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Review: Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm #8


Writers Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman continue their story of Ape society in an action-packed and plot-rich Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm #8.

Chimpanzees are at their lowest ebb as members of Ape society, several being marched into refugee camps as names become  numbers; this, on top of the fact it was they who suffered most from the great deluge.

But one chimp there is who refuses to lose his true identity and that is Cadmus, and this fact will soon lead to trouble in masse for ApeCity.

Meanwhile, the great orator Zaius speaks of unity among all Apes, promising the best jobs and the richest rewards to chimps since they did suffer so much from Nature’s fury.

But his call for unity rings hollow throughout the Ape community, and when word begins to spread of Cadmus’ imprisonment the crowd becomes a mob and the buzz becomes a righteous riot!

And then there is the archeologist Cornelius, who begins quite a tale on … “ancient chimpanzees.”

The pace never slows down and the plot threads pay off in #8, as artist Damian Couceiro turns in panel after panel of great art any film cinematographer would drool over.

New comics come and go, but this sci-fi series remains a quality gem in the crown of BOOM! Studios.

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Advanced Review: Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm #3


For those who thought “cataclysm” was just a loose description for this incarnation of BOOM! Studios’ successful Apes franchise, issue #3 of this title will prove how really descriptive that word is!

In the brink of disaster and continuing to run out of choices – and land — Cornelius, Prisca and the other Apes try to find shelter before the fragments of the moon set off an even greater calamity: the destruction of the dam, and the only thing keeping ApeCityaway from the devastating waters.

Amid the emotional tragedies we encounter in this book, somewhere it is finally discovered that the greatest decree of the Lawgiver has been violated. One bullet hole in a dead chimpanzee shows that “Ape has killed Ape.”

Will the caste system, which has brought a kind of peace among the Apes, be broken as the news spreads? Or will it have a chance to spread before the flood waters consume all? And what of the humans?

Excitement and action are never far from ApeCityin this book, but the emotion and politics of a people (the Apes) are front and center in the eyes of these characters.

Writers Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko continue to convey the socially conscious feel of the parent movie series by drawing parallels to our real world. And they do so without missing a beat in characterization or drama.

One of the big bonuses of these Apes books has been the consistency of the art and how it reminds of the dusty, musty films of the franchise. The art of Damian Couceiro brings us right back to those very Apes films with architecture and costumes faithful to the genre. And of course seeing longtime favorites like Dr. Zaius in comic book form is one of this book’s highlights!

Another cosmic knock out-of-the-park for the POTH: Cataclysm team, and for BOOM.

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