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Review: Cyclops #2

Chris Summers has a secret. It is that intrigue – and the manner in which these space opera characters are being handled – that is fueling Greg Rucka’s Cyclops into hyper-drive, making it leave many other X-series behind.

What started for the young Scott Summers as just a break from Brian Michael Bendis’ All-New X-Men has turned into a romping, action-filled, father-son character driven ride of SF fun!

In #2, Scott – and it is thrilling here and important to recall this is the Cyclops created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and new from that world – discovers the Marvel universe, emphasis on universe. Rucka has a grasp on this character, as with all others plus what he has infused into them in this refreshing book, but most of all his Scott acts like a kid. It bothers him that he is not good with a sword, but when push comes to shove in a battle to protect Corsair, we see deep down he is still the leader mutant we so much loved and respected pre-AvX.

This is the look at the Starjammers – and Corsair and Scott in particular – that readers have been craving since the day the words “Enter: A Legend” appeared along with the swashbucklers in the pages of Claremont and Cockrum’s “All-New, All-Different” X-Men.

Corsair is developing into a most interesting man. And when you recall what he has been through – well, death! – and more are apparently now coming back to haunt him. I hope we do not have to wait too long to hear his tale of survival. God only knows when we will hear about Peter Quill and the Cancerverse.

The art of Russell Dautermam is very much true to what Rucka is trying to do here, and a welcome feast for the eye. His Kid Cyclops is very young, and that adds volumes to the story. And his aliens are very strange and wondrous, keeping this adventure into the outer stratosphere real.

Cyclops is giving us multiple bang for our buck. Support it if your wallet allows.

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No Cyclops In X-Men: Days Of Future Past Says James Marsden; Thinks Whedon Should Do Kitty Pryde Movie

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:9964:]]Sorry, Cyclops fans, the one-eyed optically powered mutant will not be appearing in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, at least played by James Marsden.

Marsden has a featured roll in the upcoming comic book movie, 2 Guns, and Vulture caught up with the actor to ask about Bryan Singer’s new X-Men flick.

James Marsden says he won’t be in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but says you never know in regards to the sequels.

No, no X-Men, unfortunately. But who knows? If this next film really works, Bryan [Singer] has said he wants to fix a few things, so hopefully that’s one of them. It was great, to have a movie like that, the first two or three X-Men, and the studios in Hollywood work really hard to find a formula that’s successful, and you want to keep that intact, so …

Marsden also remarks that he would like to see Professor X and Magneto spinoff movies, and when Kitty Pryde is mentioned, says Joss Whedon should get the call.

Who knows? It could happen. Maybe Joss Whedon is the guy to do that one.

2 Guns hits this Friday with James Marsden also appearing in the upcoming movies: The Loft, Red Machine, Lee Daniels’ The Butler where he plays John F. Kennedy, and Anchorman: The Legend Continues.

X-Men: Days of Future Past has a May 23, 2014 release date starring Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, ShawnAshmore, with Hugh Jackman reprising as Wolverine, and returning cast members Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan.

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Exclusive Interview: Greg Pak on X-Treme X-Men: Other Dimensional Brood and High-Tech Apps


Writer Greg Pak has taken the Exiles concept and the X-Treme X-Men title and made them both his own, with What If? worlds being visited by alternate versions of the most iconic mutants around.

In X-Treme X-Men #7.1, an excellent jumping-on point for new readers, Pak also brings back those lovable chomping aliens, the Sleazoids … er uh, the Brood! But these are the demon insectoids of another reality. What will that entail for Dazzler and her crew of alternate x-tras?

Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer sat down exclusively with Pak and discussed the issue, Sleazoids, and what else the author has been up to lately.

Cosmic Book News: For the uninitiated among the readership (and you know who you are), please explain the concept behind this incarnation of X-Treme X-Men.

Greg Pak: The Dazzler from “our” Marvel Universe leads a team of alternate-universe X-Men on a reality-hopping mission to kill ten evil Xaviers who threaten the multiverse itself!

The team includes Howlett, a mutton-chopped Wolverine whose bones are laced with adamantine, the metal of the gods; Kurt Waggoner, a teleporting kid from the tech utopia known as the United States of California; and a severed Xavier head in a bottle. So far they’ve fought a Cthulu-esque squid Xavier, a What-If-The-X-Men-Were-Gods Xavier, and an Old West Xavier.

Cosmic Book News: Isn’t it a bit early for a young title like X-Treme to have a Point One issue like that coming out in December?

Greg Pak: It’s never too early to give potential new readers a very clear and easy way to jump onto a book.


Cosmic Book News: Will we be seeing other X-Men variants joining the team? Any non-mutants?

Greg Pak: Yes! And yes! 

An X-Man from “our” universe joins the team in issue #6. And a non-mutant of great importance to Howlett shows up in issue #8. Big things afoot — don’t miss out!

Cosmic Book News: In #7.1, Dazzler and her team come head-to-head with the Brood. How are these aliens going to be different than the “sleazoids” we know? Why is this issue a great place for new readers to jump on board?

Greg Pak: These Brood are very much like the classic Brood we’ve grown to know and fear. But there’s a shocking twist to the Acanti skywhales from their reality. André Araújo is drawing this issue, and he’s absolutely killing it. He’s bringing this amazing Otomo vibe to the Marvel Universe, and I can’t be more thrilled.

This story is also a fantastic place for new readers to jump on board because it co-stars Cyclops — “our” Cyclops — and touches on his struggles post-AvX

Cosmic Book News: The “big” story behind these issues of X-Treme X-Men, you have said, will one day lead straight back to Marvel Universe Earth (616). Can you elaborate on that any?

Greg Pak: Well, we’re seeing Cyclops in #7.1. And by issue #11, much more about how things will have an impact on “our” universe will become clearer. Look for big payoffs in #12 and #13.


Cosmic Book News: Thus far, which of these variant X-characters is your favorite? Is there any character — mutant or otherwise — in the Marvel toy box you would like to play with or have a variant of but probably will not, for whatever reason?

Greg Pak: I’ve had a blast with each and every one of these variant characters — they’re all a blast. But probably Howlett is my favorite right now. He’s the former Governor General of the Dominion of Canada in his world — kind of a gentleman adventurer, like Teddy Roosevelt with mutant powers. But he also has a great backstory and a huge heart — and he’s in love with Hercules. ALL OF THIS IS TRUE AND THAT IS WHY I LOVE WRITING THIS BOOK.

Cosmic Book News: Any upcoming projects for Greg Pak besides the dimension-skipping mutants?

Greg Pak: I contributed a crazy kid-meets-giant-robot story to the Shattered Asian American comics anthology that just hit stores this week. Tak Miyazawa, who co-created Amadeus Cho with me, is the artist, and he did an amazing job. You can grab the book now on Amazon — check it out!

I also just released an iPad app version of my sci-fi graphic novel Vision Machine. It’s a huge, awesome, and FREE at the iTunes Store — check it out at . The app includes animation, a full soundtrack featuring legendary voice actor Phil LaMarr (Young Justice, Futurama), and some mind-blowing interactive features. It works on iPads 2 and higher. Seriously, check it out!

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Greg Pak for taking time out of his busy schedule (which included super-storm Sandy!) to chat with us as well as X-editor Jeanine Schaeffer and Marvel publicity maven Arune Singh who helped make this interview possible.

X-Treme X-Men #7.1 hits shelves in December!

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Review: A-Babies vs X-Babies #1

“Avengers vs X-Men,” the massive Marvel Comics event, has come to an end. But now we get to see the Avengers and the X-Men battle it out like we’ve never seen them before – as babies! When little Steve Rogers has his Bucky Bear stolen by baby Cyclops, everyone who isn’t grounded or down with the chicken pox is called into action!

This comic is adorable. Not only is it a great all-ages book, but it’s also very fun to read. There are lots of hidden Marvel jokes, but all of them are funny whether you know the history of the characters or not.

Skottie Young has written another example of why all-ages comics can thrive in the market. All they need is the right creative team and the chance to shine. He writes the little Avengers and X-Men as cute but true miniaturized versions of themselves. You could also deconstruct this whole scenario as a metaphor for how the Marvel superheroes act sometimes during a conflict, but it’s much more fun to just love it as a humorous story.

Gurihiru does the interior art for this first issue. Each panel has life and energy that you wouldn’t expect from a book like this. When baby Thor throws his hammer it’s just as dynamic as when the adult Thor does it. The characters are expressive, the cartooning is spot on, and the tone makes you want to go back to your old neighborhood and play in the street again.

Marvel may have released the best all-ages title this year. Let’s hope that the series continues so that we can share this book with the younger people in our lives and the young at heart.

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Avengers Vs. X-Men #11: Spoiler Dies

The news came across my desk yesterday afternoon, but we didn’t spoil it.

Now it doesn’t matter as Marvel released the news about the death in today’s Avengers Vs. X-Men #11 themselves earlier today.

What happens is Cyclops kills Professor X.

Brian Michael Bendis wrote the issue and spoke with about it.

Knowing what my plans were post AvX [with ALL-NEW X-MEN], the death of Charles Xavier made every scene I have coming up for the next year more passionate, more interesting and more controversial. I was very happy that we voted to whack the man.

A small group of us getting together to decide to murder Charles Xavier is all sounding very Godfather-ish. [Laughs]

By our count this is at least the third time Professor X has “died.”

So how long before he comes back?!



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Cyclops Is The Phoenix In Avengers Vs. X-Men #12 – Defeating Kid Nova?

The last issue of Avengers Vs. X-Men comes out on October 3rd, with #12, and we see Nova is on the cover.

I take it he woke up out of his coma?

Oh, still not yet?

Anyway, a cover for the last AvX issue was sent to retailers which reveals Cyclops to be the Phoenix.

We also see some of the Avengers seemingly KO’d with the new Kid Nova almost down and out as well.

So, is the final battle going to see the new Kid Nova prevail and then off to his new Jeph Loeb/Ed McGuinness monthly?

Or did Marvel end up listening to the Nova fans, and Cyclops is going to blast Kid Nova from wherever whence he came?

And bring back Richard Rider?

You might want to tune into this week’s Avengers Vs. X-Men #11 as most likely that is where the Kid Nova will awake.


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Marvel Heroes MMO: Cyclops Revealed

Marvel has unveiled Cyclops character art for the Marvel MMO, Marvel Heroes.


Marvel Heroes is the massively multiplayer online game where you get to play as your favorite Marvel Comics super-heroes…for free! Stop criminals in their tracks with Spider-Man’s web shooters. Sling Captain America’s famous shield into a horde of HYDRA goons. Unleash the lightning of Storm against the anti-mutant Purifiers. Or play fan favorites like Cable, Deadpool, Ms. Marvel, or dozens of others.
In this free-to-play game, you get to experience a world-spanning storyline written by Brian Michael Bendis featuring iconic locations and classic scenes drawn from the history of Marvel Comics.
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