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Review: Hypernaturals #7


Believe it or not, the special reserve iteration of the Hypernaturals – vets Clone-45, Thinkwell and Bewilder along with two newbies – whom we have seen come together over the past few issues to solve what exactly happened to the real Hypernaturals team are now in league with their worst enemy, Sublime, to save the Quantinuum.

But what do you do when the God you created to take care of you is the enemy?

That is the dilemma this rag-tag group faces as Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning bring their most cosmically awesome and humanly emotional best to us in Hypernaturals #7.

Even though this book did not seem to be on anyone’s BEST LIST for 2012, it was certainly on mine. And all you have to do is hang on because DnA are doing their very best to create not only a world but a whole universe backwards!

The front pages of the issue, of course, are reserved for a flashback that will someday have meaning in the “present” of 100 AQ. But this one, the grizzly origin of Sublime, has almost immediate implications and expands the emotions of this key villain in the piece … or is he?

Seems that more than one instance of quantum duplication has occurred within the Quantinuum and that is the real danger our heroes (and villain) face as we see a second Sublime rear his ugly head.

Artists Tom Derenick and Andres Guinaldo do their best to keep up with the story and it is rendered with cosmic beauty, but we still miss the great pencils of Brad Walker and hope he returns to his creation someday.

Each issue of Hypernaturals is complex, with characters that live and breathe. It is a wonderful world for a new reader to help establish or longtime readers of sci-fi comics to visit. I invite you to do so with this month’s Hypernaturals #7. You will be glad you did.

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