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EIC Matt McGloin’s Best of and Worst Of List For 2012

2012 has come and gone, and with that here is my list of various favorite and not so favorites from the past year.

Granted I haven’t seen every movie or TV show or read every comic book, so bear that in mind.



Best Movie: The Avengers 

The Avengers easily gets the best movie of the year in my book. It has something for everyone — the young and old alike. It also saw the previous Marvel Studios movies come together giving viewers a huge pay off. Really, I can’t think of anything that was wrong with the movie. 

Biggest Surprise: Cabin In The Woods

Another Joss Whedon movie; this movie was fabulous. I went in not knowing too much about it, thinking it your average B-budget horror flick. Boy, was I surprised! It was a homage to many different movies, including Evil Dead, with an added twist and overall was really refreshing. This is a must see. 


Most Disappointing: The Dark Knight Rises

Way too many plot holes for my taste. The end was also a let down with Bane’s death as well as the nuke. This video sums things up rather nicely. I think a majority of fans were expecting something along the lines of The Dark Knight and were disappointed by what they got, which was Batman Begins all over again. Honestly, watching it I got the feeling that Nolan didn’t want to do a third movie and didn’t put his “all” into it. Just my observation.

Worst Movie: Prometheus

I have no respect for anyone that deems this movie “good.” Sorry, it was that bad. Honestly, I thought it was atrocious and some of the worst writing I have ever seen in a big-budget movie. And they are making Part 2? Wow. This was a sad attempt at creating an allegory for mankind becoming more than man with Ridely Scott including the aliens created us mumbo jumbo into the mix. The writing was p*ss poor as was the editing. I’ll say the effects were top notch as was Michael Fassbender. Adios to Damon Lindelof.

The Expendables 2 comes in at a close second for worst movie of the year as all it did was whore out the big names associated with the movie. Sorry, wasn’t worth the price, even for free.


Best TV Show: American Horror Story: Asylum

Sorry, The Walking Dead fans, if you are not watching this you are missing out on the best horror show on television (granted I don’t watch all that much). This show is freakin‘ crazy and more adult-oriented than TWD. Don’t get me wrong, The Walking Dead is awesome, just not up there with this.

Most Blah TV Show: WWE RAW

I didn’t feel RAW deserved “worst” TV show of the year as it isn’t bad, so I created the “Blah” category. What RAW has been is just not much of anything. It’s boring. Going 3 hours was a big mistake and it’s all been downhill since July. Seems the same old same old, and the McGloin household hasn’t been interested for quite sometime. 


Best Video Game of the Year: Black Ops II (PS3)

The game is just phenomenal. It’s like four or more games in one as there is Zombie mode, Campaign and all the various Multiplayer modes. David Goyer wrote the story for Campaign, so there is that as well.

You’ve probably read on all the sites and watched the VGAs how TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead is the best game of the year. It’s called — hopping on the bandwagon. Yeah, TWD is the coolest thing to hit just about every form of media right now (when’s the moving coming out?), but the game didn’t deserve best game of the year. Why? It’s hardly a game. It’s more of a choose your own adventure story than anything. Don’t get me wrong it’s still really cool and definitely worth a play.

Note: For the record, I haven’t played Mass Effect 3, yet.

Worst Video Game of the Year: Doctor Who

If I was the BBC and Sony I would be embarrassed by this one. It was awful. It really blows my mind that they would even put this out for a console like PS3. It’s not even worth playing on your iPhone. The game is full of bugs and poor player control. It’s 2-D, and it’s definitely NOT COOL. My advice to the BBC would be to get TellTale to make a similar game for Doctor Who like they did for The Walking Dead. Too bad the Doctor can’t fix this one.


Comic Books:

2012 saw my comic book reading list dwindle. Basically since last April I’ve just about stopped reading almost all Marvel and DC titles. AvX was the end of Marvel for me, as was BendisAvengers. At to that the relaunch of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy and my thinking is that Marvel doesn’t respect me as a customer or want me as one. Fine by me. I’m also sick of Marvel using the same characters over and over with sales for the character always being the same i.e. not that good. Ms. Marvel comes to mind as does Moon Knight, Cap and Thor spinoff minis. How about some new characters? Marvel feels more stagnant than ever.

Regarding DC and their New 52, they had me at hello with their first issues. All of them were really good; however, just about every title sans Batman has dropped in quality. Add to that the ones I did enjoy all were canceled or will be (OMAC, Frankenstein). It seems as if DC editorial has had a hand with that problem. I’ll say this to the guys at DC as well as Marvel — check your egos, guys.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, we all don’t read Avengers and Batman titles. Some of the lesser selling books get folks like me into the shops who do purchase the “core” books. If DC or Marvel don’t want another 15-20,000 added to their core titles with guys like me who come into the shop looking for books like Nova, that’s on them. If I spend twenty bucks a week at a comic shop, that’s over a grand a year they have lost. And I’m not the only one. Due the math.

The good news is that for the New Year I am going to put more of my time into the Indies. Image, Boom!, IDW, Dark Horse, Valiant etc. all put out good quality books. I really think their main problem is connecting with readers and getting them to know what their stuff is about and that’s it out there. Hopefully things change for 2013.

I’ll leave the “best of” and “worst of” comic book list for The DOC and M.E. Byron Brewer.

Feel free to give us your own “best of” and “worst of” for 2012 in the comments below.


American Horror Story: Asylum “The Name Game” Preview (Episode 10)

American Horror Story: Asylum returns on January 2nd with episode 10, “The Name Game.”

FX aired a preview following tonight’s episode, which you can check out below.

Head on over here for a recap of episode 9, “The Coat Hanger.”

“The Name Game” Description:

The Monsignor faces the Devil. Dr. Arden’s experiments achieve a startling conclusion. Dr. Thredson arranges a surprising reunion for Kit.

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on FX.


American Horror Story: Asylum “The Coat Hanger” Episode 9 Recap (Spoilers)

American Horror Story: Asylum episode 9, “The Coat Hanger,” aired tonight which is the last episode for a couple weeks.

The series will return to FX on January 2nd with episode 10, “The Name Game.”

Tonight’s episode saw a lot of things come together and tie into previous episodes and characters.

Another frightful and suspenseful episode of American Horror Story: Asylum!

Now on to tonight’s recap.



[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4669:]]The episode starts of with a returning actor from the first season — it’s Dylan McDermott! He is visiting a therapist who specializes in compulsion disorders such as losing weight or smoking. However, he is there for neither! He tells her how he grew up in an orphanage and started to skin cats. At first they were dead but he found he liked doing it better when they were alive! The therapist is getting real nervous and suggests she is not qualified, but McDermott needs her help! He’s since stopped killing animals – hasn’t done it since his teen years. He had been in prison for armed robbery, too, where he had a lot of time on his hands and researched his past. He discovered that he is the son of Thredson! And that the can’t stop killing women! However, does she think it is too late for him? She says no, he can always turn himself in. But that is not what he meant! Is it too late for him to go to medical school because he can’t measure up to his father who had all the training!

Next we are taken to Lana and Sister Mary where Mary says it is good Lana got over her problem of being a lesbian — because Lana is pregnant! Lana wants to get rid of it, but Mary tells her she will have the baby!

From there it’s on to what has become of the good ol‘ Sister Jude — who is strapped down and now no longer a nun! She has been stripped of her title, as well as being confined to Briarwood for the rest of her life. Why? Because she killed Fred! Whaat?! Turns out Ian McShane didn’t die from his attack on Jude from last episode. The police were called in and questioned McShane, the Monsignor, Sister Mary and Arden on what happened. They tell her Jude went crazy and killed Fred (the guard), with Ian McShane testifying that he had seen her do it! McShane then goes on to ramble how he wants to repent and realizes he is responsible for his crimes, with the Monsignor looking on curiously.

Back to Lana we go who is in the kitchen cooking bread (as in a little bun in the oven?!) and we see her eye up the coat hanger rack!

Now we see the Monsignor looking through Jude’s belongings and coming across her red lingerie. Then Sister Mary comes in and they talk about how he wants to go to Rome, with Mary saying she will be at his side to help him get there.

Over to Jude who is fighting off having to take pills, and starts getting into it with a couple nuns. The Monsigor arrives and asks her if she is able to receive a visitor — Ian McShane! He forgives her for what she did to him, which was locking him down after he had sex (raped?) a nun and everything else. He completely forgives her and kisses her on the forehead, with the Monsignor looking on approvingly.

Lana then goes to visit Kip where the two talk about what to do with Thredson. Lana wants to kill him, but Kip says that he is the only thing standing in the way of his death. She has an idea, and they go to visit Thredson. Lana informs Thredson she is pregnant to which Thredson pleads with her to not give up the baby as he grew up in an orphanage and knows how it is. She says he has to be honest if he is really going to change and gets him to confess to murders, which Kip recorded. She then informs Thredson she already killed the baby, and we witness a bloody coat hanger scene from the night before! Thredson calls her a monster, and she says she will be back to slit his throat.

Kip then goes and hides the recording in a room under a bath tub when in walks Arden! He wants to speak to Kip about something and eyes the spot where Kip has hidden the tape.

Arden has a sit down with Kip and offers him cigarettes and booze. “What do you want and why are you being so nice?” Kip asks. Because Arden has seen them, too! The aliens! Arden has a plan to bring back the aliens. How? Because he figured out that both Kip’s wife and Grace were taken after Kip had sex with them. The aliens are obviously studying Kip! And of course they would want to keep their test subject alive and intact! So Arden comes up with the plan to “kill” Kip, because that will cause the aliens to show and save him. Kip agrees and gives Arden his permission as he may be able to get to see his wife again.

Lana is shown in the kitchen finishing up her work for the night. She hands her apron to a an orderly and instead of going to her room, makes a quick turn and hides. The orderly turns off the lights and leaves with Lana grabbing a butcher’s knife — but the orderly didn’t leave and takes the knife saying she doesn’t have it in her to kill someone.

Next, we see Ian McShane with the Monsignor. The Monsignor thinks if he can get McShane to repent it will bring him good favor from Rome. McShane is all repentant as they are in a baptismal pool. The Monsigor released McShane from his chains and they prayed together. The Monsignor dips McShane in the pool baptizing him. McShane is now fully repentant!

Of course he is not as he takes the Monsignor and drowns him!

Back to Lana who is in her room for the night. She take something out from between her mattresses where it’s the hanger. She shapes it into a weapon and proceeds to practice on her pillow. She goes to the closet where Thredson is locked up — but he’s not there. Lana is horrified and as she makes her way back out into the hall and comes across Sister Mary! Lana knows she let Thredson go, where they discuss the pregnancy with Lana saying it’s out of her. Not so! Sister Mary puts her hand over Lana and feels the baby’s heart beat! And she tells Lana it’s a boy!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4671:]]We now head to the present day, back at the therapist’s office. A patient enters and remarks how she needs some help with something, and then sees the office has been ransacked. She comes upon the therapist who is in her desk chair, but facing away. As the lady turns the chair, we see what has become of Dr. Gardner (pictured left)! The lady then turns and there is Dylan McDermott a bloody mess and the girl screams!

Back to Briarwood we go with Lana and Jude. They have a cigarette together with June apologizing to her for institutionalizing her. Jude promises she will make it up to Lana, and to prove it, she goes over to the record player and proceeds to smash the record (that’s been playing that same music)!

While all that has been taking place let’s check on Kip and Arden. They are preparing to kill Kip by injecting him with a drug. Arden delivers the lethal injection and Kip’s heart stops. Kip has about 2 minutes until he is brain dead, and Arden has a couple other injections ready to revive him. Just then, a bright light and sound appear!

Arden is shown in the hallways seemingly looking for something. He comes to one of the patient’s rooms, where we see that ugly looking goofy patient (pictured below) — with a full term pregnant Grace! Grace is alive! And that goofy looking patient is talking normal and will take care of her!

The episode ends with a janitor going into the chapel to do his nightly cleaning. That’s where the Monsignor and McShane had been praying.

The janitor looks around and his eyes are set upon the cross on the alter. However, something is missing. The figurine is not there, but in it’s place is the Monsignor! And he’s alive!

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

For a preview for episode 10, “The Name Game,” head on over here.



American Horror Story: Asylum “Unholy Night” Episode 8 Recap (Spoilers)

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4480:]]Tonight saw a fabulous performance by Ian McShane as FX aired another terror filled episode of American Horror Story: Asylum.

“Unholy Night” started us off with an introduction to McShane’s character, an insane Christmas killer who had his Christmas Spirit taken from him, which we’ll get into later (pictured right).

In order to really appreciate the episode it’s best if you watch if for yourself, as McShane’s performance can’t be easily recapped through the following text. 


The episode begins with a Salvation Army Santa ringing his bell outside a business, and he tells some kid he’ll get the toy he wants if he is good. McShane then appears and asks the Santa why he did that and then shoots him in the head and steals his outfit. Next, we see a little girl awaken and go down stairs to see “Santa” playing with her dad’s train set. McShane converses with the girl, tells him he shaved, and that it’s not his blood on Santa’s coat! With that, he has the girl wake up her parents as Santa is here! He then proceeds to tie up the mother and father using Christmas lights and explains the reason he chose them is because they had the best decorated house on the block. He says he might do a rape, with the husband saying to leave his wife alone. However! McShane didn’t say who he was going to rape! The parents eventually start screaming, so McShane puts a bullet in their heads. Curiously, it wasn’t revealed what became of the little girl?!

We now see Frank the security guard, the “former Irish cop,” praying next to Grace’s body, as he feels guilty for shooting her in the episode prior. He swears to her he will make it up, and then she looks up at him! Frankie seems to be seeing things, and then Arden is there! Frank wants him to call the police so that he can face the consequences of his actions, with Arden saying he’ll take care of it.

Lana is shown throwing up with a nun beside her. She’s wondering when Sister Mary is going to call the police, with the nun that is present telling her to trust Sister Mary. A patient near them makes a sound, with Lana questioning who it is. The nun says it’s someone sick, and we see it’s Kip!

Sister Jude now has a knife at the throat of Sister Mary! Sister Jude knows who she is and will free Sister Mary’s soul to heaven! Sister Mary uses her powers and opens the cane cabinet as well as destroys a Christmas record that was playing. Arden then discovers them, and the next thing, Sister Jude is being throw out of Briarcliff, as she tells Arden, Sister Jude is the devil. Arden then tells Sister Mary they have a problem, with Sister Mary responding she can handle Sister Jude. But that’s not the problem Arden was talking about — it’s Frank! And he says that she shouldn’t underestimate Sister Jude, with Sister Jude responding she’ll handle Frank.

From there, Sister Mary is getting the Briarcliff Christmas party ready and since Sister Jude canceled it after what happened last year, she lines up all the patients and take some kind of unique belonging from them to use for the tree’s Christmas ornaments! A patient’s false teeth for one, locks of hair with ribbons from another etc. 

We then are taken to a patient in solitary — it’s Ian McShane, he’s a patient at Briarcliff! Sister Mary slides him a present, which contains a Santa suit, and she wants him to take control. He does seem a little reluctant at first, but then she reminds him how he got here. He was a petty thief who got thrown in prison. On Christmas Day, the guards were singing Christmas Carols. Five inmates managed to gang-rape McShane, as Sister Mary remarks they took his virginity — at least the first one did! And then the next took his dignity, respect etc.

We are then back to the Christmas pary and we get a flashback of why Sister Jude canceled Christmas when we see McShane’s character go crazy when he sees one of the guards with a Santa hat. He bites the guard’s jugular — with the press watching, who manages to snap a pic! Sister Jude orders McShane into solitary confinement — permanently!

Since it’s Christmas and Arden is in love with Sister Mary he has a nice little present. It’s ruby earrings from when he was at the concentration camp from a wealthy Jew. Arden goes on to explain that the lady kept complaining of a stomach ache, so one day he followed her to the latrine, in an attempt to get a sample of her stool to test. Well, he saw the lady digging her airings out of her feces, which she did daily! Turns out the earrings were ripping her intestines, which she eventually died from with internal bleeding. As Arden was aware of the earrings, he ended up retrieving them. Well, Sister Mary Eunice loved them, which Arden found appalling because they were “shit covered,” and the real Sister Mary would have thrown them back in his face! He now knows who she is! Sister Mary Eunice then says he better not cross her or else, etc.

The Monsignor is there at the party and he has a special gift, a star for the top of the Christmas tree. He tells Sister Mary how nice of a job she is doing and also sees that McShane is there, dressed as Santa! Sister Mary then asks Frank to get a ladder to hang the star. Frank goes to hang it and is toppled over by McShane who attempts to kill him. Guards grab McShane with Frank then pummeling him. Frank throws McShane back into solitary, turns around, and Sister Mary cuts his throat! Frank is no more!

While all that has been happening, Lana attempts to call the police as she realizes that if the police are not looking for Kip at Briarcliff, they must not be looking for her! She goes into a room — when Thredson appears! Thredson followed the paper trail after Lana’s accident and knew she was here. He tells her that Bloody Face is no more, that he cleaned up everything. However! Maybe similar to a phoenix, Bloody Face can be reborn — using her skin! He wraps a cord around her neck to choke her, opens the door to take her out, when – WHAM! It’s Kip to the rescue! Lana previously went over and took the IV out of Kip’s arm that was drugging him and explained they needed to help each other. So Kip returned the favor! Lana wants to kill Thredson, but he is the only thing between Kip and the eclectic chair, so they tie him up in a broom closet, with Lana saying she is going to bury him!

Sister Jude is then shown talking to the head nun. She wants back into Briarcliff! She now knows that God has a plan for her etc. The head nun says she’ll do what she can, and then the phone rings. Sister Jude has a visitor, it’s Arden! They are in a church where Arden says he knows about Mary, explains he’s done bad things, but the original Mary in being so pure gave him some light, and he wants to now work with Sister Jude to put a stop to the evil Sister Mary. Sister Jude makes him swear that he has to listen to exactly as he is told. He agrees, with Sister Jude telling him to lock her in her office with Sister Mary.

We then see Arden taking Grace’s body to the crematorium. He is wheeling her — when a bright light flashes! We see an alien hand — and! Grace’s body has been taken!

Back to Sister Jude, who is now in her office. The plan is for Sister Mary to be locked in their with her. She awaits for Mary with her back facing the door. She hears the door open, someone come in, and lock. We see Sister Mary locking the door — from the other side! Sister Jude turns — and it’s Ian McShane! Arden is then shown with Sister Mary, asking her if she questions his loyalty anymore! It was all a set-up! Ian McShane then goes over how Sister Jude humiliated and hurt him etc. He discovers the cane cabinet and proceeds to cane Sister Jude’s keister! He then throws her and gets on top of her, saying he’s going to put some of his own light into her. She the stabs him in the jugular, and Ian McShane is — no more!

For a preview of next week’s episode, “Unholy Night,” which features Dylan McDermott head on over here.

American Horror: Story Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on FX.


American Horror Story: Asylum “The Coat Hanger” Preview (Episode 9) w/Dylan McDermott

Here is a preview for episode 9 of American Horror Story: Asylum, “The Coat Hanger,” featuring the return of first season’s Dylan McDermott.


The Monsignor takes an improbable convert under his wing. Lana obtains a new piece of evidence that can exonerate Kit. Dr. Arden witnesses a miraculous come back.

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on FX.


American Horror Story: Asylum: Bloody Face Revealed! (Not Zachary Quinto!)

I certainly hope you are watching one of the best shows currently on TV, with FX’s American Horror Show: Asylum.

It’s very addicting, also disturbing and grotesque, and you don’t need to watch last season to catch up as this season features an all-new setting and story — but using the same actors?!

While I’m actually not sure if it’s all related, another actor will be returning — and he’s Bloody Face!

What’s that you say? Zachary Quinto is Bloody Face. 

That is true, but only in — the past!

As the story unfolds at the Asylum in 1964 we see a concurrent story running set in the present, where Bloody Face is at it again.

Turns out, it’s not the same Bloody Face as Zachary Quinto — it’s Dylan McDermott!

EW revealed a first look, with series writer, Ryan Murphy, confirming, “Yes. Dylan is modern-day Bloody Face. So the question is, Why is he the modern-day Bloody Face? What is he doing? And that’s revealed in episode 9.”

And McDermott confirming on Twitter as well releasing the following pic:


As the New “Bloody Face” I mean business! Bar your windows. I’M COMING!!!

Dylan McDermott was a part of the first season, “Murder House,” as a family that moves into a house where all sorts of craziness goes down as the previous inhabitants now haunt and terrorize its newest occupants.

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on FX.


Here’s a preview to the next episode “Unholy Night”:


American Horror Story: Asylum “Dark Cousin” Review/Recap (Episode 7)

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4325:]]Tonight saw the latest episode of American Horror Story: Asylum premiere with episode 7, “Dark Cousin.”

The episode sees not only the return of a character from season 1, but also the return of every character who recently left the Asylum ends up back there some way or another.

Another creepy and disturbing episode.

It starts off with Grace a bloody mess at the Asylum in a hospital bed. The nuns see she is bleeding out after what they think is a botched sterilization at the hands of Doctor Arden, and Grace is not breathing. We then see a woman in black – it’s the return of Frances Conroy, the older maid from the first season – and as she gets closer to Grace, black wings open from her body (pictured right)! One kiss is all it will take; however, Grace is not yet ready to go as the nuns revive her.

Next, we see a black man eating a sandwich. He has an alcohol problem and hears voices in his head. They keep telling him to “do it,” so the man offers to fix the meat slicer for a nun. He then cuts his wrists with blood everywhere. Sister Mary then shows, and we see that the man is still alive. He’s strapped down, but something is written in blood on the wall. Sister Mary is taken back as it’s ancient Hebrew/Arabic(?). Why did the man write down her name and summon her — the her in question not being Sister Mary.

From there we are taken to a very disturbing scene where Lana is getting raped by Doctor Thredson. He leaves and we then see the woman in black again, but Lana is not ready to go as well, as she still retains some amount of hope.

Sister Mary Eunice now confronts Doctor Arden about Grace and how he messed up the operation. Arden says he never did the sterilization to which Sister Mary mocks him of sorts with Arden slapping her. He demands respect as he is now in charge. Sister Mary Eunice says if he hits her one more time he will die. Arden goes to slap her again when — WHAM! Arden is thrown across the room by Sister Mary’s powers knocking him unconscious. Sister Mary is in charge.

Now back to Lana; Thredson comes back down and is very upset, he shouldn’t have done what he did. He shouldn’t even have brought Lana down there. So it’s time to end Lana; how does she want to go out? Getting choked out or getting her throat slit. She starts to freak out which upsets him. It doesn’t matter he will drug her and put her out first. He gets on top of her and questions why she doesn’t want to reunite with her lover, Wendy, who is pictured next to the bed in a nice-sized glass frame. Lana manages to grab the picture and smash Thredson, choking him with her leg chain and injecting him with the drug. She escapes.

Let’s see what has become of Sister Jude, as we see a quick recap from the end of last episode with Jude discovering the body of the Investigator who tells her it was one of her own. We then see what took place from the perspective of Sister Mary as she smashed the mirror and stabbed the old man in the throat. Sister Mary then looks at the cracked mirror with her face seemingly cracked up as well. Sister Jude then sees something on the TV set, it’s a newspaper clipping of the girl she ran over with “murderer” written in blood across the screen. On the table next to the bed is a bottle of booze as well as a razor. The woman in black also appeared and kissed the old man, but as Jude looked up she didn’t see her. Jude is now drinking the booze and the phone rings, it’s Sister Mary. She tells Sister Jude that she better run as the cops will be after her because the old man was investigating the missing girl — and Sister Jude! Sister Mary also tells Sister Jude that she left her a bottle on the table and something else (the razor).

We then are taken to a room where the black man says he doesn’t want to be here anymore, doesn’t want to be in this world anymore. He is attempting to open his stitches to bleed out, when the woman in black appears. He succeeds at ripping open the stitches and the woman in black kisses him; however, someone is watching! Who dares! It’s Sister Mary! Sister Mary questions why she is here etc., with the woman in black stating she has been summoned etc. The woman in black then sees Mary for her true self — they are cousins, Mary is one of the Fallen. This upsets Mary greatly as she disputes the notion they are related. The real Mary then comes out, with the “devil” putting her right back, saying “we” like it here. The woman in black says they will see each other again and that her work is not finished — and then disappears.

The woman in black is the Angel of Death.

While all that has been going on, Kip has been getting interviewed by his attorney who basically tells him he’s up the creek. Kip gets the idea to escape into his mind and bashes the lawyer in the head a couple times and escapes out the window.

Sister Jude is now drunk and we see a flashback of how she became a nun. She’s hammered in her motel room when she gets a knock on the door. It’s some guy she is in a band with who tells her she missed a gig and hands her, her walking papers, which also includes the name of a detective looking for information on a recent hit-and-run. Well, Jude gets plastered again, and again drives. This time she passed out at the wheel and ends up at a Convent discovering the Lord. 

The flashback is over and eventually Jude ends up at a diner drinking coffee and eating free crackers. The woman in black shows up to which Jude is not the least bit surprised. Jude questions her, why the woman in black didn’t take her before, and gives a couple examples, one of which was the time she ran over the poor girl, with the other the time before her wedding night when she confronted her finacee about giving her syphilis, which caused her to go barren. The woman in black says that He has a plan for her etc, but Jude drowns in self-pity stating she’s just a drunk whore etc. Two of the waitresses remark that maybe the Asylum has a spare bed they can keep her for the night.

Next we see Lana escaping from Thredson’s house and she comes upon a car. She immediately jumps in and orders the man driving to drive off. He questions her about what happened, not really believing her, actually blaming her. Lana wants to get out, but the man is going 50mph, and what is she going to do jump? We then see the woman in black appear in the back seat. Lana sees her and doesn’t want to go out like this. The man now has a gun. His wife cheated on him and left him, he blames all his troubles on women. BAM! He shoots himself in the head and the car crashes. The woman in black was there for the man.

Back to Sister Jude who is now at the family of the girl she ran over. It’s been a few years since the accident and she is trying to explain who she is to them. A baby is present with the lady trying to calm the baby down. Jude is explaining how she is a nun etc., and about to tell them she was responsible for the death of their little girl – in the blue coat – when someone comes through the door. She just got off work, she’s a nurse, and came to get her baby. It’s the little girl — she never died, but only suffered a few broken bones! Sister Jude cannot believe it and tells her a story of how the girl’s accident inspired her to become a nun, and that lately she was having doubts about her mission, and that is why she came to visit the parents of the little girl with the blue coat. Sister Jude never tells them she was responsible, but the parents make it a point of how they are not the ones who have to live with what happened. The girl is indeed alive and Sister Jude’s faith is restored.

Lana begins to awaken and as she comes to her senses she sees — Sister Mary! Lana is back in the Asylum! Lana tells Sister Mary that Thedson is Bloody Face to which Sister Mary says she believes her. We then see a flashback of when the “devil” was inside the boy and Thedson was examining him, the “devil” whispers in his ear, “I like your work Bloody Face!” Sister Mary then gives Lana a couple sleeping pills and leaves her room, remarking to the guard how confused she still is etc.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4326:]]Next we see what has become of Grace as she is in the kitchen area where the black man attempted to kill himself. “She shouldn’t be there,” says the same nun that let the man use the meat slicer, but says that Grace has until she is finished cleaning. Then we see what has become of Kip as he makes his way back to the Asylum through the Arden’s secret passage — and something is there with him. It’s one of Arden’s monsters (pictured left)! Kip doesn’t notice and makes his way to Grace, telling her it’s time to go. Just then the nun discovers them and screams for help. Kip tells her it’s okay, attempting to quiet her down when the monster bites the nun’s throat out! The monster then knocks Kip and Grace, with a short ensuing fight between the monster and Kip, which ends with Kip using the meat slicer on the monster, exposing his entrails!

Then the guard discovers them and pulls his gun. He warns Kip not to move, but Grace steps in the way and gets shot. 

The woman in black appears yet again, and now it’s time for Grace to go.

“American Horror: Asylum” airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on AMC.

For a preview to the next episode, “Unholy Night,” head on over here.


American Horror Story: Asylum “Unholy Night” Preview (Episode 8)

Below you can find a preview to episode 8 of American Horror Story: Asylum “Unholy Night.”


A homicidal Santa wreaks havoc on Briarcliff. Sister Jude faces off with the Devil. Dr. Arden has a startling encounter in the Death Chute.

American Horror: Asylum airs Wedesdays at 10pm ET on FX.

For a recap of “Dark Cousin” head on over here.


Set in 1964, American Horror Story: Asylum takes us into a Church-run haven for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), a nun with a troubled past.  Inside this locked down facility, danger lurks around every corner.  From Nazis and serial killers, to mutants and aliens, no one is safe inside these walls. Starring Jessica Lange as “Sister Jude”, Sarah Paulson as “Lana Winters”, James Cromwell as “Dr. Arthur Arden,” Evan Peters as “Kit Walker,” Lily Rabe as “Sister Mary Eunice,” Lizzie Brocheré as “Grace,” Zachary Quinto as “Dr. Oliver Thredson,” and Joseph Fiennes as “Monsignor Timothy Howard.” Guest stars for the miniseries will include Frances Conroy, Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine and Mark Consuelos.


American Horror Story: Asylum “The Origins of Monstrosity” Recap (Episode 6)

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4253:]]Another episode of the popular sick and twisted FX horror series, American Horror: Asylum, aired this past Wednesday with “The Origins of Monstrosity.”

The episode started off with a little girl being brought to Sister Jude — a girl devoid of emotion and one that may have killed her playmate!

We are also witness to the Asylum in the present day, with police officers getting a call that inside they would find a few “pretenders,” where they were strung up all bloody, and of course DOA.

Back to Sister Jude, the mother of the little girl says she has two other kids at home and she can’t handle this one, as she isn’t normal. She pleads with Sister Jude only to be turned back, as while Sister Jude always wanted a children’s ward, they don’t have one presently and can’t take in a child.

Now we are at a hospital where Monsignor Timothy has been asked to give the last rights to someone. A someone that has TB – which is rare these days – and someone that a half dozen or so other priests passed on! Why? Because it’s what remains of Shelly (pictured right)!

Back to Sister Jude, she gets a call from the Israeli private investigator, to which she apologizes for bothering him as Anne Frank was a little coo-coo; however, the PI says regardless of her mental state she was correct about Dr. Arden! He was a Nazi collaborator and would need further proof from Sister Jude — a fingerprint from Arden. She accepts the task, when she is startled to see the little girl right in front of her! The girl has been abandoned by her mother! “Sister Mary Eunice!” Sister Jude screams.

We then get a flashback of when Msgr. Timothy first met Doctor Arden. Timothy was new to the Asylum with Arden saying now he can’t continue his work etc. Timothy asks what he would need, with Arden responding trials on humans, and that it would all look good for Timothy by Rome, as Arden is trying to create a cure for all illness. 

Next, Sister Mary Eunice is cutting up vegetables for dinner with a kitchen knife and she’s talking with the little girl. Sister Mary asks if the girl really killed her playmate, with the little girl denying it; however, Sister Mary says that the girl is lying — because Sister Mary knows everything — because Sister Mary is the devil! With that, we get a flashback to when Sister Mary was younger, before she became a nun. She was at a pool party where she was tricked into disrobing revealing her birthday suit, with all of her “friends” laughing at her. Sister Mary then tells the girl she is different and smarter than everybody, and puts down the kitchen knife.

Now to Lana Winters who wakes up in (her?) bed all snug and cozy. “It was all a nightmare,” she must be thinking —  think again! Thredson has her chained by the leg and is making dinner for her. She asks what happened to her lover’s body, with Thredson replying he put it somewhere where no one would find it. Thredson goes on to explain his origins, in that he was abandoned by his mother as a young child and grew up in an orphanage — which was devoid of almost any physical touch, with a leather strap being his only sole “comfort!” He explains that is why he went into psychology etc., where we get a flashback of Thredson in medical school. A dead female body is on the table with his “friends” making a joke how this is the only girl he’ll get close to. He laughs with them all, but later on, he is alone with the body and takes his shirt off — as well as undressing the body! He knew when he saw the body on the table that it was his “mother!” Not really his mother, but the same age, and in his insanity thinks – or desires – it to be! There is just one problem — the smell of formaldehyde and her dead skin! He needs something warm, and that is when his killing spree begins.

We also see the Msgr. confront Arden who has a new patient on his slab. A chronic flasher who Arden caught pleasuring himself while watching Sister Mary undress through a peep-hole — and it was Sister Mary’s idea. It doesn’t matter, as Arden grabs the unsuspecting pervert and he’s the next lab specimen! Msgr. Timothy argues with Arden about what he’s doing, with Arden shooting back that the Msgr. is just as guilty as everyone, and if Arden was exposed then Timothy would be as well! Arden then suggests Timothy do something about their mutual enemy. The Msgr. then tells Sister Jude he made a call to Pittsburgh to get her transferred!

Let’s go back to Lana Winters as Thredson says he’s not going to kill her because she’s the one. He knew it from the first moment he laid his eyes on her, which was after one of the murders. He saw Lana at the scene with a reporter explaining how the story needs a woman’s touch, etc. Thredson then tells Lana she is his mother!

Sister Jude is in her street clothes packing, she then goes to have a celebratory drink with Arden. She tells him he’s won and deserves a drink, to which he says he never drinks alone. So with that, Sister Jude takes a swig and ends up with a fingerprint from Arden.

Getting back to Msgr. Timothy, we see he is in the hospital with Shelly where he chokes her out with his rosary! Shelly is no more!

A phone rings in Sister Jude’s office, and while she is not there to answer it – her voice is! It’s Sister Mary and she pretends to be Sister Jude. On the other end of the line is the PI who says he has the documents! We then see the Israili PI at his hotel where a knock is heard on the door. It’s not Sister Jude — it’s Sister Mary!

From there, how about we find out what happened to the little girl? We see the police questioning her, with a kitchen knife in someone’s back! The little girl explains to the police that it was a man with a beard and a brown coat, which was the same explanation that she gave about what happened to her playmate! Her mom is dead with her two silblings‘ throats slit!

Back to Sister Mary, this time she is with Arden explaining what she had found and how she saved everything. Arden doesn’t like it when she calls him by his real name etc. Is this all the Jewish PI had? No! Sister Mary is keeping some of the documents to herself just in case Arden double crosses her, but not to worry as she is on his side!

Meanwhile, Kip had called Doctor Thredson with his one phone call asking what was going on with all this and the reported taped confession, with Thredson explaining that Kip should just come to terms with all the murders. Kip realizes he had been set up and calls Thredson a phony, which enrages Thredson! As they were on the phone, Lana was trying to escape out of her chains; however, Thredson sees that she has a heightened heartbeat and has been sweating, discovering her plan, and goes and gets his mask and scalpel! He says she is no different and is on top of here taking her clothes off ready to dig in! Lana manages to calm him down and say that she is his mother. Well, baby needs to feed! Thredson says he needs colustrum and begins to suck on her breast!

We are also taken back to the present day where the police officers discover the body of the man who got his arm cut off. However, the police know he wasn’t alone? Where is his wife? While she is on the table of Bloody Face, of course!

Finally, we see Sister Jude at the hotel knocking on the door. No one answers, but the door cracks open a bit. The place has been cleaned out, all except for the elder private investigator who lies in a pool of his own blood in the bathroom — with a piece of a mirror sticking out of his jugular! Sister Jude tries to console the old man, but there is no time for that he says. He has something to tell her — it was a nun! One of her own!

And that’s it for another episode of American Horror Story: Asylum.

Check out a preview to the next episode “Dark Cousin.”

America Horror: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on AMC.


American Horror Story: Asylum “Dark Cousin” Preview (Episode 7)

Here is a preview to the next episode of American Horror story: Asylum “Dark Cousin.”


Sister Mary Eunice is terrified to discover a dark angel has descended on Briarcliff. Kit makes a bold move to be reunited with Grace.

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10PM ET on FX.



Set in 1964, American Horror Story: Asylum takes us into a Church-run haven for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), a nun with a troubled past.  Inside this locked down facility, danger lurks around every corner.  From Nazis and serial killers, to mutants and aliens, no one is safe inside these walls. Starring Jessica Lange as “Sister Jude”, Sarah Paulson as “Lana Winters”, James Cromwell as “Dr. Arthur Arden,” Evan Peters as “Kit Walker,” Lily Rabe as “Sister Mary Eunice,” Lizzie Brocheré as “Grace,” Zachary Quinto as “Dr. Oliver Thredson,” and Joseph Fiennes as “Monsignor Timothy Howard.” Guest stars for the miniseries will include Frances Conroy, Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine and Mark Consuelos.


Zachary Quinto Not Returning For Star Trek 3 As Spock?

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4118:]]Star Trek Into Darkness actor Zachary Quinto is known for his role on NBC’s Heroes as Sylar, the power-stealing brain-swiping serial killer.

Quinto is currently playing another serial killer on American Horror Story: Asylum, Doctor Thredson aka Bloody Face.

The actor says that his days of playing serial killers are over, though, as he wants to move on.

However, that’s not the only thing Zachary Quinto wants to move on with — it’s Spock.

In an interview with EW, Zachary Quinto also says he wants to move on from portraying Spock in the Star Trek movies.

“It’s like an era of association with certain roles – a specific part like Spock, or a kind of part, like Sylar — is coming to an end,” he told EW. “I think it’s safe to say this will be the last serial killer I’ll be playing for the foreseeable future.”

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4119:]]From those statements it can be suggested that Star Trek Into Darkness might be Quinto’s last, as TrekWeb wonders; however, Quinto did state that a part like Spock is “coming to an end,” could he mean there’s one more movie left to do?

Previously, Star Trek Into Darkness writer and producer Damon Lindelof told TrekMovie that a third movie is not out of the question, and that they actually talked about it in the writing room.

So maybe Zachary Quinto as Spock will happen just one more time.

We can hope.

Star Trek Into Darkness has a May 17th, 2013 release date in 3D, is directed by J.J. Abrams and stars Chris Pine as Capt. James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock, Karl Urban as Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov, John Cho as Hikaru Sulu and Benedict Cumberbatch as an unnamed villain.

Warp on over to the Cosmic Book News Star Trek Movie Hub for more news.


American Horror Story Season 3 Green Lit; Jessica Lange To Return


FX has green lit American Horror Story Season 3 and Jessica Lange is set to return.

The new series will begin filming next summer for a Fall 2013 premiere with a 13 episode run.

Details about the story are unknown, but it’s said that many of the actors from American Horror Story and Season Two’s “Asylum” will return in different roles.

The show has been a success for the FX network, coming in at the top of the ratings for the Wednesday 10pm time slot, reports Deadline.

Episode 5 for American Horror Story: Asylum aired last night, which included a big reveal. Check out the recap.

Readers of Cosmic Book News who like The Walking Dead may want to give this series a try, though it is more gory and mature than TWD, if you can believe that.



Set in 1964, American Horror Story: Asylum takes us into a Church-run haven for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), a nun with a troubled past.  Inside this locked down facility, danger lurks around every corner.  From Nazis and serial killers, to mutants and aliens, no one is safe inside these walls. Starring Jessica Lange as “Sister Jude”, Sarah Paulson as “Lana Winters”, James Cromwell as “Dr. Arthur Arden,” Evan Peters as “Kit Walker,” Lily Rabe as “Sister Mary Eunice,” Lizzie Brocheré as “Grace,” Zachary Quinto as “Dr. Oliver Thredson,” and Joseph Fiennes as “Monsignor Timothy Howard.” Guest stars for the miniseries will include Frances Conroy, Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine and Mark Consuelos.


American Horror Story: Asylum “The Origins of Monstrosity” Episode 6 Preview

Check out a preview to American Horror Story: Asylum, Episode 6 “The Origins of Monstrosity.”


A mysterious little girl is abandoned at Briarcliff. The Monsignor makes a Faustian pact with Dr. Arden. The origin of Bloody Face is revealed.

Head on over here for a recap of tonight’s episode as well as a couple pics of Shelly and Zachary Quinto’s Doctor Thredson.

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesday nights at 10pm ET on FX.


Set in 1964, American Horror Story: Asylum takes us into a Church-run haven for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), a nun with a troubled past.  Inside this locked down facility, danger lurks around every corner.  From Nazis and serial killers, to mutants and aliens, no one is safe inside these walls. Starring Jessica Lange as “Sister Jude”, Sarah Paulson as “Lana Winters”, James Cromwell as “Dr. Arthur Arden,” Evan Peters as “Kit Walker,” Lily Rabe as “Sister Mary Eunice,” Lizzie Brocheré as “Grace,” Zachary Quinto as “Dr. Oliver Thredson,” and Joseph Fiennes as “Monsignor Timothy Howard.” Guest stars for the miniseries will include Frances Conroy, Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine and Mark Consuelos.


American Horror Story: Asylum “I Am Anne Frank (Part 2)” Episode 5 Recap


This is one show that I might be more addicted to than AMC’s The Walking Dead.

American Horror Story, now in its second season on FX with “Asylum,” is just as crazy as the name insinuates.

There’s devils, Nazi doctors and bleepin‘ aliens!

Compared to last season I think it’s a bit less scary and definitely more gory; however, the story is pretty much right up there. Just when you think you have things figured out, it takes you for a 180 and leaves your mouth gaping wide open like one of the Asylum’s patients after a “cocktail.”

And it’s definitely more “rated R” than TWD as well. Good or bad, you decide.

Now on to the episode.

“I Am Anne Frank” Part 2 continues basically from where we left off last episode. 

Anne Frank had attacked Doctor Arden, believing him to be a Nazi scientist. The gun that she swiped from one of the cops she now had pointed at the Doctor’s head. Too bad security guard Frank McCann points his own gun at her head, and she’s eventually sedated.  As the Doctor’s leg is injured, he’s up the creek if they find his lab the way it is – with Shelly the way she is – but the devilish Sister Mary offers to go take care of things.

Sister Jude meets with a private investigator, a former prisoner of the concentration camps, to look into Arden. He’ll get back to her when he can and tells her not to stir things up.

Then, Anne Frank’s husband comes to the Asylum. Turns out she is not really Anne Frank, but his wife, and they have a baby. She went nutso when the baby was born and became infatuated with Anne Frank. It’s all made up. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Thredson tells Lana Winters, the lesbian journalist, that he is breaking her out and they will be leaving together. But before he does that he has to meet with Kit. He tells Kit he has to accept what he did etc, and one way he can help him out is if Kit hears back in his own words what he did. So Thredson records Kit “confessing.”

From there, Anne Frank returns to the asylum — her husband can’t take her being up the coo coo’s nest, and she seems to be getting worse. The husband talks to Sister Jude, and now he wants to talk to Dr. Thredson

While all that has been going on, Kit and Grace were scheduled to get sterilized, but Sister Jude changed her mind — just for Kit. This led to Grace going a little bonkers in her cell, when all of a sudden a bright light filled the door and her room. It’s the frickin‘ alien! They abduct her and a woman tells her to be calm etc. It’s Kit’s wife! She’s alive! From there, I think we are led to believe that the alien performs a procedure on her — sterilization.

Thredson and Lana go to make their escape. They make it as far as the car when Frank the Guard/Cop stops the Dr. and informs him that Sister Jude and Anne Frank’s husband wish to speak with him (he can’t see Lana). Thredson tells Frank he has no interest and never did. From there, the two are off.

Back to Anne Frank; as Thredson isn’t available the husband goes to visit her in the cell when he meets face to face with Arden. He is all apologetic for his wife’s behavior etc, to which Arden recommends – lobotomy!

Sister Jude ends up having a melt down somewhere along the lines as well, as Arden says he is pressing charges against her for the gun incident, and that means she will be dismissed. She ends up getting dressed in her street clothes, going to a bar, getting drunk and sleeping with some guy. Arden and Sister Mary have a conversation where they discuss how Arden will take over the Asylum with Sister Mary being at his right hand.

Thedson and Lana arrive at his apartment. She wants to call people etc, but Thredson says that if discovered, they’ll get into trouble etc, so she has to keep it on the down-low until their appointment tomorrow with a detective. He gets her a glass of wine, turns on a light and offers her a mint. However, everything isn’t as it seems — especially when he says that he wants her to tell his story.

Quickly we make our way back to what happened with Shelly. We’re not sure what exactly Sister Mary did with her, but a group of school children discover Shelly crawling up the stairs from the bomb shelter area. Everybody, including the teacher, screams and runs. 

Back to Thredson and Lana, she asks to go to the bathroom, because she really notices something is amiss. As she makes her way, she tries to find a way to escape, but comes upon Threshold’s secret hobby. Yep, the lampshades are made of human skin and the mint bowl was half a skull. Thredson then opens a trap door in which Lana falls down.

Arden is seen giving Anne Frank a lobotomy with her husband watching. 


Lana awakens with her foot chained in a basement/lab (think Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and lying next to her is her half-thawed out lover. Thredson is the killer! Not Arden! And Thredson wants to continue her therapy and tells Lana to kiss her dead friend’s lips. She doesn’t have to worry about getting bit – not because she’s dead – but because she has no teeth! With that, Thredson puts on a leather-face mask, like what they show in the Asylum with the present day.

Next we go to the Asylum where Kit finds Grace bleeding. He thinks they performed the sterilization procedure, and he screams for help. Just then, detectives make their way and arrest Kit for the murders of the missing girls — and they have Thredson’s tapes of Kit confessing for evidence. As Kit is being taken away, Grace yells that the alien-thing is all true and that she saw his wife.

Finally, we are back to Anne Frank who is happy as can be with her husband and baby. He wants a martini and notices some of her Anne Frank photos and such have been taken off a billboard. He’s happy to throw them out, and then the camera zooms on a picture of Hitler with a young Arden pictured as well.

Great episode, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Head on over here for a preview to the next episode.

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on FX.



Set in 1964, American Horror Story: Asylum takes us into a Church-run haven for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), a nun with a troubled past.  Inside this locked down facility, danger lurks around every corner.  From Nazis and serial killers, to mutants and aliens, no one is safe inside these walls. Starring Jessica Lange as “Sister Jude”, Sarah Paulson as “Lana Winters”, James Cromwell as “Dr. Arthur Arden,” Evan Peters as “Kit Walker,” Lily Rabe as “Sister Mary Eunice,” Lizzie Brocheré as “Grace,” Zachary Quinto as “Dr. Oliver Thredson,” and Joseph Fiennes as “Monsignor Timothy Howard.” Guest stars for the miniseries will include Frances Conroy, Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine and Mark Consuelos.