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Charles Soule Confirms He Serves As Star Wars Creative Consultant for Lucasfilm

Charles Soule confirms that he serves as a Star Wars creative consultant for Lucasfilm. The writer is known for various Marvel comics including Star Wars, where an eagle-eyed fan spotted a description for Star Wars Celebration that states Soule works as a Creative Consultant for Lucasfilm. “Guess this is getting out there – very excited …

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Marvel Comics Has No Plans To Bring Back Wolverine


You always hear fans complain about the fact that while a character gets killed off in the comics, the character comes back a month later (or right in time for the next movie).

Marvel is killing of Wolverine, which kicks off next Wednesday with the first issue.

If you thought Logan was coming back anytime soon, think again, as at Fan Expo Canada, writer Charles Soule lets it be known there are no plans to bring back Wolverine – at least until 2016 (via Bleeding Cool).

“The idea is not to bring him back. This isn’t one of those stories where he’s back in two weeks. The point is to tell an awesome ending story for Wolverine. I’m not gonna say he will never be brought back. I will say for sure that I’m very involved in all the Wolverine related discussions at Marvel right now and the thing we have not talked about at all is how to bring him back and I’m involved in discussions for stuff out into 2016 at this point.”

Regarding 2016, that does see the next X-Men movie come out with X-Men: Apocalypse, so unless the rumors of Disney and Fox being at odds are true, Wolverine would probably be back by then to capitalize on the new movie hype.

The rumor has it that Disney/Marvel CEO stockholder Ike Permutter is not happy with Fox, which is stated to have been the reason for no X-Men: Days Of Future Past merchandise as well as the rumors of all the Fantastic Four titles getting cancelled and the Inhumans replacing the X-Men/mutants in the Marvel comic book universe.

Soule did state a new series will be coming up dealing with the ramifications of Wolverine’s death in the Marvel U.

“And we’re also doing another series that runs in parallel with it called Logan’s Legacy” which will look at the Marvel universe without Wolverine. Specifically they will look at Sabretooth, X-23, Mystique, and the unknown lead of the Weapon X project book who is “a guy who is kind of intertwined with a huge bad guy from Wolverine’s history. I can’t talk about any details, but when we revisit this next year and you know what all these things are I hope you’ll be as excited about it as I am. There are big plans to do everything except bring him back.”

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Review: Green Lantern #28 (Venditti)/Red Lanterns #28 Flip Book

Two comics for the price of one!

It’s time for the vaunted Green Lantern #28/Red Lanterns #28 flip issue, and I am glad to report – both as a commercial device and as a storytelling mechanism – the flip book is a complete success. And what we should be looking for in comics: fun!

In Green Lantern #28, the mystery of Supergirl as a Red Lantern begins. The fact that we do not discover the answers here in these two issues but in the upcoming Supergirl #28 does nothing to spoil the fun of a Kryptonian with a red rage ring, nor does it harm writer/franchise planner Robert Venditti’s beautiful action yarn here.

Let’s face it, not many folk are hip to the Green Lantern Corps these days across the space sectors, including many of the Lanterns themselves. Robbed of the guilt-free feeling of using the light to enforce crime across the galaxies, some Lanterns cannot justify killing the universe’s future for a little justice, and this is exactly the wonderful status quo that Venditti has brought to the franchise across the board.

From deep space to Mogo environs, there is plenty of action here for the great art of Billy Tan. You have never seen Kara Zor-El so savage, nor Hal Jordan quite as confused. I really do not feel that sorry for Hal, he has reaped what he has sewn, but Tan makes him sulk like the little boy who just got caught playing a prank on the teacher. Ya gotta love them facial expressions!


Here is more of the new status quo as the Red Lanterns take over responsibility for Sector 2814, which includes our own Earth! Imagine Guy Gardner leading the Reds in our protection, and you can see why the objections of some (no spoilers here, just review) do not ring exactly as hollow as Hal would have us believe.

Kara’s mystery continues here, with some pleasant surprises and some fine action although no real answers (again, in Supergirl).

Red Lanterns#28 continues writer Charles Soule’s wonderful transformation of this group from dire villains and then anti-heroes into a Corps that I can not only understand and back, but perhaps actually cheer for eventually. All it took was a complete overhaul and the addition of Guy and a conscious crew, if you will.

I am still not a fan of Alessandro Vitti’s art here; just seems out of place and not on spot with Soule’s script. I am trying. And for Pete’s sake, colorist Gabe Eltaeb, I know the chief hue is red here but between the Lanterns and Supergirl’s eye beams, I feel like I have redeye and I have not even been on a plane! A little down toning, please.

All in all, a successful experiment which I would welcome again. Chief beneft? I saved three bucks!

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Review: Red Lanterns #27

Ice Ice Baby!
If you dig the cover of this issue of Red Lanterns, then you know the answer to the question, What is Ice going to do when Guy Gardner comes calling?, as posed in the solicits.
What you may not know, if you are not following this book, is that since Charles Soule took it over, it has become one of the most readable and enjoyable of the whole Lantern franchise, and in fact the whole New 52.
Who but Soule could make the concept of Supergirl as a Red Lantern work? Not saying that it is, but I’m just glad Kara is out of the ring business before her new book, Justice League United, starts. No need for Lanterns in every JL!
The idea of the Red Lanterns taking over responsibility for the earth is still part of the status quo that I’m getting used to, but Soule is doing that for me. I don’t know how the populace of DCU Earth is going to feel, but we have seen in recent days the public’s love for the Greens.
I’m still not sold on artist Alessandro Vitti. Everything is competent, but it still doesn’t have that cosmic zing that I’m looking for. Just a little flat, IMHO.
Cannot wait for the Green Lantern/Red Lantern combo pack book. Should be a winner!
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Exclusive: Writer brings Soule to Superman/Wonder Woman romance


Many months ago, DC shocked the comics reading world when, in the New 52, Superman and Wonder Woman shared a kiss. And then more!

What was thought temporary has turned into an ongoing monthly, Superman/Wonder Woman, by the terrific team of Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniel.

To investigate this new development among classic characters, Cosmic Book News M.E. Byron Brewer exclusively spoke with Soule and logged this wondrous … no, this Super-Report.

Cosmic Book News: So how did it come about that you are doing this title?

Charles Soule: It’s not more complicated than this – DC asked, and I said yes! I had written a few Superman appearances in Swamp Thing that were well-received, and I was fortunate enough that they considered me to take on the Superman/Wonder Woman project. It’s a great book, and I’m thrilled to be on it.

CBN: Is this a hard book to do, given the mammoth mythos of both characters?

Charles Soule: I’ll be honest, it was a little intimidating at first, but I embraced it as not just a challenge, but a dream come true. Who doesn’t want to write Superman and Wonder Woman? I love working on the book – there are plenty of great stories to tell with those two.

CBN: How do you come up with big-bads for the two strongest entities in the New 52?

Charles Soule: You just have to think about their particular weaknesses, and ideally villains who would make for interesting reflections of the heroes. Good villains comment on their opponents (not literally, of course, although sometimes, I suppose). It’s not always easy to do, but I also think that not every villain confrontation has to end up in a slugfest. There are many ways to play it.


CBN: How important is this romance to the future of the DCU? Any future ramifications you can hint at?

Charles Soule: It’s a big deal! I mean, these are two of the strongest characters in the entire DCU, if not THE strongest, and they’re romantically involved, with all the emotional highs and lows that go along with that. Things will get very intense very soon, especially now that the world knows they’re involved, as of the end of Issue 3. The end of Issue 6, in particular, should be a pretty huge landmark for these two, and the DCU as a whole.

CBN: Ever get any nasty mail from old Lois Lane fans (laughs)?

Charles Soule: Certainly not any more. These days, I tend to get more of the “I thought I’d hate this, but now I love it!” sort of thing. Which, frankly, I prefer.

CBN: General Zod seems to be everywhere these days. How does he figure into Supes/WW?

Charles Soule: Zod is a very clever, savvy fellow. He has a lot going on, and some of those things involved working with (or against?) Superman. In particular, he’s very concerned about another KryptonianFaora, who may or may not be making an appearance soon as well. Actually, let me just be clear on that – she will. And she is spectacular.

CBN: Do you coordinate with Geoff Johns, Brian Azzarello or any of the Superman Family writers?

Charles Soule: Of course! It’s a shared universe. I speak to the other writers quite often, just to make sure we’re parceling out character beats amongst ourselves. I love that – the writers of these books are incredibly talented, clever people, and it’s always fun to talk to them about stories and ideas.


CBN: What character, good or evil, would you like to see in this title if possible?

Charles Soule: Beyond who’s already there? Man, I’m pretty lucky to get to work with the cast I’ve got, honestly. I’m looking forward to doing some things with some of Wonder Woman’s cast of characters, especially some of her rogues. A few hints at those folks show up in Issue 4 – they’re waiting in the wings, ready to make a more prominent appearance.

CBN: Tony S. Daniel is so creative. Besides his great art, does he ever contribute story as well?

Charles Soule: We talk a lot, and we certainly discuss story beats. Collaboration is one of the best things about comic projects, really, and Tony’s been great to collaborate with.

CBN: Any present or future projects you would like to discuss?

Charles Soule: I think some amazing things are going to be happening with the Super books over the next few months, especially into the spring and summer. That corner of the DCU is going to get much closer and crazier over the next little while – we have some killer stories lined up. Beyond that, well, I’m incredibly proud of the weird, cool, beautiful work we’re doing on Swamp Thing, and Red Lanterns is probably the most fun book about rage-addict aliens with power rings you’ll ever read. Lots of great stuff to check out!

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Charles Soule for taking time during his busy schedule to answer our questions. We would also like to thank DC’s own Alex Nagorski who helped make this interview possible.

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Review: Red Lanterns #26

Twenty-six months ago, if you were to hand me a copy of Red Lanterns #26 and tell me it was the same book that was uprooting Atrocitus as a dread villain and showing him and his Lanterns as more the angst anti-heroes allying with Hal Jordan in crayon-friendly groups, I would have laughed. Loudly.

The “Put a Human with ‘Em” is not my usual solution for straightening out the storyline and scope of a mag featuring aliens from diverse worlds. I, like many at CBN, are very much aversed to the Earth-centric space story unless it “works.”

Under the pen of Charles Soule, swiftly becoming one of my favorite writers in comics, Red Tornado “works.”

What a difference the addition of Guy Gardner has brought to this book … and to Guy! Here, his quirky disposition and hot temper seem to have a purpose, and I actually enjoy the other cast members more because of him.

This time around, Guy & Co. face their first real challenge with the new status quo and are engaged by a monarch with a brilliant weapon suited especially for the Reds. The fact that this is used – and quite effectively – by our big-bad without a snicker or wink is incredible in itself. The fact it is actually enjoyable is astounding. And enjoyable it is!

There is also a resolution – or at least a continuation – of the back-burner Atrocitus subplot, one that does not satisfy in its current situation and should have been compounded upon more this very issue, IMHO.

The art is not my favorite this time around, but Soule’s script and characterization are enough to carry this fine tale to its conclusion, for the most part.

Red Lanterns as a book is coming into its own. It is hoped it can stay independent long enough from the rest of the Lantern pack to become a strong mag in its own right. Issue #26 is one good first step!  

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Matt Fraction Off Inhuman


Matt Fraction is no longer attached to the delayed Inhuman title.

Marvel released a press release that stated Charles Soule is coming on board.

Reportedly, Fraction left both Fantastic Four and FF to take on Inhuman, so this is pretty big news.

It’s stated Joe Madureira still remains on as the series artist.

Marvel directly spun the new Inhumans event out of Jonathan Hickman’s recent Infinity event.

The news comes after it was learned Inhuman is getting a three month delay. Fans online assumed it was because of Joey Mad’s art, but it looks as if it could be because Fraction departed.

Fraction did write the first issue to kick things off with Inhumanity #1.

No official reason has been given for Fraction leaving the book.

Charles Soule is currently writing Thunderbolts, Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Red Lanterns and the upcoming She-Hulk relaunch.

Inhuman #1 now hits in April.

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Review: Red Lanterns #24

We are learning a new framework in which to view the Red Lantern Corps under writer Charles Soule, and I for one am loving it.

Not that I didn’t like the rage and soul-searching on the part of leader Atrocitus, a powerful and complex cosmic soul. But with the arrival of the new creators post-Johns, this book has really picked up and is beginning to find its own identity among the Lantern group.

That said, Red Lanterns #24, Chapter 4 in the “Lights Out” saga, seems to lose a bit of the drama that had built in Green Lantern: New Guardians, but I did not expect it to transfer because the feel of the two books is so different … which, in the long run, is a good thing, I think.

The element that has added the spark to the raging fire (lol, get it?) is, of course, the turn of events with former Green Lantern Guy Gardner as Soule has imbedded him into the RLC. There is a cool scene with Guy and Bleez that really defines how both characters are going. But, shockingly, by book’s end the situation with the entire Red Lantern Corps will have changed, as they say in the solicits, “and will never be the same again!”

That shocker, such as it is (thanks, RL #25 solicit), will save for the reader, because it is relatively early and I am sure there will be plenty of ‘net discussion. Also up for observance is the first fateful meeting between Guy and GL head honcho Hal Jordan since Guy’s “conversion.” Neither character is typical for the color of their ring, and while there is a tenseness here (Hasn’t there always been?), the old respect and cooperation is still there underneath for these opposite sides of the same leadership coin.

Alessandro Vitti does a great job of balancing rage and emotion with cosmic grandeur and, while not its best chapter, Red Lanterns #24 does a wonderful job of advancing the event as well as setting up a new status quo for the Reds.

What else can you ask?

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Review: Red Lanterns #22

I’m beginning to wonder if I have expected too much from Red Lanterns from the get-go, because I haven’t been happy with many of the issues, if any. Back when Atrocitus was considered an actual Green Lantern villain, and previous to any ongoing, the series held great potential as it could have featured a team of “evil” Lanterns. However, Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns quickly turned into anti-heroes, which continues with this issue.

Red Lanterns #22 starts off with the remaining Red Lanterns bickering amongst themselves about who should be leader and what should happen to Guy Gardner, in which Guy has become a mindless mess after besting Atrocitus for the Red Lantern ring.

Oops; Gardner forgot what it was like to wear one.

Well, after some exposition, that is quickly resolved as Guy gets literally baptized in blood which clears his mind basically becoming the new leader.

We get some corny dialogue with Guy asking the Red Lantern members to vote the American way and asking “what, are we GL members?!” as well as inquiring where they sleep. And I think that’s also been a problem with the book from the start, and that is the supporting cast comes off as complete morons akin to a Saturday morning cartoon where the villains are just plain feeble-minded. 

I suppose it could be argued that Atrocitus surrounded himself with not the brightest bunch of Lanterns for whatever reason, but I think the reader deserves more because they literally share a common bond born in blood. It’s just that the Red Lantern Corps are all a bunch of doofuses which doesn’t make for good reading. In defense of Charles Soule’s writing, he may actually be going for more of a level playing field amongst the Red Lantern Corps as there are inklings of that in this issue.

The book is not a total loss for me as there are some interesting questions regarding where Gardner’s loyalties lie. The previous issue saw the Hal Jordan give Garndner a mission to infiltrate the Red Lantern Corps; however, I would argue ‘what’s the point’ as basically there is no corps. Gardner could just pack it up and call it a day as they are a bunch of misfts not capable of being much of a threat to themselves let alone anyone else. But that is where Guy comes in; where we see perhaps a little rage still lingering in his heart?

The conclusion of Red Lanterns #22 I wasn’t happy with at all as I found myself rolling my eyes as the series is going exactly the way I predicted it would, and probably everybody else, too.

Hate to say it, but maybe when Lights Out hits in October, the Red Lanterns will be the first to get turned off.

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Green Lantern 101 Comic-Con Clip With Charles Soule, Van Jensen, Robert Venditti & Bernard Chang


DC Comics released video from Comic-Con featuring Charles Soule, Van Jensen, Robert Venditti and Bernard Chang discussing the goods on all things Green Lantern.

The next Green Lantern event begins in October with “Lights Out” where it’s been confirmed that one of the Corps gets decimated (no spoilers here!) at the hands of the new villain, Relic.

Relic will be featured as part of DC’s Villains Month with a special one shot.

We get a clue regarding Relic from the Green Lantern Comic-Con panel with Soule stating, “The Lanterns use light as their tool and weapon. Relic has a theory of why that’s happening and he has a plan to fix that.”

“He recognizes the Light Spectrum, so he starts experimenting and testing the universe he’s birthed into,” Brad Walker, artist on Green Lantern: New Guardians, added.

Here is the Green Lantern 101 video for a run down on all things GL:

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DC Comics Announces Superman/Wonder Woman Ongoing

This October DC Comics has announced a new Superman/Wonder Woman ongoing comic book to be written by Charles Soule with art by Tony Daniel.

No other details are known at the time, but the series joins this month’s Superman Unchained and Batman/Superman.

There is also said to be a Wonder Woman Easter Egg in the Man of Steel.


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Exclusive Interview: Charles Soule guides Marvel’s Thunderbolts through Infinity


Writer Charles Soule begins a new gig in June chronicling the adventures of the Red Lanterns. Two months later, the scribe begins his first Marvel assignment by recording the derring-do of the Thunderbolts … just as this summer’s Infinity event hits!

To find out his plans for Ross & Co., Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer sat down with Soule and exclusively dissected the writer’s plans for these heroes gone wrong (or is that villains gone right?).

Cosmic Book News: You just began writing Red Lanterns which takes place in outer space and now you are arriving just in time to take the Thunderbolts into Infinity, Marvel’s summer blockbuster! What role will these anti-heroes play in the event?

Charles Soule: The Tbolts happen to be in the midst of a mission in New York City when the Infinity event comes down on the Big Apple like a ton of bricks. They need to navigate the crazy happenings in the city while still trying to complete their mission — more on that below. It’s been really fun to write this team going up against a cosmic threat. They’re all pretty much street-level characters, and throwing them up against aliens (spoiler: there are aliens) and other strange beasties is undeniably cool.

CBN: The Thunderbolts have a rich history going back to the 1990s, but they have undergone many changes. For newbies, can you run us down the roster and tell us the team’s mission?

Charles Soule: The current Thunderbolts team doesn’t have a direct association with the prior versions, but it has a lot of thematic similarities. Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross (get it?) aka Red Hulk is the leader. The rest of the team includes Punisher, Elektra, Deadpool, Venom, and a crimsonized version of Sam Sterns known as Red Leader. A cool Hulk villain from the ‘90s named Mercy is floating around as well, although her role on the team has been left a bit purposely vague. You’ll learn much more about what Mercy’s up to in Issue #13, the second issue of my run.

There are two sides to the team’s mission: first, Thunderbolt Ross brought them all together so they could help him clean up messes from his past decades hunting the Hulk. There are a bunch of old weapons programs, gamma-infused creatures and so on that he had a direct hand in creating that he wants to deal with. Now, you’re probably wondering why the Punisher, or any of the others, would care even a tiny bit about Ross’ problems. You’d be right. But Issue #14 will address this directly. It seems that Ross got all of these people who don’t play well with others to join the team by making them all the same promise: “Do a few gamma-related missions for me, and then the team will undertake a mission for you. Anything you want, no questions asked.” The team will take turns, basically drawing names out of a hat. Since each member has something they can’t handle on their own, they see it as a good deal. The Punisher’s mission is the first one picked, and that’s why they head to NYC.

CBN: Will the Thunderbolts face Thanos during Infinity?

Charles Soule: That would be telling! I will say that the actions Thanos takes during the Infinity event, and the repercussions that spill out from them, will have a direct, permanent effect on the ‘Bolts.

CBN: Who among the current roster are your favorites to handle thus far? Are there plans yet for new members?

Charles Soule: I have to say, I love writing Punisher and Elektra. I like them all, but I’m having a blast with those two. You can go really dark with them, but somehow they’re still accessible. I do have some plans for new members, including one character I’ve wanted to write since I was about nine, but that won’t happen for a little bit yet. Here’s a hint: the letters E and H are in the character’s name and a prominent part of their backstory. (Yes, I realize that’s a terrible hint.)

CBN: Along those lines, can you tell us if all our cast makes it through their part of Infinity alive?

Charles Soule: Certainly. My pleasure. (laughs) Thunderbolt Ross dies on page seven of Issue #14. Elektra takes a spike to the eye in Issue #15. Punisher gets eaten by this alien dragon thing on the last page of #16. Venom and Deadpool kill each other in a suicide pact in #17. Mercy and Red Leader get married in #18 (I didn’t want to kill off the entire cast.) That’ll be really cool. The Maestro will be the officiant. (laughs)

No, I’m not going to tell you if anyone dies in the Infinity arc! Or gets married! (laughs)


CBN: Uh eroookay. Red Hulk — Thunderbolt Ross — is a powerful and interesting character. Anything new coming for the General?

Charles Soule: First of all, he really doesn’t want you to call him “The General.” Ross (at this point) feels like he’s lost his way. He let his hatred of the Hulk bring him to do some fairly terrible things, and he’s doing what he can to atone for those actions. And of course, he’s become the thing he hates the most: a gamma-irradiated freak. The neat thing about the “rotating missions” concept is that Ross has to give up control of the team from time to time, and giving up control isn’t something he’s particularly fond of. He’ll work out his frustrations by smashing a whole bunch of stuff, though.

CBN: What’s up with Red Leader?

Charles Soule: Red Leader has a LOT going on, which you’ll see pretty early on in the Infinity arc. I like writing super-geniuses, and even though poor Sam Sterns has been through a lot (including getting a bullet to the dome courtesy of Frank Castle), he’s still one of the sharpest guys in the entire Marvel U.I want to keep him ambiguous for a while yet, but you’ll get a lot of clues as to what he’s up to in the next bunch of issues.

CBN: Any particular stories or plot threads from the Thunderbolts’ past you plan on revisiting?

Charles Soule: I want to get the current team through the first few adventures before I start spinning older continuity into the setup, but it’s definitely on my to-do list. If nothing else, it will give me a chance to read those stories again. Any excuse to dig into the back issues is fine by me!

CBN: So this is your first Marvel gig! How does it feel writing at the House of Ideas?

Charles Soule: It’s just a blast, as you might expect. I love playing in the Marvel sandbox, especially with this particular set of characters. It’s a great fit for my particular sensibilities, and I have a lot of ideas for where I can take the team. I hope my run goes on for a good, long time — so buy the book!

CBN: Any projects current or future you would like to discuss?

Charles Soule: 2013 is the busiest year in comics I’ve ever had. Beyond Thunderbolts, I’m writing Swamp Thing and Red Lanterns for DC Comics. I also have a beautiful hardcover OGN that was just released by Archaia called Strange Attractors, about two genius mathematicians who turn New York City into an engine using high-level applications of the Butterfly Effect. I have another ongoing creator-owned sci-fi series for Oni called Letter 44 that will start in October. It’s pretty amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it, but it’s definitely keeping me on my toes! If you want to keep up with my upcoming projects, the best way is probably to follow me on Twitter @charlessoule, friend me on Facebook or check out my site/blog. If you think you might like to read Strange Attractors, you can pick it up at your local comic shop, via Amazon or digitally for ipad and so on from Comixology. Thanks for reading!

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Charles Soule for taking the time to answer our questions. We would also like to thank Marvel’s own Arune Singh and James Viscardi who helped make this interview possible.

“Thunderbolts” #12, Soule’s first issue, hits shelves in July!

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Exclusive Interview: Charles Soule Tells Us Why It’s Better To Be Red Than dead; Hints At Things To Come


DC’s Green Lantern line has been and continues to be in upheaval, both creatively and in the books themselves, since the announcement by longtime GL architect Geoff Johns that he was leaving the franchise.

When #21 of Red Lanterns hits shelves in June, Charles Soule will take over as writer of the book with Alessandro Vitti as artist.

Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer chose a quiet corner of Ysmault to chat exclusively with Soule about the future of the Red Lantern Corps.

Cosmic Book News: Charles, you take over Red Lanterns with #21 after great upheaval in the DCU with the Third Army and the First Lantern and great upheaval in the title line with mass creator changes. What state will the Red Lanterns be in when readers open issue #21?

Charles Soule: You’re absolutely right. Not just the Reds, but the whole Lantern universe has gone through some significant changes. As we open in #21, the Reds are trying to regroup, to determine what their purpose should be. Are they simply the Green Lanterns’ attack dogs, there to save the day whenever willpower needs a little boost from rage, or can they be something more – something uniquely their own?

CBN: I have not heard a lot about Atrocitus post-First Lantern. Is he still in charge of the Red Lanterns and what challenges does he face now?

Charles Soule: Atrocitus is always going to see the Red Lanterns as his own. No matter what happens, that’s his Corps. However, he’s facing a little insurrection in the ranks, as some of the other Reds start to chafe a bit under his leadership. As we’ve seen, though, Atrocitus is not the sort of guy you want to cross, and that will play out not just in #21, but through the next long while in the book. Seeds planted in #21 will reverberate through the Red Lanterns for many issues to come. So don’t miss it! (laughs)


CBN: The big news is that Guy Gardner will be coming over to this book. Is that a temporary or permanent status and will Guy be wearing a green or red ring?

Charles Soule: One thing I’ve felt is important to see is what Guy would be like if he wasn’t desperately trying to get the red ring off his finger the moment he put it on. In his other appearances as a Red, the ring has been treated as this poisonous element that needs to be purged as quickly as possible. However, that’s a very Green perspective on the whole thing. I mean, Atrocitus doesn’t feel that way, Rankorr doesn’t feel that way … I wanted to see a Guy Gardner who embraces his rage — and he’s got plenty, believe me.

CBN: Any leftover Peter Milligan story threads that will be tied up, or is this a whole new ballgame?

Charles Soule: I’m starting from where Peter left things, but he did a great job of leaving the slate pretty clean for me. I like Rankorr a lot, so he’ll be around, and I also really liked Peter Tomasi’s Mean Machine — they show up (in a way) as well. But it should work as a great jumping-on point for new readers as well as people who are familiar with the title. Even if you’ve never read a Red Lanterns book before, and you have no idea how they work, #21 will set you up right.

CBN: Rob Venditti told CBN a few months ago that while the Green Lantern books will remain individual, at first at least, the group of titles will also move forward together with common threads. How does that work?

Charles SouleRob has created an amazing new villain named Relic, who’s simply too big to be contained in one book. His story will begin to echo through the GL books over the next few issues, culminating in a full-on crossover where many of the core Corps members interact. It’s going to be awesome — Rob has the Greens well in hand, as do Justin Jordan and Van Jensen. That event works just the way a good crossover should, in my opinion — it’s set up to allow for fantastic set pieces, logical interaction between people from different books, and changes the game to a significant degree so that everything moves in a slightly new direction going forward. I’m really happy to be part of it.


CBN: Several voices have said there is no prominent female Lantern. It seems Bleez is a perfect candidate to build on.  Will she be an important part of your story going forward, and how?

Charles Soule: They’re all important, but Bleez is definitely going to play a big part. I think she’s an interesting character in many ways — her sexuality is a huge component of how she’s been depicted thus far, and there’s nothing wrong with that, to my mind. When you look back at her origin, that aspect of her character was originally used almost as a weapon against her — it was something she was exploited for. Now, though, she’s turned that around and made it a source of strength. She uses the tendency to objectify beauty as a weapon — underestimate Bleez because she’s gorgeous and she’ll use it against you all day long. To sum up: I dig Bleez and I want to give her a lot of cool moments.

CBN: Any new Red Lanterns or cosmic big-bads on the way to the book?

Charles Soule: Right now, I’m working with the existing cast, plus Guy. I think they have some internal issues they need to work through before they can fight anything too external — although Relic is certainly looming in the background. Give it time, though. I think the direction I’m working towards will be pretty clear by the end of #21, and we’ll see a lot of development as the run continues.

CBN: I know it’s early, but how has it been working with Alessandro Vitti? What does his art bring to the table?

Charles Soule: I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Vitti at C2E2 a few weeks ago, and we were able to speak for a bit about how we’re going to make one hell of a book out of all this. His design sense is phenomenal, which is something that will be particularly useful in a book set in outer space — lots of cool spaceships and creatures to figure out.


CBN: Any favorite Lantern tales or characters from the past that may be finding new life here?

Charles Soule: I like Chaselon — my editors will tell you that I’ve tried to work him into every issue so far, in one way or another. We’ll see how that plays out as the story continues; I just think his design is awesome. Crystal body with weird tentacle limbs? Sign me up! (laughs)

CBN: Any other projects current or in the future you would like to promote?

Charles Soule: Sure, and thank you for asking. I’m a few issues into my run on Swamp Thing, and so far the response has been really gratifying. If you aren’t reading that, but you like character-driven creepiness with a giant plant dude at its heart, then by all means, give it a shot. I also have a creator-owned title, Strange Attractors, which just hit from Archaia. It’s a grounded, intelligent sci-fi thriller about two geniuses, one young, one old, who devise a method involving complexity theory (the Butterfly Effect, basically) to turn all of New York City into a giant engine. Their purpose in doing this is to try to save the city from a huge oncoming crisis — but the old guy’s more than a little nuts, and the young guy’s inexperienced and, well, young. It’s out as a beautiful hardcover from Archaia right now. If you like stories like Inception or Neal Stephenson’s work, you’d probably dig Strange Attractors too.

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Charles Soule for taking time from his busy schedule to answer the questions of our nosy M.E., who wears no rings. Also thanks to Alex Segura and Alex Nagorski of DC who helped make this interview possible.

“Red Lanterns” #21 is on sale June 26th!

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Van Jensen & Charles Soule Take Over Green Lantern Books; Tony Daniel new Action Comics writer

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6233:]]The last couple of days saw creative changes abound at DC Comics with the exits of Andy Diggle from Action Comics and Joshua Hale Fialkov from both Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns.

While that may leave a sour taste in some people’s mouth, at least it won’t be for long as already DC Comics has announced the new creative teams to replace them.

Van Jensen will be the new writer on Green Lantern Corps with GL writer Robert Venditti co-plotting.

Red Lanterns will be taken over by the new writer on Swamp Thing, Charles Soule.

In addition, it’s also confirmed that Tony Daniel will be taking over writing chores on Action Comics.

Josh Fialkov did offer the following statement via his blog (via CBR):

There were editorial decisions about the direction of the book that conflicted with the story I was hired to tell, and I felt that it was better to let DC tell their story the way they want. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I’ll miss working with the entire Green Lantern team.

This was not an easy decision to make emotionally or financially, but, I’m sure it was the right decision for both me, and for the Green Lantern books. The outpouring of support, your kind words and well wishes means so much to me and my family.

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