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Marvel’s Dan Slott F’ Bombs Trump, Supporters Over Coronavirus

Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott once again opens his big mouth, this time f’ bombing supporters of the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Before I go further, this doesn’t come as a surprise to me as years ago comic book fans bumped heads with the writer on the defunct Comic Book Resources message …

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Dan Slott Moving From Spider-Man To Iron Man

Spider-Man writer and fan-favorite persona on social media, Dan Slott, is moving on from the Wall Crawler as he is slated to take on Iron Man for Marvel Comics. Vutlure posted an interview with Slott where he announces the news:  “I am going from the flagship character of the Marvel Comics of my youth to …

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Dan Slott Still At It: 24Hrs Bashing Batman Vs. Superman


We’re guessing the next issues of Spider-Man and Silver Surfer may be late, with the blaming lying with the Batman Vs. Superman footage released last night during Gotham.

Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott has spent the last 24 hours blasting the footage, Batman Vs. Superman, Zack Snyder, Man of Steel and Superman on Twitter (read Part 1 and Part 2).

Slott isn’t happy with Snyder’s portrayal of the Man of Steel as the writer feels it’s a “dark/grim/joyless Superman.” Slott goes on to defend his opinions stating, “From watching 2 trailers & all of MAN OF STEEL, my opinions are firmly based and far from ‘senseless.'” Slott even argues to ask Cap fans if they are happy with the character’s portrayal in the Marvel movies, and then to go ahead and ask if the Superman fans are happy with the Henry Cavill version. Slott argues Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers was “on point” for Cap, while Man of Steel was “FAR off point” for Superman.

Slott continues with mention if they switched directors he would be “less wary.”

Here are the latest tweets:

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Marvel’s Dan Slott Continues Blasting Batman Vs. Superman On Twitter


A couple of hours ago saw Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott voice his thoughts on the new Batman Vs. Superman footage that debuted earlier on Gotham.

Dan isn’t too happy by what he is seeing regarding Superman, and he also wasn’t a big fan of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

Following Cosmic Book News having made note of what Slott had to say (where he deleted his “I dunno. Do you really think Superman would snap one of his enemy’s necks?” comment), Slott has continued blasting both Batman Vs. Superman and Man of Steel on Twitter as well as having to defend himself against accusations of being a Marvel shill, which sees DC Comics Batman writer Scott Snyder brought into the conversation.

Check out the latest tweets (we’re guessing this may go on all night long):

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Marvel’s Dan Slott Has Coronary Over Batman Vs. Superman Gotham Footage


Fan-favorite Marvel Comics writer of Spider-Man and Silver Surfer, Dan Slott, appears to not have taken favorably to the new Batman Vs. Superman footage which was released earlier during Gotham.

Slott took to Twitter to voice his disassatifaction even though – like the rest of us – he hasn’t seen the whole movie. Slott also appears to not be a big fan of Man of Steel.

Before any accussations of Slott being a Marvel shill begin, Dan does state he’s a big fan of The Flash and Supergirl.

*For the record, Dan didn’t have a coronary – at least we hope not.

Update: Dan Slott has posted even more tweets blasting Batman Vs. Superman and Zack Snyder.

Check out the tweets:

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Marvel Announces New Silver Surfer Ongoing


That didn’t take too long.

Marvel has announced a new Silver Surfer ongoing for 2016 which will see both Dan Slott and Mike Allred returning on the series.

The news comes out of the Diamond Retailer Summit in Baltimore with Slott and Allred confirming on social media.

Slott and Allred’s Surfer recently ended with last month’s issue #15.


Cat’s finally outta the bag! Officially announced that Dan Slott, laura & I are still riding with SILVER SURFER! Here’s some new original art to ponder.

Posted by Michael Allred on Thursday, September 24, 2015


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Dan Slott & Mike Allred’s Silver Surfer Not Confirmed To Return In 2016


Apparently some web sites jumped the gun and mentioned Dan Slott and Mike Allred’s Silver Surfer series would be returning in 2016.

Well, that’s not the case. At least not, yet.

Mike Allred took to Twitter to state it’s up to Marvel for the series to return.

July’s Silver Surfer sold around 24k and change.

August’s Silver Surfer #15 looked to be the last issue; however, this month and October does see Marvel publish a bunch of Surfer trades.

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Dan Slott Says A Black Peter Parker Spider-Man Is Possible


With Spider-Man being shared by Sony and Marvel, there is question whether or not they will be using the classic version of Spidey (a white Peter Parker) or go with a version that would be black, latino, or both.

Rumors of a racially diverse Spider-Man kicked up when a reporter for the Hollywood trade site, the Wrap, stated he thinks that he’s 95% sure the new Spider-Man won’t be white.

Fans quickly reactied with mention that in the official announcement an exec for Sony mentioned they are using Peter Parker.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a white Peter Parker.

A fan remarked the fact that Peter Parker is white to Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott, who recently stated he wouldn’t mind a Spider-man that is not white.

Dan’s response?

Dan replied back with an image of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. In the regular Marvel Comics universe, Nick Fury is white, but in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Nick Fury is black (and in the movies).

Slott is obviously saying that anything is possible, and Peter Parker could end up black.

Slott also added along with the pic: “Story re-opened. Now sit your ass down.”

Slott continued tweeting defending the possibility of a non-white Spider-Man.

Here are some of Dan’s tweets:

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Dan Slott Talks Spider-Man In Marvel Movies


Writer Dan Slott is fast becoming known as the go-to guy for Spider-Man in the Marvel Comics universe having first written Spidey in an issue of Ren and Stimpy back in 1992 and most recently with the well-received Spider-Verse storyline.

As Marvel and Sony recently announced a joint venture for Spider-Man movies, who else is there better to go to regarding the cinematic version of Spider-Man than Dan Slott?

The Verge caught up with Dan Slott and asked which storyline would he like to see featured, with Dan recommending “Kraven’s Last Hunt” by J.M. DeMatteis. It should also probably be noted that former WB president Jeff Robinov, who is now at Sony, also recommended the Kraven storyline.

As a fan? If I had to discount anything that I’ve written — me and my gigantic ego — I would say the J.M. DeMatteis story “Kraven’s Last Hunt.” I would love for a screenwriter to mine that material.

This is something that comics fans get upset about when a movie is being made before they get a chance to see it. You have to change things for the movie. There are things that work in a comic, and then there are things that you can only do in a movie. But I think if someone, as a starting point, took “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” which is one of the greatest Spider-Man stories ever told, I think you could have a phenomenal movie.

Dan goes on to mention other possibilities for Spider-Man on the big screen as well.

And there are so many characters who haven’t had their chance yet. I think Mysterio would be one of the greatest movie villains. The guy’s powers are special effects. That means you could do anything you’ve ever seen in a movie in a Spider-Man. Anything. Blow up the White House. 10,000 aliens descending from space. Ghosts coming out of walls. Whatever you want! Matrix bullet time. I don’t care. Eye-popping, blow-the-back-of-your-head-out special effects. It gives you free rein. There are just so many characters we haven’t seen that are ripe to be the main character in a Spider-Man movie.

Slott also comments on the potential for Spider-Man to be of any race (there is Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales who is of Puerto Rican and African American descent):

…one of the things I’d be interested in seeing is, I hope they make the casting open for everyone. There’s nothing inherently white about Peter Parker. Peter Parker is a nerdy outcast. Anybody, from any walk of life, can be a nerdy outcast. One of the reasons why Spider-Man speaks to everyone around the world is that mask. I’ve met so many young Spider-Man fans over the years. People that grew up and are now old, but when they first met Spider-Man, they kind of didn’t know who was under that mask. And that gives him the freedom to be anyone. That gives him the freedom to be someone just like you. It’d be really nice to see that as a possibility. Even if they end up casting someone who, at the end of the day, looks just like Peter Parker. It would be nice if the door was open and they just [said] , “Spider-Man can be anybody.”

Spider-Man will first be featured in Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016 before getting a new Spider-Man movie on July 28, 2017.

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Top 10 Comic Books For November 2014


Diamond has released their early comic book sales estimates for November 2014 where Marvel takes eight of the top ten spots.

Led by Dan Slott‘s “Spiderverse” storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #9, Marvel continues with its top ten dominance as All-New Captain America #1 takes the second spot.

DC’s mainstay, Batman, comes in at #3, with DC only have one other title in the top ten as Justice League #36 comes in at the bottom.

Marvel also wins the dollar share and market share.

The drop from October to November is a result of October having five shipping weeks compared to November’s four.

Overall, November 2014 sales are slightly up from last year.






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Dan Slott Shares Silver Surfer #6 Script

Dan Slott has revealed his script for October’s issue of Silver Surfer #6.

The book is currently hovering around the 28K mark in monthly sales.

Check it out below.


Via Twitlonger:

“What does one of your plots look like?”
Here. 🙂 This is the plot for SILVER SURFER #6.

(Obvious spoiler: Don’t read unless you’ve already read SILVER SURFER #6).
If you HAVE read the issue, you will notice some changes here and there from the plot to the finished script. And that’s part of the fun of this process too.

Plot for 21pgs.
Dan Slott

Giant SPLASH of SILVER SURFER’S head as he surfs through space. His face is in shock—as if he has just heard the most disturbing thing ever.

SURFBOARD LOCATOR: The Milky Way Galaxy.

VOICE (off panel, behind the Surfer. BIG.): Surfer, I’m hungry. Find me a planet.


Mike, if you don’t want to go that close in on Surfer’s head, feel free to pull back on Surfer as much as you want—as long as DAWN (and every part of her) is cropped out of the shot, so she can be the reveal on the first panel of the next page.

Panel One
We pull back and see it was DAWN saying that (and not Galactus!). She’s behind SURFER on his surfboard and this is the new status quo: the two of them surfing around the universe—together.
The SURFER stops the board and turns to her with a stern look of disapproval.

SURFER: What?!
DAWN: Um. I said I was hungry. Can you find us a planet?
DAWN: Y’know. Somewhere to eat.

Panel Two
SURFER changes course and starts flying them towards a nearby planet.

SURFER: All right. But don’t ever phrase it like that again.

Panel Three
On that planet, at an alien roadside food-stand, an ALIEN FOOD VENDOR is giving DAWN some bizarre space-sandwich (something tasty looking—we’ll save scary alien food for later in the issue).
SURFER is at the register, he’s holding an alien space-sandwich too. The ALIEN COUNTER LADY is asking SURFER for alien currency to pay for the meal.

Panel Four
The SURFER aims his other hand at the space-sandwich he’s holding—and uses his Power Cosmic to turn it into the same sandwich, but now made out of gold.
The SURFER says that this amount of Rigellan-grade gold should more than cover it.
The ALIEN COUNTER LADY is more than pleased by this transaction.

Panel Five
Moments later, SURFER and DAWN are sitting on a park bench by the food-stand. (Board is leaned up against the bench too.) SURFER is looking up at the night sky. DAWN is munching on the sandwich. 
(Mike, if you want, in the background the FOOD VENDOR and the COUNTER LADY could be dancing a happy jig because they now have a sandwich made out of pure gold. OR they could be fighting each other for it. Or they don’t have to be in the background at all. Your call.)

SURFER: We’ve barely moved at all. I can still see Earth from here.
DAWN: Mmph. Really? I can’t.
SURFER: My eyes are better than yours.

PAGES 3 and 4 (Double Page layout.)
Three tiers of five panels each. Light on text. Heavy on repetition.

Panel One
With DAWN back on the board with him, SURFER shoots through space—one arm stretching forward—his fingers splayed open! His face excited for the next adventure!

SURFER: Ready, Dawn Greenwood? And we’re OFF!

Panel Two
DAWN taps on his shoulder and tells SURFER they need to make a stop.

DAWN: Norrin, can we make a pit stop? I gotta pee.

Panel Three
Close up of the SURFER’S face. He’s disappointed.

SURFER: Very well.

Panel Four
Cut to an alien gas station. DAWN is coming out of the restroom. Instead of symbols for “Men” and “Women” on the lavatory doors, there’s one for “Humanoid” and one for “Octopoid” (squid-like-alien creatures).
DAWN says she’s ready.

DAWN: Okay. Good to go.

Panel Five
Match shot of Panel One.

SURFER: Ready, Dawn? And we’re OFF!

PAGES 3 and 4 (continued.)

Panel Six
Match shot of Panel Two. DAWN’S tapping SURFER’S shoulder again.

DAWN: Um. Can we get something to eat?

Panel Seven
SURFER turns to DAWN in disbelief.

SURFER: Again? You just ate.
DAWN: I’m a human. I eat three times a day.

Panel Eight
SILENT PANEL. DAWN, SURFER, and BOARD on a planet by an alien fruit tree. DAWN is eating one of the strange alien fruits.

Panel Nine
Match shot of Panel One. Except now SURFER’S excitement level is a tiny bit dampened.

SURFER: Ready? And we’re OFF!

Panel Ten
Match shot of Panel Two. DAWN taps SURFER’S should again.

DAWN: Bathroom? Number two this time.

PAGES 3 and 4 (continued.)

Panel Eleven
Match shot of Panel Three. Except now SURFER’S face is frustrated. HE JUST WANTS TO SOAR THROUGH THE SKY! IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!


Panel Twelve
Match shot of Panel One. Except the excitement is gone. He just wants to leave.

SURFER: And we’re off.

Panel Thirteen
Match shot of Panel Two. DAWN taps SURFER’S shoulder.

DAWN: Dinner?

Panel Fourteen
Close up of DAWN eating some really creepy small animal creature… deep fried… on a stick.
It does not look appetizing. DAWN eats it to be polite.

Panel Fifteen
Match shot of Panel One… except now DAWN (or her hand if we’re closer in) is tapping SURFER on the shoulder.

SURFER: And we’re—
DAWN: Surfer?

Panel One
An exasperated SURFER turns to DAWN and asks her “What now?!”
DAWN is rubbing her throat with one of her hands and winces in discomfort.

SURFER: What now?!
DAWN: Ooh. I think it’s my tonsils.
DAWN: We might have to go back to Earth.

Panel Two
Shot of the two of them standing there on the board. Floating in space. Not going anywhere. DAWN is still rubbing her sore throat. And SURFER is simmering. He’s had enough.

SURFER: “Back to Earth”?
DAWN: Yeah. So I can see my doctor and get this checked out—

Panel Three
CLOSE UP on SURFER as he holds one of his hands out, palm-side up, and he starts charging it up with the Power Cosmic.

Panel Four
Like the Vision or Kitty Pride, the SURFER takes his Cosmically Charged Hand (still palm-side up) and phases it inside DAWN’S throat.
DAWN’S face is wide-eyed with shock!

Panel Five
The SURFER pulls his still Cosmically Charged Hand (still palm-side up) out of DAWN’S throat.
Levitating above his palm, held in little spheres of Cosmic Energy, are both of Dawn’s tonsils.

Panel One
A flabbergasted DAWN starts yelling at SURFER… who doesn’t know exactly what it was he did that set her off. He stands there with Dawn’s tonsils still levitating above his outstretched hand.

SURFER: I removed your tonsils. Now we don’t have to go back to—
SURFER: What? I used the Power Cosmic. There was no pain. You’re perfectly fine. I don’t see what the—

Panel Two
DAWN stops yelling. She’s stern now. Her eyes narrowing. And this should feel worse than being yelled at.
SURFER is feeling very ill at ease. He moves his hand (with Dawn’s tonsils still levitating over them) towards Dawn’s throat. Like he’s about to put them back in, but he’s not sure if he should.

DAWN: That was so not cool.
SURFER: Should I put them back?
SURFER: So… What is the problem exactly?

Panel Three
DAWN glares at SURFER. And he winces, knowing he’s done something wrong… but he’s still not sure what that is…
Maybe traveling through space with an Earthgirl wasn’t the smartest thing to do…

Panel Four
Straight on shot of DAWN (as if we’re seeing it from SURFER’S P.O.V.). 
She’s defiantly crossed her arms.
Her face is locked into a VERY angry pout.
Her eyes are GLARING.
And she says one thing.

DAWN: Ice cream.

Panel Five
Side shot of the two of them. DAWN is locked in the same pose and expression from the previous panel.

SURFER: Come again?
DAWN: Ice cream. When you get your tonsils out…
DAWN: You. Get. Ice Cream.

Panel One
SURFER thinks this is crazy, but DAWN won’t budge.

SURFER: But you’re perfectly fine. My Power Cosmic healed all the tissue. 
SURFER: You’re better than before. You don’t need any—
DAWN: Ice cream. 
DAWN: You, Norrin Radd, owe me ice cream.

Panel Two
The SURFER throws up his hands in futility. And DAWN smirks, knowing that she’s won this round.


Panel Three
DAWN holds on as the SURFER zips through the cosmos at insane speeds! The SURFER’S eyes glow with power, surround by Kirby Krackle as he tries to detect where in the universe one can find the greatest ice cream ever!

Panel Four
The SURFER points towards a planet in the solar system that they’re entering.


A few minutes later…
DAWN and SURFER are sitting in a cosmic malt-shop on PLANET PRIME. And DAWN is eating—with awe and delicious wonder—the GREATEST ICE CREAM IN THE UNIVERSE! OH DEAR, GOD, it is soooooooo good!!! 
SURFER is smiling. For all their bickering, he’s glad he’s made her so happy, and he remembers why he enjoys her company.

IMPORTANT: All the aliens here are from Planet Prime and they are all from the same species—the same blue-skinned species that WARRIOR ONE is from (the alien Surfer is fighting on the cover to SILVER SURFER #6).
All the aliens of Planet Prime are all masters of one discipline– or someone who is the 2nd best master of that discipline. All of them wear a GOLDEN BADGE over their heart that has either a large “1” or “2” on it.
Prominently in the shot, near SURFER and DAWN, is the owner of the cosmic malt-shop and the maker of the greatest ice cream in the universe. His badge has a “1” on it. And he is… ICE CREAM MAKER ONE.

LOCATOR TEXT: That time Norrin got Dawn the Greatest Ice Cream In The Universe.
DAWN: OhhhhmygodthisisAMAZING!
DAWN: You HAVE to silver down and try this.
SURFER: Maybe later. Are we good now, Dawn Greenwood?

Panel One
Moments later…
Between panels, the Surfer turned his ice cream sundae to gold. NOW, in this panel, SURFER pays ICE CREAM MAKER ONE with the golden sundae. ICE CREAM MAKER ONE thinks that’s very generous!
In the background, another alien in the malt-shop suspicious watches this transaction take place. She is BANKER ONE, the greatest banker and financial mind on Planet Prime.

Panel Two
Closer in on BANKER ONE. She pulls out the Planet Prime version of a cell phone and contacts someone about her fears about the Surfer. She says she had to call this in right away. Their entire planet is in peril!

Panel Three (big panel)
Big establishing shot of the bustling main street of the capital city of Planet Prime. 
SURFER, BOARD, and DAWN step outside of the door of malt-shop and onto the street. DAWN marvels at how perfect everything is.
These are the most perfectly constructed buildings and shops anywhere in the Universe. What is this place?

Panel Four (inset panel)
TOUR GUIDE ONE, the ultimate tour guide in the universe, approaches DAWN, SURFER, and BOARD, introduces himself and says that he can help explain.
DAWN says that his timing is perfect.
“Of course it is,” he tells her, “On Planet Prime, we’re all perfect.”

Panel One
TOUR GUIDE ONE explains that here on Planet Prime they have a small population, only a small city’s worth, and every being here dedicates themselves to one discipline and masters it. These buildings were designed by ARCHITECT ONE, built by BUILDER ONE, and painted by PAINTER ONE.

Panel Two
As they walk along they pass STREET DANCER ONE who is doing the most perfect spinning-on-her-head move ever while street dancing to an alien beat-box. A small crowd is applauding. DAWN and SURFER stop to applaud too.

Panel Three
FOCUS on STREET DANCER ONE as she stops to wave to the crowd and thank them. We can clearly see her “1” badge.
In the background, DAWN asks if that means there’s a Street Dancer Two?

Panel Four
TOUR GUIDE ONE explains that there are Twos, Threes, sometimes even Fours. But those are mainly for emergency’s-sake. To fill in if a One is sick, injured, or passes away in an untimely fashion.
It is the nature of the Primeans to excel and accept nothing short of perfection. It is the rare Primean who can bear the burden of being anything less.
“We are a very driven lot,” he concludes.

Panel Five
THE SURFER thinks that is a very admirable lifestyle. A society of perfect people… so much better than the alternative.

Panel One
BANKER ONE comes running into frame! She’s wagging a finger at SURFER and telling him to stay right there! He’s about to face the full force of Primean justice—and for what he’s done to their perfect planet!
SURFER is confused. He doesn’t know what’s going on.

Panel Two
TOUR GUIDE ONE intercedes on the Surfer’s behalf. He asks BANKER ONE what she’s going on about.
BANKER ONE pulls out the golden sundae! She says the Surfer has been transmuting elements on their planet!

Panel Three
Close up on BANKER ONE and the golden sundae. She explains that Surfer has been creating rare and precious metals! By increasing the supply of Rigellian gold, he has DEVALUED the rest!
This alien is destroying their planet’s very economy!

Panel Four
The SURFER thinks this is absurd. Whatever. He tells DAWN that they’re leaving.
BANKER ONE says they can’t go! She’s called in the authorities on them! TOUR GUIDE ONE can’t believe that she’d bother Constable One for such a minor infraction.

Panel Five
All of them are covered in shadow as something BIG flies in off panel above them. The engines of the off panel ship kick up dust—as well as make everyone’s clothes and hair blow about.
BANKER ONE says that she didn’t call in the police. This isn’t a domestic matter. That man’s an alien! This threat is the first move in an alien invasion! She called in the military!
“No!” says TOUR GUIDE ONE, “tell me you did not call in—“

Panel One
Worm’s eye view as SURFER, DAWN, and the others in the street look up to see WARRIOR ONE’S Drop Ship come in—and WARRIOR ONE himself repelling out of it—announcing his arrival in a fierce battle cry!

Panel Two
WARRIOR ONE lands in an intimidating stance—already drawing an insanely huge alien-rifle! He tells the alien invaders to surrender, disarm all weapons, and put their hands in the air! NOW!

Panel Three
SURFER puts his hands up in the air and tells DAWN to do the same—which she does.
SURFER says this all just a misunderstanding and he’s sure they can sort it all out—

Panel Four
Cut to a point of view shot from WARRIOR ONE’S P.O.V.
Just like seeing something from The Terminator’s P.O.V. in TERMINATOR, we see all kinds of energy readouts and scans of SURFER and DAWN…
…and the energy coming off of THE SURFER—the core of his body—and each of his hands—is IMMENSE! The Power Cosmic (in both THE SURFER and BOARD) is reading as a weapon of Near-Infinite destructive power.

PAGES 13 and 14 (Double Page Layout)
Panel One
WARRIOR ONE yells at SURFER telling him to disarm! He can see that he’s still armed to the hilt!
SURFER, his hands still in the air tries to explain that Warrior One is reading his Power Cosmic, and he can’t shut his Power Cosmic off because—

Panel Two
WARRIOR ONE fires his MASSIVE WEAPON at SILVER SURFER blasting him back through the buildings on the street! MASSIVE JACK KIRBY-STYLE ACTION! KA-CHOOOOOOOM!
Everyone on the street crouches and shields their eyes from the blast!
BOARD zips over to DAWN and acts as a shield just in case!

Panel Three
DAWN looks at BOARD. We can see BOARD “talking” to Dawn by being Dawn’s reflection. The reflection of Dawn in the board looks nervous, as if he’s worrying if she’s all right.
“Thanks, Board,” says DAWN, “I’m fine. Go to him. Help Norrin. Okay?”

Panel Four
BOARD zips off to help his master… flying away from DAWN and the others and into the hole/destruction in the buildings where the Surfer was blasted through.

Panel Five
And WARRIOR ONE watches in disbelief as the SURFER on his BOARD flies out of the wreckage, his clenched fists glowing with the Power Cosmic!

Panel Six
In a mighty blast of energy, the SURFER shoots WARRIOR ONE’S gun out of his hands!

Panel Seven
WARRIOR ONE runs headlong towards the SURFER and leaps up. He laughs and tells the SURFER that he doesn’t need a gun to take him on…

Panel Eight
…he is WARRIOR ONE! The Perfect Soldier! He IS the ultimate weapon!
WARRIOR ONE lands on the BOARD and immediately begins grappling with SURFER.

Panels One, Two, and Three
The BOARD spirals around in a corkscrew loop trying to shake WARRIOR ONE, but he seems unaffected.
In Panel One, while they spin around, SURFER tries to punch WARRIOR ONE with a glowing Power Cosmic fist, but WARRIOR ONE blocks it!

In Panel Two, WARRIOR ONE throws a punch…

And in Panel Three, he connects, snapping SURFER’S head back.

Panel Four
Back on the street, REPAIRMAN ONE shows up saying he can start fixing these buildings right away…
But SAFETY INSPECTOR ONE is there—with a bullhorn—and they tell everyone that they have to get off the street until the battle’s over.
Standing by BANKER ONE and TOUR GUIDE ONE, DAWN says she’s not going anywhere till she’s sure NORRIN and BOARD are okay.

Panel One
SURFER and WARRIOR ONE continue to fight on top of BOARD as they zip through the skyline of Planet Prime!

Panel Two
Even when SURFER lands a blow, it doesn’t seem to have an effect on WARRIOR ONE at all!
SURFER says he’s met and heard of many champions from planets in this sector. This Warrior One is just like a Battlejack of Jackstar9.

Panel Three
As WARRIOR ONE continues to land blows—and hurt—the SILVER SURFER, he laughs.
“A Battlejack of Jackstar 9?” he scoffs, “They dream of dying in battle. A Warrior One’s fate is to die in his bed—because he WINS every battle he’s ever in!”

Panel Four
WARRIOR ONE begins to choke the SURFER—and the SURFER can’t break his grip! This soldier from Planet Prime, this “Warrior One”, might just be the man who finally kills him! NORRIN doesn’t know what to do!

Panel One (Big Panel)
Back on the street, it’s chaos. STREET CLEANER ONE wants to clear away the rubble, but SAFETY INSPECTOR ONE is yelling at him through his bullhorn to get off the street. 
BANKER ONE and REPAIRMAN ONE are calculating how much this is all going to cost to fix.
TOUR GUIDE ONE is showing people the destruction that was just caused in Warrior One’s latest battle.
ICE CREAM MAKER ONE sees that DAWN is distraught and offers her some ice cream to cheer her up. DAWN is flabbergasted. She doesn’t want ice cream now…

Panel Two
DAWN asks if anyone is going to do anything?! REPAIRMAN ONE says he’d love to help, but look at this mess. It’s going to take him weeks. This is way more than a one man job.
Standing next to REPAIRMAN ONE is REPAIRMAN TWO. He says “and I can’t help with that because I’m Repairman Two.”

Panel Three
DAWN says that’s insane! None of this makes any sense at all! Standing next to her is a WOMAN in a uniform that’s identical to WARRIOR ONE’S. Except she has a badge that says “2”.
“Tell me about it,” says WARRIOR TWO, “He didn’t even proper procedure. I’d stop him. But what can I do. I’m just Warrior Two.”

Panel Four
DAWN turns and looks at WARRIOR TWO in shock and disbelief.

Panel Five
DAWN has a “eureka moment.” She knows what to do! She grabs the bullhorn away from SAFETY INSPECTOR ONE… 

Panel One
CLOSE UP on DAWN as she holds up the bullhorn and calls out to Norrin!

Panel Two
As SURFER continues to be choked by WARRIOR ONE, he hears Dawn tell him that Warrior One’s weak spot is his badge! Take out his badge!

Panel Three
Cut to SURFER’S hand grabbing WARRIOR ONE’S badge and using his Power Cosmic to start melting it…

Panel Four
Match shot as the badge is destroyed.

Panel Five
Cut to WARRIOR TWO… as her badge starts to morph from a “2” badge…

Panel Six
…into a “1” badge.

Panel One
WARRIOR ONE releases his grip and stares down in shock in horror. He asks the SURFER, “What have you done?!”

Panel Two
Cut to DAWN standing next to the woman who is now the NEW WARRIOR ONE. That WARRIOR ONE is now holding the bullhorn and she orders the previous Warrior One to stand down.

Panel Three
Everyone is standing on the street. The NEW WARRIOR ONE tells SURFER & DAWN that while the Primeans settle things down here, it’s probably for the best if the two of them leave.
DAWN asks if the Previous Warrior One is now the New Warrior Two.
The NEW WARRIOR ONE says that it doesn’t work that way.
The PREVIOUS WARRIOR ONE looks devastated. He stands there in shock and dismay.

Panel Four
He looks up at SILVER SURFER with scorn in his eyes, he says that no one on Planet Prime has EVER lost their badge of office before. There is no precedent for it. From now on… he is an outcast. He is WARRIOR ZERO.
And he will have his revenge. SURFER has made a powerful enemy this day.

Panel Five
SURFER says he understands how that works. SURFER tells DAWN to join him on the board. It’s time they were leaving.

PAGE 20 
Panel One
After a choppy start, SURFER and DAWN have finally had their first big adventure since leaving Earth. And now they’re ready to head out into the cosmos to whatever’s waiting for them next!
With PLANET PRIME right behind them, SURFER, DAWN, and BOARD soar into space. SURFER’S outstretched arm and hand are in the same pose as they were back on PAGE TWO in Panel One.

SURFER: Ready, Dawn? And we’re OFF—

Panel Two
DAWN taps him on the shoulder and asks him to wait.

DAWN: Surfer? Wait.

Panel Three
SURFER is about to uncork and lose it—but he stops himself. If this last adventure has shown him anything, it’s that there’s a very real danger to single-mindedness.

SURFER: Great Galaxies! What do you—
SURFER: Sorry.
SURFER: What is it, Dawn?

Panel Four
DAWN points off panel behind them. All kinds of colorful lights are coming in from that direction.
SURFER looks behind him—and sees all the colorful lights too. Lights that he would have missed if he just kept surfing and staring forward.

DAWN: What’s that?
SURFER: That… is a five star system… 
SURFER: …going through a synchronous supernova cascade.

Panel Five
The SURFER puts his hands on DAWN’S shoulders as the two of them continue stare at the off panel lights.
DAWN can’t see the SURFER’S face behind her. He looks blissful—on the verge of crying because he’s happy.

SURFER: A pentagonal cascade happens once in a millennia. Never thought I’d see—
SURFER (small): And I would have flown straight past it.
DAWN: Can we stay and watch?
SURFER: Yes, please.


Five stars go supernova, their blast patterns interweaving to form celestial art.
SURFER and DAWN float in space. Small figures sitting side-by-side on the surfboard, their legs dangling over the edge, and their backs to the readers.
They watch together, like people enjoying a fireworks display.

In SURFER’S captions he thinks that it wasn’t perfect.
Some moments are better than perfect.


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Review: Silver Surfer #3

The time artist Michael Allred and his wife color artist Laura Allred must put into this brilliant new book staggers my mind, as a former artist. It is not your granddaddy’s rendition of the Silver Surfer, and yet the book comes complete with that Kirby “feel” to the art and that amazing burst of creativity and excitement that helped build Marvel and carry it over the heads of its Distinguished Competition decades agone.

That said, the credit for this new Surfer obviously goes to Dan Slott, who shucked the brooding allegory of our space-spanner and instead allowed an unknown and mysterious Earth girl’s angst and confusion become the emotional crux of this new entertainment.

Slott and the Allreds tie up arc #1 this issue in a rather zany (in keeping with keeping it light and entertainment) and yet drastically urgent way as Norrin Radd and new companion Dawn battle to save the Never Queen. This whole thing has been such a jump down the Rabbit Hole that it is almost like reading about a new character … and maybe we are, although to my mind with bows to Steve Englehart’s great version of issues past.

Cool comic. Fun comic. Cosmic comic! 

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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Spinning directly out of his best selling book Superior Spiderman, Dan Slott, puts Peter Parker back in the tights and unleashes enough hilarity and intrigue to satiate any Spidey fan!

Dan Slott has been both scathed and praised for his tale of Dr. Octopus as the Superior Spiderman. Personally, I was in awe of the way Slott created a story revolving around one of Spidey’s greatest villains, one that both destroyed and exponentially enhanced Peter Parker’s life simultaneously. From that very first issue, I pondered the possible outcomes and how Slott would hopefully make Peter’s return one that would be wrought with challenges he never saw coming. Today, all those thoughts come true as Peter emerges into a world he never created but now has to deal with.

Dan Slott writes a tightrope of a tale, balancing between the two things that make Spider-Man work — humor and consequence. From page one, Slott, makes an opening sequence that will shock you, one that will have lasting ramifications for years to come and will start a fresh controversy all over again! From there we are immediately thrust into an all out action sequence rife with comically infused banter that Spidey fans have been missing. The humor goes over the top (“spidey skivvies” anyone) before we are jettisoned into a press conference regarding Peter’s role at Parker Industries. Slott continues this pattern of humor and intrigue throughout the remainder of the first story, and we are left with a scene between Peter and Anna Maria Marconi that will change their relationship forever.

From there we are given small vignettes from Chris Yost, Peter David, Joe Caramagna, and Christos Gage, as well as Slott again, that hit on particular characters that will be stirring things up for ol‘ Peter in the new series and beyond. With a multitude of artists in tow, these writers give us tantalizing tales about Kaine, Black Cat, Electro, and someone new, that show just how Spider-Man has changed their lives whether it was Doc Ock or Peter behind the mask. The build-up is intense, and it will leave you clamoring for more!

Overall, this was a great read that gives you all out action, amazing art by Humberto Ramos, plenty of hijinks and of course, the always needed — screaming of J. Jonah Jameson!

Slott has begun a new era of Spidey tales in classic fashion and fans will be delighted by every page!

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Review: Silver Surfer #1

Many anxious readers of all ages have been waiting for the debut of this book. Those expecting the soulful, preachy Silver Surfer of Stan Lee and John Buscema will be disappointed. However, those of a more upbeat nature who enjoyed Jim Starlin and Steve Englehart’s runs on the character’s second book will be ecstatic.

This is a light-hearted, upbeat romp with a guy who can fly through space. His connection with an Earth girl who has a twin is somewhat the mystery still, but I’m sure that will become one of the major threads of this book, knowing writer Dan Slott.

What we really have here is a Surfer that we’ve rarely seen. Slott is trying to please the masses who may be craving the old Marvel Cosmic while still trying to do something fresh.

Issue #1 almost has a feel of Dr. Strange to it, in a way. I love the aliens, and I also love the fact that they kept themselves secret from the Heralds of Galactus all these years. If I had the technology, I would do the same thing existing in the Marvel Universe.

Mike Allred’s Silver Surfer is energetic, frenetic, here and there and everywhere, powerful add quixotic. It reminds me of Kirby’s earliest vision of the character as well as Englehart’s playful approach.

You may or may not enjoy this issue of Silver Surfer, but then again I did not necessarily enjoy Starlin’s “Thousand Clowns” episode of Warlock when it first came out. But oh, for those days now …

And, to tell the truth, this book is something Stan and John ‘s SS never was: fun!

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Marvel Officially Announces Return Of Peter Parker In Amazing Spider-Man #1

Apparently the previously released image announcing the new Amazing Spider-Man #1 comic book from Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos featuring the return of Peter Parker (just in time for the movie) was leaked.

Now Marvel has officially announced it tonight.

The NY Daily News was given the confirmation of Amazing Spider-Man #1 hitting in April as well as the return of Peter Parker.

“We’ve gone over 30 issues without Peter Parker, so when we let him out of that box and he gets to put on that costume again and he gets to swing through the sky, it’s going to be the greatest feeling,” Slott said. “But there’s a twist. There’s always a twist.”




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Review: All-New Marvel Now Point One: Silver Surfer

Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott tackles Marvel Cosmic’s Silver Surfer for the first time in the third installment of the Point One issues that are meant to foreshadow what is to come. Slott is teamed with FF artist Mike Allred in a short tale that features Silver Surfer soaring the spaceways with an Earth girl.

We are not given any background in regards to the Earth girl or how she came to know the Silver Surfer, but we see she is not familiar with his history – not even knowing that the Silver Surfer is the Herald of Galactus. Obviously a reference to readers who are unfamiliar with the Surfer, the Earth girl is how Slott and Marvel editorial are making this Cosmic Powerhouse relatable and accessible to the Avengers and X-Men readers. Slott, however, doesn’t forget the Marvel Cosmic fans as we are witness to what the Power Cosmic can do.

Slott continues from the Matt Fraction Thor run by giving the Silver Surfer the ability to change back into his humanoid (he’s an alien from Zenn-La) guise with full powers. I’m not personally a big fan of that aspect as I consider the silver casing of the Surfer both a prison and a gateway to new freedoms. On one hand, as the Surfer is responsible for mass genocide and striking a deal with Galactus, he trades off his human form becoming trapped in the silver body as both a punishment and reminder of his deeds, while his given powerset enables him to surf the spaceways in new found freedom. With Fraction and Slott giving the Silver Surfer the ability – “I can do anything with the Power Cosmic” – it could be argued it takes away the main underlying themes that make the Surfer who he is: someone struggling with his conscious as well as losing his humanity; a guilt-filled conflicted loner who is responsible for destroying not only his world, but many others. How Slott overcomes this is by using the naive Earth girl as the Surfer may be attracted to her as she doesn’t know his past (almost similar to a new beginning).

It’s no secret that Dan Slott is a huge fan of Doctor Who. And that’s cool. There are similarities within the story and Doctor Who – and there is nothing wrong with that – as one could argue there exists similarities between the two characters as well: both destroyed their homeworlds; both are the only being of their kind; both are vastly powerful; both have a strong connection to Earth (which probably explains why the Surfer is surfing with an Earth girl “companion”). My only suggestion regarding the Doctor Who/Surfer connection is to end it there as it almost seemed as if Slott was writing the Surfer’s board akin to the Tardis. The Silver Surfer whistles for it to come, the Earth girl treats it almost like a pet, and it seems to have a mind of its own (unless the Surfer programmed it to guard the girl). The less eye-rolling moments in the book the better.

The art of Mike Allred, as it stands, is going to be hit or miss. Personally, I prefer the photo-realistic cosmic aspects of say a Brad Walker, a Leonard Kirk or a Howard Porter. Case in point is the coloring of the Silver Surfer as he comes across as looking overly white-colored, more akin to an Iceman or a snowman than a Silver Surfer. The difference in tastes of art, however, is by no means a deal-breaker.

As it stands, Dan Slott provided a very tantalizing tale for the Surfer’s first foray with a new companion. To be honest, I expected as much because Slott is a master of dialogue and comic intrigue, and he delivers. Bonuses for this series include the fact that it is set apart from Earth, meaning no involvement of the Avengers and X-Men, which – hopefully- means Dan Slott will be able to take the Surfer where he desires without the influence and involvement of Marvel Editorial. The issue leaves many questions unanswered, which provides for a desire for March’s first issue: Why is the Silver Surfer traveling with a lowly Earth girl? Who is the Earth Girl? Where are they headed? What will they encounter?

So far, not bad.

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First Look At Silver Surfer In All-New Marvel Now Point One

Before the Silver Surfer surfs the spaceways in his new ongoing in March, the Sentinel of the Spaceways appears in the All-New Marvel Now Point One one-shot slated for a January 8, 2014 release.

Marvel EIC Axel Alonso took to his Twitter to offer the following first look of Mike Allred’s art from the issue.



Variant cover by STEVE MCNIVEN
• Here we go again! It’s your one-stop entry point to the world of ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW! Loki embarks on a mission for Asgard! The Silver Surfer and Dawn experience the cosmic rays of Nautikos! A Kree Pursuer and her Special Forces team prepare to invade the Earth! The Black Widow goes undercover in Russia! And can even the Indestructible Hulk survive the aid and assistance of fellow Avengers Cannonball and Sunspot?
56 PGS./Rated T+ …$5.99

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Check Out Francesco Francavilla’s Silver Surfer #1 Variant; Dan Slott Excited About #3

Stephen Wacker exiting Marvel Cosmic.

Dan Slott launching Silver Surfer in March.

Starlin on something big this Summer.

It must be Christmas.

We just need Marvel to fix the Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova comics and launch a Quasar ongoing (can’t do much worse than Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Ghost Rider or Ms. Marvel).

Check out Francesco Francavilla’s Silver Surfer #1 variant cover below.

Dan Slott also took to his Twitter to offer he is excited about issue #3 as well.




The universe is big. Bigger than you could ever imagine. And the SILVER SURFER, the lone sentinel of the skyways, is about to discover that the best way to see it… is with someone else.
Meet the Earth Girl who’s challenged the Surfer to go beyond the boundaries of the known Marvel U– into the strange, the new, and the utterly fantastic!
Anywhere and Everywhere… Hang On! THE SILVER SURFER
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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Exclusive: Mike Allred discusses soaring the spaceways in new Surfer book


Like Marvel Cosmic or not, everyone will probably concur that the Silver Surfer, who made his debut in the legendary “Galactus Trilogy” arc in Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, is one of the most unique characters in comics.

Thus it comes to pass that yet another attempt at a Surfer solo run is coming in March from the team of writer Dan Slott and artist Mike Allred.

Skipping his usual tactics, Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer caught artist Allred as he was about to shoot a curl on a silvery board and filed this exclusive interview.

Cosmic Book News: Mike, I take it from your many blog entries you are “mildly” excited about this assignment from the House if Ideas. Why is the Silver Surfer so special to you?

Mike Allred: First off, “The Galactus Trilogy” where the Surfer was first introduced is hands down my all-time favorite comic book story.  And the Silver Surfer has been my all-time fave since I was a kid.  Even pretending to BE him when my Hawaiian brother-in -law, Manny Cantorna, taught me to surf in Hawaii when I was twelve.  A glorious joyful memory at an otherwise extremely painful time in my life.

CBN: What are the glories and what are the difficulties in depicting a character as unique and yet as rather featureless as the Surfer? Do you have to work differently than you would with other, say more human characters?

Mike Allred: Having the Universe opened up to you with endless storytelling opportunities is the ultimate glory.  And often the simplest character designs are the best.  It’s easier to project ourselves onto or into a character.  Especially one with a reflective surface.  Wink wink.

CBN: Does it help in Dan Slott’s story that there will be a human on board, the female? Will this help as sort of an art reference point of sorts with all the aliens possibly running around? At this point in time, we do not know a lot about the book but it sounds as though Norrin Radd WILL be surfing the spaceways?

Mike Allred: Fer sure.  Dawn is our ticket.  We’ll relate to the adventures through her “normal” relatability.  Plus, and think most importantly, she humanizes Norrin Radd.  Sometimes he can be too celestial to relate to.  Through Dawn he sees the awe of what he is able to do.  A new appreciation for his own potential.

CBN: We have seen a cover and there is obviously jubilation in there, something I associate more with the Steve Englehart version of the Surfer than with other creators. What are your greatest influences, both writers and artists, on the character of the Surfer as you see him in your frame of reference?

Mike Allred: Jack Kirby, obviously.  Love Moebius‘ brief take on the character.  And John Buscema big time!  I even pasted the cover to Stan Lee and John Buscema’s Silver Surfer no.1 onto my school notebook since we weren’t allowed to bring comic books into school.  How crazy slash stupid is that?  I’ve dug everyone’s take.  I’ve always been excited to see the Silver Surfer whenever possible.  But those are the big ones for me initially.  But Dan’s take is now my favorite from a writer.  He’s capturing the sense of joy that I felt as a kid when I pretended to be the Silver Surfer.  I couldn’t be more excited about where  he wants to take us.


CBN: I know it is early, but how has it been working with Dan Slott so far?

Mike Allred: He’s Paul McCartney to my John Lennon!  How is that for a bold statement?  Seriously, I could not be happier with how linked we already are this early on.  We share a great passion and enthusiasm for this project, and that’s what I enjoy the most from a collaboration.

CBN: Does this book mean that Mike Allred has “made it” in the mainstream? Or is it a natural progression of the work on X-Statix and then FF?

Mike Allred: That’s funny.  I never really think that way.  Or at least not for a long time.  I feel like I made it in January of 1990, when I quit my job as a TV reporter to do comics full-time.  I’ve been able to make a living at it ever since and have the freedom to always do what keeps me excited about making comic books. I’ll admit to getting a big thrill out of having two books in the top twenty at the same time with my the first issue of X-Force I did with Peter Milligan and the Spider-Man/Iron Man I did with Brian Michael Bendis.  I would be over the moon if our Silver Surfer was a commercial smash.  Fingers crossed.

CBN: Will doing Silver Surfer give you even more excuse, as I believe you put it, to release your “inner Kirby”?

Mike Allred: No doubt.  There is a comic book language that Jack Kirby created that has always been in my work.  The “Kirby Krackle Energy Dots,” for instance.  It’s just second nature to me.  Like words balloons and panel borders.  It just is.  But mostly I would refer to my “Inner Kirby” as striving for a passion you get from reading a terrific comic book. A feeling.  A spirit of adventure, humanity and loyalty.  The struggle between good and evil and where they often overlap and blur.  Just solid energetic engrossing storytelling.

CBN: So is there anything about the storyline of the book at all that you can share with us? We have seen the Surfer in just about every situation, from Earthbound to freedom to trapped in Hell. What do we have here with you and Slott?

Mike Allred: ZOWEE!

CBN: Can you hint at any known Marvel Cosmic denizens we may see in the book in coming months, hero or villain (no no, besides the Silver Surfer)?

Mike Allred: Nope.

CBN: Finally: We hear there WILL be a Galactus story (no fair using him for Question 9). Does that intimidate or delight as an artist?

Mike Allred: Guess.  Heh heh.

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Mike Allred for taking time surfing the spaceways to answer MOST of our questions. We would also like to thank Marvel’s Chris D’Lando who helped make this interview possible.

“Silver Surfer” #1 hits stands in March!

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