKMAN fans can look forward to a cosmic mystery with plenty of action. Liefeld shared a hint of what’s to come.

“He wields the powerful Nth metal and, as Carter Hall is about to find out, it is a weapon coveted by the deadliest players in a game that plays across the ages,” said Liefeld. “New enemies and allies emerge as Carter Hall travels across the globe in pursuit of the answers to his heritage and the Thanagarian connection.”

On Grifter:

Liefeld will also be plotting GRIFTER. He shared his plans to tighten the screws on Cole Cash, expanding on the cosmic consequences of his battle against the Daemonites. Liefeld even hinted at the possible inclusion of a fan-favorite WildStorm character, newly re-imagined and re-introduced as part of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52.

“Grifter has been targeted for extermination! The time is now for Grifter to embrace his destiny and lead the insurgence against the impending Daemonite threat,” said Liefeld. “He has spent his life running from his true destiny, but he must embrace his role in the coming conflict or worlds will fall. Familiar faces emerge warning Grifter that nothing can prepare him for what is coming. His true destiny is revealed and a reluctant hero emerges to lead a strike force of human allies that will deliver the ultimate DEATHBLOW to the impending invasion.”


Review: Deathstroke #2

It looks like Slade is continuing his all out war on his perceived diminished capacity as an all purpose, always getting the job done, merc with an attitude by DCU’s seedy underbelly, always looking to hire the best at top dollar.  This issue opens up with a little carry over from issue #1, namely, the …

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