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The Flash TV Series Officially Announced: Features Barry Allen; Movie Still A Go


The CW has officially announced plans for The Flash TV series to spin off from Arrow.

Earlier, news of The Flash series leaked before the official announcement, and now CW president Mark Pedowitz has confirmed the news at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.

The Flash series will feature Barry Allen as well as an origin story.

“We plan to introduce the recurring character of Barry Allen who is the Flash,” Pedowitz said, reports The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re planning an origin story and we’ll see how it goes. We do want to expand on DC Universe, and we felt this is a very organic way to get there.”

Arrow co-creators/executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg will write the series with DC Comics chief creative officer and comic book writer Geoff Johns; director David Nutter is directing the pilot.

It’s reported that Marc Guggenheim will not be involved with The Flash, but will be concentrating on the second season of Arrow.

As fans of the show know, Arrow doesn’t feature characters with “super powers,” and that could be the case for Barry Allen and The Flash. It’s possible Barry Allen could just appear as himself prior to the accident that gave him the speed force.

“He may not come in with superpowers,” Pedowitz said, also noting the casting process for The Flash and Barry Allen is underway. “If we get a name, great, if we don’t get a name, they’ll become a name.” 

It’s also confirmed that the CW Wonder Woman series, Amazon, is on pause.

Update: Regarding The Flash movie it’s said that Greg Berlanti will direct and pen the screenplay alongside Chris Brancato, Michael Green, Geoff Johns and Marc Guggenheim for a 2016 release, and that the TV series and movie will not conflict.

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The Flash TV Series Coming To CW; Spinning Off Arrow; Wonder Woman On Pause


Though a movie was rumored to be announced at Comic-Con with the Superman/Batman Man of Steel sequel, it’s now being reported that a TV series for The Flash is in the works for the CW spinning out of Arrow.

Deadline reports the new The Flash TV series is being fast-tracked with Arrow creators Greg Berlanti and Alan Kreisberg behind it, with Geoff Johns also attached.

Berlanti, Kreisberg and Johns are all said to be writing for the new series with David Nutter to direct the pilot. It’s said The Flash will first be introduced in Arrow and then get his own spinoff series.

The report describes The Flash series as “potential,” because similar to Wonder Woman which is now said to be put on pause, there is no guarantee that the show will get picked up; however, as Flash is considered an A-List character (member of Justice League) it’s at least put on high priority.

Regarding the Wonder Woman series, which was titled “Amazon,” the network passed on the pilot sending the script back for rewrites, which now looks to be placed on hiatus with the CW going forward with The Flash.

The CW is holding their TCA Presentation today where official word on The Flash series looks to be announced; perhaps the fate of Wonder Woman will become known as well.

The previous rumor surrounding The Flash film was that it would be coming out in 2016 prior to the Justice League movie. Whether a movie for The Flash is still in the works is also unknown.

Update: CW president has confirmed The Flash TV series is in development, and a Flash movie is still said to be in the works.

Update #2: Will be featured in 3 episodes of Arrow.

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