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WB Dropped Michelle MacLaren Because Her Wonder Woman Was Like Braveheart


This past Monday saw Michelle MacLaren dropped from the Wonder Woman movie over “creative differences” with Warner Bros.

WB quickly announced that Patty Jenkins had replaced MacLaren.

Now Variety is reporting the reason for MacLaren’s departure.

While the article tries to spin things in favor of WB, MacLaren’s idea actually sounds pretty cool in that she envisioned her Wonder Woman movie to be an action-packed epic origin story in the vein of Braveheart.

It’s said WB wants a Wonder Woman movie to be more character-driven with less emphasis on heavy action, which apparently is what caused MacLaren and WB to bump heads.

The article goes on to mention that studio insiders also said MacLaren was having a tough time with the job (which may very well be BS) in that she was “unaccustomed to the laborious development process associated with making movies” – with one source adding MacLaren felt it “tortuous” when it came to the pre-production of Wonder Woman.

It’s also said WB had little faith MacLaren could pull of such an epic movie as she only had small screen experience working on Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones.

According to the report, Jason Fuchs wrote a Wonder Woman script, with WB then bringing in five more writers to work up different versions of a Wonder Woman movie while executives at WB tested the story concepts. It’s said one of the execs stated that they didn’t like MacLaren’s test.

Now WB is bringing Patty Jenkins up to speed to keep up with the 2017 release date and is currently looking to cast Wonder Woman’s love interest.

Gal Gadot stars as Wonder Woman and will first appear in Batman Vs. Superman May 2016.

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