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Necroscope Movie Continues To Move Forward


Back in November of 2012 it became known that Hollywood special effects make-up artist and judge on SyFy’s Face Off, Glen Hetrick, is developing Brian Lumley’s horror novel series, Necroscope, into a movie.

Hetrick even revealed some creature designs.

Now Lumley’s wife, Barbara Ann (Silky) Lumley, has taken to the official website to offer some promising details.

Necroscope®: The  Movie: Ta Da! … As you all know, the option has been paid by Evolving Pictures for the last six years … now, they have totally bought out the option … which means that the likelihood of a movie coming to pass is stronger than it was before. But you must remember … Hollywood is a strange planet and all you can do is keep your fingers crossed.

Evolving Pictures has a listing for Necroscope on their website as well, and we see the production company has worked with the likes of Warner Bros.

British author Brian Lumley’s Necroscope series began in 1986 which saw Harry Keogh develop powers that gave him the ability to speak to and befriend the dead as well as travel through wormholes known as the Mobius Continuum in an unending fight to rid the world of vampires and unspeakable evils. Keogh’s travels include joining a top secret British agency as well as traveling to other worlds and dimensions. 

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Necroscope Movie From Glenn Hetrick Announced


Tonight saw the Season 3 finale of SyFy’s hit make-up special effects show, Face Off, and in a QnA with Face Off Judge Glenn Hetrick, the designer let it be known that a future project he is working on is Brian Lumley’s Necroscope.

Glenn Hetrick told SyFy’s McKenzie Westmore that he is writing and producing Necroscope.

Necroscope is a series of Vampire novels from British writer Brian Lumley.

The novels see Harry Keogh, the necroscope, who has the ability to not only communicate with the dead, but call them to his aid, battling it out against vampires, The Wamphyri.

Yours truly was first turned on to the Necroscope series when searching for an alternative to Anne Rice’s own vampire series. I was browsing through a local book store when the cover of the first book caught my attention.

As Harry Keogh can speak with the dead, he can communicate with all the brilliant minds of the past who teach him a number of things. The series is not only ripe with horror, but science fiction as well, as Harry learns how to teleport via the Mobius Continuum.

His vast powers lead him into an almost never-ending battle against The Wamphyri, who seemingly live on another planet in an alternate universe.

Glenn Hetrick’s talents as a special effects designer will be a perfect match for a Necroscope adaptation as some of the required make-ups would be highly detailed and truly horrific. Hetrick is currently working on CSI: NY and Hunger Games 2 and is no stranger to sci-fi having worked on Heroes, X-FilesRiddick and more.

I’m curious to see what Hetrick does with Necroscope; the first book or two were more in tune with James Bond, with subsequent books delving deeper into The Wamphyri otherworldly origins.

Good stuff.

Updated with video from the episode of Face Off with Glenn Hetrick:

Update #2: Necroscope Test Design-Metamorphic Head Concept Art from:

Click to enlarge and launch viewer:

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