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‘Star Trek: Picard’ Ending With Season 3 As ST:TNG Cast Returns

Paramount announces that Star Trek: Picard Season 3 will be the last for the series as the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation will join the show for the final season. The announcement was made in the following video for “First Contact Day,” where joining Patrick Stewart for Season 3 includes LeVar Burton, Michael …

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Brent Spiner Cast As Riddler For Justice League Action

It’s learned that Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Brent Spiner will provide the voice of the Ridder for the new Cartoon Network Justice League Action animated series.

Spiner, who previously voiced the Joker for Young Justice, told Comic Book Central (via Newsarama) in a podcast that he is voicing Riddler as Mark Hamill wanted to once again voice Joker.

“There’s a new Justice League coming on, and Mark [Hamill] decided this time he wanted to the Joker, so I ended up doing the Riddler,” revealed Spiner. “I’ve only done one episode, but then I only did one episode of the Joker, too.”

The new Justice League Action series is set to debut this Fall and also stars Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman, James Woods as Lex Luthor and Diedrich Bader as Booster Gold.

Brent Spiner played Data in ST: TNG.


Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman lead the DC Comics Super Heroes against their most infamous foes in adventures packed with relentless thrills, fun and action. No need to wait for the good stuff to start, each eleven-minute episode jumps in with lightning-paced action and heroics. Whether defending the Earth, facing invaders from space, or battling the bizarre forces of magic, the always-rotating team of Justice League heroes, are up to any challenge.

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Independence Day 2 Extended Synopsis & Cast Revealed


An extended synopsis for Independence Day 2 has been released offering details about the movie as well as the names of the cast.

Coming Soon reports Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch, Vivica A. Fox, Brent Spiner, Angelababy, Maika Monroe, Sela Ward, Jessie Usher and Liam Hemsworth will be a part of a livestream promotion later today along with director Roland Emmerich.

Per the synopsis below, it also appears as if the movie will feature the “Earth Space Defense” as media credentials feature the logo.

Update: The Independence Day 2 live stream will take place Monday, June 22nd at 9pm ET. Watch it live.

Update #2: Official title, title teaser and images revealed for Independent Day: Resurgence.

Independence Day 2 has a June 24, 2016 release.


It was an ordinary summer day. But then, without warning, something very extraordinary happened: Enormous shadows fell across the land. Strange atmospheric phenomena, ominous and mesmerizing, surfaced around the globe. All eyes turned upward.

The question of whether we’re alone in the universe was finally answered. And, in a matter of minutes, the lives of every person across the globe were forever changed.

With the fate of our planet at stake, the Fourth of July took on an entirely new meaning. No longer was it solely an American holiday. It would be known as the day the entire world fought back. The day we did not go gentle into the good night … The day all of us on planet Earth celebrated ourIndependence Day.

From director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin, 1996’s Independence Day shattered opening weekend and total box office records, becoming the year’s top-grossing film. It also became the first movie in history to gross over $500m internationally.

But Independence Day was just the beginning. We always knew they were coming back. After that film redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter in the Independence Day universe delivers a global spectacle on an unimaginable scale. Using recovered alien technology, the nations of Earth have collaborated on an immense defense program to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare us for the aliens’ advanced and unprecedented force. Only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.


We’ve joined the ESD! Stay tuned for #IndependenceDayLive!

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Star Trek’s Brent Spiner Joins Star Wars Rebels


Seems J.J. Abrams isn’t the last person to crossover from Star Trek to Star Wars as the latest has Brent Spiner joining the cast of Star Wars Rebels.

Brent Spiner, of course known for playing Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation, let it be known that he will be voicing a character for Disney’s new animated series Star Wars Rebels while being a part of a panel at the Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles.

A Twitter user at the Young Justice panel  posted the news.

It’s unknown which role Brent Spiner will be voicing in Star Wars Rebels, but the actor is no stranger to voice acting as he has worked on Robot Chicken, Generator Rex, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Family Guy.

Star Wars Rebels premiers with an animated movie on Disney followed by the regular series.

In Star Wars Rebels, Darth Vader enlists The Inquisitor to hunt down the last of the Jedi Knights. The series takes place about 14 years after the events of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, a time in which the Emperor’s rule is secure and the Empire is seeking to expand its power to Outer Rim territories. That leads Imperial forces to Lothal, a poor planet that initially welcomes the Empire on the promise of security and prosperity. It soon becomes obvious, however, that the Empire does not have Lothal’s best interests at heart, as the Imperials exploit its people and begin recruiting young citizens to join TIE fighter and Stormtrooper academies, or to work in the Sienar Fleet Systems factory — which builds TIE fighters — in the planet’s capital.

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