Marvel Future Fight Gets Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Update

Today MARVEL Future Fight has debuted a brand-new Guardians of the Galaxy themed update to their popular mobile superhero game which includes the Marvel Cosmic characters. The update features all-new Guardians of the Galaxy characters, new quests, and new uniforms now available for players Check out the trailer and info below. INTERSTELLAR HEROES THE GUARDIANS OF THE …

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Darkhawk Gets New 4-Issue Mini

Darkhawk Gets New 4-Issue Mini

Following the Marvel Legacy one-shot, it’s learned that Darkhawk will get a new 4-issue mini starting in May. Marvel Comics released a checklist for their “Infinity Countdown” event which includes Darkhawk debuting in May, followed by two issues in June, and the fourth gets released in July. Back in November saw Marvel Comics release Darkhawk #51 as …

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Darkhawk & Nova Corps Get Disney Infinity Marvel Discs


Marvel Cosmic seems to be on the up and up – at least when it comes to gaming – as now the Nova Corps and Darkhawk get Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Discs.

Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann, who edited the DnA Marvel Cosmic line of comics which included Darkhawk, tweeted out the news.

The Power Discs are used with the Play Set base to unlock items and customization.

DisKingdom spotted the following info and images at Walmart.

Expand your Disney Infinity adventures! Place Power Discs on the Disney Infinity Base to power-up character abilities, customize your Toy Box, or unlock new gadgets, costumes and team attacks.Includes 4 Power Discs:

Cosmic Cube Blast – Unleash a powerful energy blast on nearby foes.

• Darkhawk’s Blast – Blast obstacles with a powerful energy beam from your chest.

Nova Corps Strike – Call upon the Nova Corps and unleash a tactical strike from above.

Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle – Take a ride on the wild side with Ghost Rider’s flaming motorcycle.





As fans of DnA Marvel Cosmic know, Darkhawk was featured prominently with his own mini-series during War of Kings which introduced Talon and the Raptors.

In an interview with Marvel.com, Rosemann also said he hopes to see more from Darkhawk as well as Richard Rider Nova and again mentions Quasar.

Marvel.com: Very cool. If you could add one classic costume to the game that doesn’t exist now, what would you add?

Bill Rosemann: I have to go with my man, Rich Rider Nova!

Marvel.com: Oh, there it is! 

Bill Rosemann: And in publishing, with all the great cosmic books they have going, it would be awesome to see Darkhawk rise again.

Marvel.com: Oh, you are always all about that Darkhawk. 

Bill Rosemann: I love his look, how he scratches that itch of “young Earth person in space”, a great point-of-view character, and visually a nice counter balance to all the bright cosmic characters. 

Marvel.com: So we need a Rich Rider Nova and Darkhawk in “Marvel Future Fight.”

Bill Rosemann: It’s time to for them to fly again! 

Marvel.com: There you go! What more could you want? 

Bill Rosemann: Well, you might want additional characters from the comic books, and by golly they’re in there! 

Marvel.com: That’s true, we’ve been rolling out a deep list on Marvel.com…

Bill Rosemann: Yes! Firebird and Ares and Quasar…and I hope this delivers on the promise that we made to the Quasar fan club years ago when they sent a 10 pound cake to the offices asking for the return of Quasar. 

Quasar is also featured in the LEGO Marvel Avengers video game and has his first Hasbro action figure coming out this Summer.


Andy Lanning Wants To Write More Nova and Darkhawk


Best Marvel Cosmic news I’ve heard in a while.

CBR posted a write-up about the Guardians of the Galaxy panel at the recent New York Comic-Con.

Former GoTG writer Andy Lanning attended as well as former Marvel Cosmic editor Bill Rosemann.

Both Lanning and Rosemann inspired the multi-million dollar Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

The good news is that Andy Lanning still would like to write Nova and has stories in mind.

Rosemann also mentions Darkhawk, with Lanning talking about the “War of the Raptors.”

Previously, Lanning talked a bit about their planned post-Thanos Imperative plans last year as well.

Andy Lanning:  “I love Nova so I keep going back and reading the stuff. Luckily, Gerry is a great writer and I still got stories in my head which won’t see the light of the day, if I were to write those, I would respect what Gerry has done and take my thing in a different direction.”

Bill Rosemann: “We did our best [regarding Darkhawk]. Each event we try to see who we can elevate. In ‘War of Kings,’ we said Darkhawk! He would look so cool in space. There was the story we found out Darkhawks were the Sith to the Novas Jedi. It’s out there, and the people that are working on the books now are looking at things… I hope they bring them back.”

Andy Lanning: “There’s a whole, ‘War of the Raptors’ story yet to be told.”


Check Out 8-Bit Darkhawk

At the C2E2 Marvel Comics revealed the following 8-Bit Avengers Arena cover. Marvel has been doing variant covers as if they were Nintendo Games. A new story arc will be beginning soon that will reveal who lives, who dies and who wins. It’s dubbed “End Boss”; hence the cover. [[wysiwyg_imageupload:7269:]]


Exclusive: Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann Comments On New Darkhawk

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5715:]]With the events that unfolded in this week’s issue of Avengers Arena #4, which saw a new Darkhawk, we reached out to former Marvel Cosmic editor Bill Rosemann for a comment.

The original Darkhawk, Chris Powell, had his amulet ripped from his chest in Avengers Arena #3, and now we see that the mantle has been passed to Chase of Runaways.

Darkhawk joins a long list of recent characters to seemingly get the reborn or relaunch treatment as fans noted Ghost Rider, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ms. Marvel all have had recent changes.

Now, Dennis Hopeless adds Darkhawk to the list in a controversial storyline that sees the younger denizens of the Marvel U. battling it out for all out survival.

Bill Rosemann didn’t offer anything in regards to Chris Powell, but did send over the following about the new Darkhawk.

Hello Matt and all readers at Cosmic Book News!

Stay tuned for more developments with Chase coming to grips with the Darkhawk amulet and the power it unleashes!

Look for more with the new Darkhawk in Avengers Arena #5.


Writer: Kev Walker

Art: Kev Walker


The Braddock Academy vs…themselves?
• Plus: What is up with Chase and Darkhawk?
32 PGS. (EACH)/Rated T …$2.99 (EACH)


Now Darkhawk’s Been Replaced, Too

Can’t say we all didn’t see this coming from a galaxy far far away, but in Avengers Arena #4 our old buddy Chris Powell – aka Darkhawk – joins the likes of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy.

A previous issue had Darkhawk depowered by getting his crystal ripped from his chest by something and somehow and someway.

Now in the latest issue of Avenger Arena, by Dennis Hopeless, Alessandro Vitti and former Marvel Cosmic editor Bill Rosemann, there’s a new Darkhawk.

Chase from the Runaways bonds with the Amulet.

Wonder who’s next?

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Darkhawk Gets Pwned In Avengers Arena #3 (Spoilers)


It hasn’t been a good couple of years for anything related to DnA’s Marvel Cosmic run.

The latest is in regards to Darkhawk, who happens to be appearing in the controversial Battle Royal-esque Avengers Arena.

Last week saw the former galaxy’s most wanted — become the galaxy’s most pwned.

Check out the page below to Avengers Assemble #3.

Turns out that is not the last we’ve seen of Chris – at least not yet – as former Marvel Cosmic and CBN fav editor, Bill Rosemann, tells CBR he’ll be appearing in upcoming issues.

Despite the amulet being ripped from Chris Powell in issue #3, Darkhawk will appear in present-day scenes in upcoming issues. And as a self-professed Darkhawk fan who engineered his return when I edited the cosmic books a couple years ago, I approve of this (intentionally enigmatic) message.

We can only imagine what Darkhawk is in for this time; actually, without the amulet, that would be Darkhawk-no-more.

The new “Game On” arc begins with April’s Avengers Arena #8 (cover, pictured right).



Brew’s Crew: The sadly unfinished tale of a potential cosmic titan: Talon!


(Editor’s note: This is another in a series of irregularly-scheduled columns by Managing Editor Byron Brewer, mainly dealing with cosmic comics and their many denizens. Mr. Brewer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of CosmicBookNews.com. He welcomes both raves and opposing views.)

By Byron Brewer

We first saw Talon falling to Earth wrapped in a ball of flame in War of Kings: Darkhawk #1. The alien birdman crash-landed next to the home of Chris Powell, the young hero known as Darkhawk. Much to Powell’s surprise, Talon bore a similar resemblance to his armored form!

Talon didn’t have time to explain at the moment because he was followed to Earth by a Hunter Drone, a massive robotic creature designed to destroy their kind – The Fraternity of Raptors. Together, Talon and Darkhawk fought the Drone, and after Darkhawk instinctively reconfigured his armor into a more powerful form, the two of them destroyed the beast.

During the battle, Powell’s family was hurt and hospitalized. Darkhawk blamed their injuries on Talon, so the next time they met, Darkhawk attacked him. Talon was the superior fighter, and subdued Darkhawk as he explained his intentions. Talon traveled a great distance to find and teach Chris exactly how to use his Darkhawk armor (or so he then said), especially since it wasn’t designed for humans. He briefly told him of The Fraternity of Raptors, and how they were the only two that remained.

Talon also informed Powell that they were the only ones who could save the future of the universe. Darkhawk calmed himself and listened to what Talon had to say. It wasn’t long before Darkhawk was following Talon into the Negative Zone to begin what he thought to be his training.

Upon entering the Zone, Talon and Darkhawk trespassed in the territories belonging to Catastrophus, a minor lord in the service of Annihilus. They were attacked immediately by Catastrophus’ minions, and Chris was put off by how easily Talon was able to exterminate his opponents. Again, Darkhawk fought with his mentor, and again, he was easily defeated. Talon offered all the praise and encouragement of a true teacher with the hope his pupil would succeed, and soon Talon led Darkhawk to the fortress of Catastrophus.

After scouting the area, Talon led the charge against overwhelming odds, and Darkhawk was soon overrun. Darkhawk cried out for help, but Talon urged him to reconfigure his armor, claiming he was unable to aid him. In actuality, Talon was watching from a safe distance on the sidelines.

Darkhawk did indeed reconfigure his armor and slaughtered his foes. Talon resurfaced, but Darkhawk was angered he was forced to murder living beings.

Then suddenly, Darkhawk, now fully bonded with his armor, saw visions of what The Fraternity of Raptors really was, and it wasn’t entirely how Talon described. Darkhawk attacked Talon for a third time, but Talon’s experience beat Powell down, even in his more powerful form. Then Talon confessed he only needed Powell to bond with his amulet, so he could obliterate him from it — permanently. Once Talon forced Darkhawk out, he was able to summon the armor’s true owner – Razor!

Disoriented because of his extended stay within the Null Void, Razor needed some time to get up to speed, but even as Talon debriefed him on their current state of affairs, the two Raptors continued to battle the forces of Catastrophus. Talon assured Razor what they were doing was a necessity, and eventually the two found themselves face to face with Catastrophus himself. The Insect King was more mouth than mettle, and he was killed almost instantly. However, it wasn’t his death they were after, but rather what he was guarding. The Cosmic Control Rod was now in their possession, and they brought it to Blastaar in exchange for his help.

The king of the Negative Zone needed further persuading, thinking he was invincible now that he had possession of the Rod, so Talon relinquished the item until such a time a bargain could be struck. Talon told Blastaar to lay siege to the worlds governed by Ravenou in order to gain the favor of Vulcan. Talon then departed to seek out the emperor of the Shi’ar.

Talon found his intended target just as he was about to be obliterated by one of the new Inhuman sentries, and saved Vulcan’s life claiming the emperor was under his protection. Introductions were made, and explanations given about both Talon and the Fraternity of Raptors. The Raptors were founded to preserve the sanctity of the Shi’ar Imperium, and Talon had plans to keep Emperor Vulcan in power. That was until he saw exactly how demented Vulcan actually was. Talon gave his opinion on the state of the war, and with Vulcan unwilling to listen, Talon changed his mind about keeping him in power.

Vulcan lashed out at Talon, but a quickly erected force field prevented Talon from being injured. Talon left the company of the Shi’ar to rejoin his Fraternity brother once more, unaware Darkhawk had resumed control over Razor’s body again.

Upon reuniting, Darkhawk revealed the truth about Razor’s demise, and the Raptors battled for a final time. During the battle, Talon’s host — an injured Skrull — forced the change back to his original state and made Darkhawk promise to hunt down the remaining crystals of the Fraternity and destroy them right before throwing himself into the engine core of a Shi’ar ship, seemingly destroying himself and Talon’s crystal.

Back on the Shi’ar homeworld, Gladiator tried to hold his people together while the Inhumans decided who would rule over the Shi’ar. One of his advisers was already planting a seed which could lead to a war with Earth, but she appeared to be loyal to Gladiator. When the Inhuman, Crystal, convinced Gladiator to become the new ruler of the Shi’ar people, the female adviser privately revealed herself to be Talon in disguise. Talon was content with their choice — for the present.

With the creation of the Fault, a rip in space/time, Talon used his camouflage abilities to stow away aboard the Starjammer in the guise of Smasher as Gladiator sent an elite group of Imperial Guard along with Ch’od and Raza of the Starjammers on an exploration mission. Once in the Fault, the group came under attack by several hostile entities, and Talon turned the chaotic situation to his advantage. He did some investigating of his own and found two more amulets which would birth more of his brethren. He made a major mistake by disabling the craft they flew into the Fault with, and his deception was uncovered by Mentor.

Acting on the orders of her new praetor, Plutonia seized the amulets, holding them hostage, while Talon was questioned. The interrogation would have to wait as the Guard was attacked by the deadliest foe yet. If not for the intervention of Gladiator, all would have perished. Talon’s fate was not assured as Gladiator demanded he pay for the murder of Lilandra, but Talon swore it was Darkhawk who committed the crime. As their very survival came into question, Mentorand Plutonia volunteered to undergo the permanent bond with the amulets in order to increase their chances of making it out of the Fault alive.

What Talon and his growing number of Raptors has planned next is anyone’s guess. And may remain thus, one of the many, many threads of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s cosmic opus cut off prematurely by Marvel ED.



Dennis Hopeless Talks Darkhawk in Avengers Arena; New Darkhawk Covers Revealed


DnA attempted to do what Keith Giffen did for Nova in Annihilation, with Darkhawk in War of Kings.

While I actually preferred what DnA were doing with the Raptor, Talon, story-wise, the potential of a Marvel Cosmic Darkhawk we may never know.

And we may never know anything more about Darkhawk’s potential if he doesn’t survive — Avengers Arena.

Avengers Arena is the new series from Dennis Hopeless and Annihilation: Nova artist Kev Walker that sees Marvel’s younger heroes caught up in a game similar to the cult Japanese movie, Battle Royale (now on Netflix!).

It’s kill or be killed.

Dennis Hopeless recently participated in a Marvel Next Big Thing conference call with mention of Darkhawk.


Via CBR:

“Basically, 15 of your favorite Marvel Teenage Superheroes and Darkhawk wake up on an island and they’re told ‘Only one of you is going to come out of it alive,” said Hopeless, who said Arcade has constructed a new Murderworld where heroes will actually get murdered and only one person will get out alive. “Issue #1 is going to sell the readers and the kids on the island that they’re going to have to do this.”

And specifically on Darkhawk, Hopeless offers:

Darkhawk is not a teenager, but Hopeless chose to include him partially because of his love of “Annihilation” and the Marvel Cosmic books from a few years back. “I also liked the idea of someone who was initially a teenage super hero but has grown beyond that,” he said. “If Darkhawk wanted to, he would be able to win this day one.” Hopeless said he hopes to explore how Darkhawk deals with the situation as a mature adult — the writer also wanted to use Kenji from “Generation Hope” in the book, but then the character died.

Avengers Arena #1 hits in December.



Bill Rosemann Brings Back Darkhawk and Cammi In “Avengers Arena”; But For How Long?!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3061:]]Remember the “Survive” Marvel NOW! Teaser that featured Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker?

Well, Marvel revealed what it really is about. 

And it sounds pretty wild!

The new title is dubbed “Avengers Arena,” and it sees 16 young heroes – including Darkhawk and Cammi – battling it out against each other on Murderworld run by the villain Arcade.

It’s kill or be killed!

Former Marvel Cosmic editor Bill Rosemann is behind the book — which probably explains the inclusion of Darkhawk and Cammi. So thank you, Bill!

Not only are Darkhawk and Cammi present, but so are the students from Avengers Academy and Runways in addition to new characters.

Last we saw of Darkhawk was in Nova #36, I believe, when Evil Darth Quasar knocked him out giving him a concussion. Regarding Cammi, last time for her might have been Annihilation with fans wondering whatever became of the former sidekick of Drax The Destroyer.

“After his last appearances in War of Kings and NOVA, Darkhawk soars again!” Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann told Marvel.com. “Staying with sci-fi, just wait until you see what Dennis and Kev have planned for Annihilation’s Cammi, baddest girl in all the galaxy.”

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3062:]]Rosemann goes on to compare the new series to the popular novels and movies, Lord of the Flies and Hunger Games, but with a “Marvel twist.”

“AVENGERS ARENA gives a high concept itch a superhuman scratch. Throughout history, societies have sent their young adults against one another in competition, whether that’s in war, sports or “American Idol.” Likewise, art has examined this phenomenon of the older generation sacrificing the younger generation and also of young warring gangs wanting to prove who’s #1 in everything from the myth of Theseus vs. the Minotaur to “Lord of the Flies” to “Battle Royale” to “Starship Troopers” to “Survivor” to “Hunger Games.” Teen vs. teen competition is as old as storytelling — but now it’s time to give it the Marvel twist,” Rosemann said.

Writer Dennis Hopeless states there will be “a lot of murder in this new Murder World” — and we can’t help but wonder if it Marvel will continue their course of killing off cosmic characters.

I think fans of Darkhawk know that he would pretty much be able to take any of these guys out. 


Avengers Arena #1 hits in December.