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Cool Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man Poster

With it recently becoming known that Marvel and Sony are (or were) in talks for Spider-Man to appear in Captain America: Civil War, a fan has gone out and created a poster to mark the occasion.

A reddit user posted the following image incorporating the Iron Spider costume that Tony Stark gave to Peter Parker in the Marvel Comics “Civil War” storyline.

Leaked information did reveal Sony wants to approve a new costume that Marvel would create for Cap 3.

Other Spider-Man information to come out as a result of the hacks made mention of Sam Raimi returning; Captain America directors, The Russo bros., possibly being involved; the Sinister Six movie being scrapped and a Spider-Man reboot for 2017; a new actor being cast as Spider-Man is also mentioned.

Marvel and Sony have yet to officially comment on Spider-Man.




Spider-Man Movie In 2017; Possible Sony/Marvel Plans Revealed


Earlier leaked e-mails from Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal revealed Marvel Studios’ desire to reboot Spider-Man without Andrew Garfield.

Now Mashable has got ahold of even more e-mails, with some that are memos that Pascal sent to herself in regards to her thoughts on the Sony / Marvel Spider-Man deal.

The memos read as a “What If” scenario and mention if Spider-Man does appear in Captain America 3, Sony would want another Spider-Man movie out in six months – for 2017 – meaning they would have to film around the Winter of 2015/2016.

It’s also noted that a new actor would be cast as Spider-Man with a new costume, and Sony would use that actor first seen in Cap 3 for their new Spidey movie.

The e-mails are dated around October, so bear that in mind as things may have changed between Marvel and Sony.

To producer Matthew Tolmach:

I love introducing pp [Peter Parker] in cap but I know it comes with so many things since we won’t give them what they want what will we give them?

We can say it’s a cameo but I’ll bet it’s more and will involve some of his world and it will be peter and spidey right 

From various memos:

one time spiderman movie:
have to commit to a release date in 2017 which means we need to be shooting in winter 2015-2016

More with mention of Aunt May and locations:

cap thre only:
2. if we have spiderman in cap 3. what is our fee
and our back end. need script approval, casting approval of sm and aunt may and consultation of mays house in queens and any other spiderman locations we may need in future movies. also approval of new spiderman costume> how long is he is the movie? how closely does it follow the civil war story line? does the world find out who spiderman is? are there any other characters from the spiderman universe they are using? can we use one of the marvel characters in our future spiderman movies not produced by marvel.can we use cap to set up ss? can drew work with the russos to get this done? are we renting him out?


how can we put a box office value on allowing spiderman to be in cap? what is the good publicity worth to them and their movie and what is the opposite worth to us? can we put a box office value on putting spidey in their movie? not free

Pascal also questions if they do go forward with a new Spider-Man movie, what happens to plans for Sinister Six?

would we have to dismantle ss?

can drew goddard write the sm original?

who would direct the sm movie?

what do we do with matt tolmach and avi?

they can not put spidey in future spiderman movies or team ups.

we need to keep animation rights for a theatrical relaesse spiderman move to be directed by lord and miller

we need to be able to make spiderman movies after this movie

we need to be able to make the girl team up movie

is it possible to put spidey in worlds without other characcters once we is with iron man and cap

can we have him in cap and then 6 months later in ss


Marvel Doesn’t Want Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man


With Marvel and Sony said to be in talks for Spider-Man to come to the MCU, further details have come to light.

Earlier, it was learned that Sam Raimi participated in talks with Sony, and that Captain America directors Joe and Anthony Russo had offered their services to be on board as producers.

Now Marvel’s plans for Spider-Man have possibly become known as Latino Review has a rumor that Marvel would reboot the franchise.

It’s said Marvel doesn’t want anything to do with Marc Webb or even Sam Raimi’s previous films, and would reboot Spider-Man with a new actor focusing on the character’s teenage issues with less romance and no origin story.

It’s stated Marvel feels the romance themes in Spider-Man have been done to death; however, it’s said Amy Pascal of Sony Pictures wasn’t happy with the idea of getting rid of Andrew Garfield as she supports the studios’ choice of actors.

It’s noted that Pascal may not have a choice, which is what she said when e-mails revealing a conversation with the former head of WB movies, Jeff Robinov, became known.

According to another report, Sony is due to have a Spider-Man summit in January to get things on the right path. Whether that involves Marvel in any capacity is currently unknown.

Update: More e-mails have become known revealing plans for a Spider-Man movie in 2017 and more.


Top 10 Comic Books For November 2014


Diamond has released their early comic book sales estimates for November 2014 where Marvel takes eight of the top ten spots.

Led by Dan Slott‘s “Spiderverse” storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #9, Marvel continues with its top ten dominance as All-New Captain America #1 takes the second spot.

DC’s mainstay, Batman, comes in at #3, with DC only have one other title in the top ten as Justice League #36 comes in at the bottom.

Marvel also wins the dollar share and market share.

The drop from October to November is a result of October having five shipping weeks compared to November’s four.

Overall, November 2014 sales are slightly up from last year.







Spider-Man Marvel Deal May Not Be Done


Yesterday saw the news revealed that Marvel and Sony had been in talks for Spider-Man to appear in Captain America: Civil War, as well as Marvel seemingly taking control of the character with Sony still involved.

The Wall Street Journal first reported about the leak, which was a result of numerous hacks targeted at Sony, and in their report, they stated sources filled them in that talks between Marvel and Sony had fallen apart.

However, now it’s being said that may not be entirely the case as Latino Review is claiming Sony corporate out of Japan is keeping the Marvel talks alive, with offers still on the table.

It’s said Sony Japan (corporate headquarters) isn’t happy with how Sony movies is handling the Amazing Spider-Man franchise and is also pretty ticked about the leaks, which may end up with people getting fired if the company loses money.

So it’s said Sony Japan is keeping talks with Marvel alive about Spider-Man appearing in a Marvel movie (or movies) as it would benefit future Sony movies starring the Wall Crawler.

What’s interesting about all this is that within the last six months or so, there have been a couple of mentions and rumors of Spider-Man going back to Marvel.

Back in May, Max Landis tweeted about Marvel getting Spider-Man back with mention “5 months from now this is gonna be real interesting.” Five months from May is October, which was right around when Marvel and Sony are said to have been in talks; so it’s possible if the initial talks between Marvel and Sony had worked out, we might have heard about Spider-Man becoming an Avenger.

Other mention of Spider-Man returning to Marvel came from Sony investors and insiders who recommended entertainment assets be sold as Sony has been experiencing financial woes.

Sony is said to be having a “Spidey” summit in January to discuss the future of the franchise.

Maybe we’ll get Spider-Man in The Avengers 2, after all.


Leaked: Marvel Wanted Spider-Man In Captain America 3


Sony has been the target of a recent hack, which has been revealing various inside information about the company.

Information related to executive salaries as well as the code names celebrities use to book hotels have hit the net, but of interest to comic book enthusiasts is leaked information related to Spider-Man.

Sony owns the film rights to Spider-Man, with Disney retaining the merchandising rights. In addition, Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige is an executive producer on the Amazing Spider-Man movies; so we see the studios are on good terms.

Well, new hacked information has revealed that Marvel Studios wanted Spider-Man for their upcoming Captain America 3 movie, which will star Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr, and that talks have taken place between Marvel and Sony (in the comics, Spider-Man is an integral part of the “Civil War” storyline).

According to the Wall Street Journal, hacked information revealed back-and-forth e-mails in regards to Spider-Man, Marvel and Captain America: Civil War.

It’s stated an e-mail from Sony Pictures president Doug Belgrad to Sony motion picture chief Amy Pascal discussed a “potential scenario that would see Marvel produce a new trilogy of Spider-Man movies while Sony retains ‘creative control, marketing and distribution.'”

It’s also said in a separate e-mail, Pascal “tells a business partner that Marvel wanted to include Spider-Man in its planned third Captain America movie.”

According to the report, a source has told the Wall Street Journal that talks eventually broke down with Marvel, and now Sony is planning a “Spidey Summit” for this January to discuss further plans about the Spider-Man franchise.

The hacked information also revealed a tidbit about plans or for an animated Spider-Man comedy film, which would be produced by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the duo behind 22 Jump Street and The Lego Movie.

Update: Sony wanted Sam Raimi back to director or produce Spider-Man.

Update #2: Spider-Man Marvel deal may not be done.

Update: 3: Russo Bros. offered Avengers 3 and 4; could produce Spider-Man; Venom, Sam Raimi, Jeff Robinov

Update #4: Marvel rumored to want to reboot Spider-Man without Andrew Garfield

Update #5: Sony possible plans for Spider-Man 2017 movie


Stan Lee Confirms Agent Carter Cameo; Talks Avengers & Spider-Man Shared Universe

We get more from the QnA featuring Stan Lee, Kevin Smith and Ultron-creator Roy Thomas.

This time, Stan Lee is asked about the possibility of the Marvel ever getting the rights back to the movies owned by the other studios, and Stan also confirms a cameo in the upcoming Agent Carter TV series.

Stan Lee is asked, “Will the Marvel Universe ever be brought back together?” With his response being:

That’s a very good question, and it’s something that Marvel is very concerned about. It’s very difficult to get them all together because these characters are so successful and make so much money that the studios that have the rights to any of them don’t want to let them go. So that is something that all the lawyers and all the production companies have to work out. Whether they will ever get it worked out, I don’t know. It is a shame that Marvel can’t distribute every one of them because then we could put them all together. You could put The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and every other group together in a movie that would make a hundred trillion dollars.

Roy Thomas then joked, “Isn’t that the next movie? The Avenger 3: The Lawyers?”

With Kevin Smith adding, “The real winners.”

Stan Lee then confirmed a cameo in Agent Carter:

“Watch the fourth one,” Lee said. “I think my cameo is in the fourth episode. They ought to be ashamed of themselves they didn’t give me three others before that, but what the hell. But it is kind of a good cameo.”


Spider-Man Unlimited: Sandman Trailer

Check out the Sandman trailer for the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile video game.

Issue #4 introduces another classic Spidey foe to the hit mobile game as well as Spider-Girl, Spider-Man 2099, and more!

Swing into a hand-drawn Comic-Verse in a brand-new episodic adventure!

Unite the Spider-Verse and recruit an army of Spider-Men to stop the new Sinister Six, who have opened a dimensional portal to summon different versions of themselves! The Sinister Six are moving from dimension to dimension – destroying each one – and ours is next!


Spider-Man Rumored To Return To Marvel Studios & The Avengers


It’s once again being stated that the Amazing Spider-Man might be returning home to Marvel Studios and The Avengers.

The news comes from Entertainment Weekly who says sources of their own are stating it’s a possibility a few years from now.

According to the report both Sony and Marvel have denied such a thing happening and refused to comment.

The gist of the report states that if the Sinister Six movie tanks, then it looks as if Sony will either return Spider-Man to Disney, or Marvel will offer some assistance to step in and help out (possibly some sort of partnership).

Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige is already involved as he is listed as an executive producer on the Amazing Spider-Man films, and Disney and Sony do share the film and merchandising rights.

There has also been added pressure by a Sony executive to sell the rights to Spider-Man amid Sony’s declining revenue base.

In addition, Sony has let Daredevil, Ghost Rider and Punisher return to Marvel, with Marvel using Daredevil as the flagship of their new Netflix series.

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise has been under heat due to the performances of the new Marc Webb movies featuring Andrew Garfield. While the films have been averaging about $700 million at the box office, it’s guessed Sony probably is desiring the franchise to make around a billion, and the films have been getting negative reviews. In addition, Spider-Man has been put on hold for Sinister Six and Venom, with the next Spidey movie not due out until 2018 (it’s guessed Spidey will be featured in Sinister Six as Sony needs to use the character every three years or the rights revert to Disney).

Sinister Six has a November 11, 2016 release date, with Venom said to be hitting in 2017.


Mr. Potato Head Marvel Mashable Heroes Spot

Check out the Hasbro Mr. Potato Head Mashable Heroes spot for the Marvel characters.

These are priced at around $6.99 and include Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America. 

What happens when you mash your favorite Marvel Super Heroes with Mr. Potato Head? The mixed up, mashed up fun begins!

Hero up with potato superheroes! Little hands can mix and mash the fun of Mr. Potato Head with Marvel parts to create a Hulk or Wolverine tater. It’s easy to put the 2-inch potato body on one of the character bases and then add arms and a helmet. The parts work with other sets (sold separately), so get them all so they can build a whole mash of mixed-up Marvel heroes! 

Includes (1) 2-inch potato body, 2 character arms/torso, 2 character helmets, and 2 character bases.
Product Features:
·Mixable, Mashable Heroes set lets little hands build superhero taters
·Set includes a 2-inch potato body and parts to build a Hulk or Wolverine tater
·Includes 2 character arms/torso, 2 character helmets, and 2 character bases
·Parts work with other sets (sold separately)
·Collect them all to create mixed-up Marvel heroes


Venom Carnage Movie Rumored For 2017

With the news of Sony female superhero set in the Spider-Man universe also comes word about the Venom movie.

In its report, Deadline has it that the title of the Venom movie could be “Venom Carnage,” slated for a 2017 release as well.

The title and release date are not confirmed for Venom, but Alex Kurtzman will both direct and co-write the project.

If the “Venom Carnage” title does happen to be legit, it’s an obvious reference to the Spider-Man villain, Cletus Kasady, who becomes Carnage after acquiring the spawn of the Venom symbiote.

It’s also probably more than likely that Venom in the movie will not be a straight-up villain, but more of an anti-hero, with Carnage as the film’s main villain.

Sony also has the Sinister Six movie coming out in 2016, with plans for Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2018.

If everything goes according to plan, it seems as if Sinister Six will debut in 2016 followed by the “Venom Carnage” movie and the female Spidey superhero flick in 2017, with Amazing Spider-Man 3 a year later.


Sony Female Superhero Movie Coming In 2017


Sony is first out of the gate with a female superhero movie as it’s become known plans are underway for a 2017 release.

Deadline reports that the female superhero movie will be a part of the Spider-Man franchise.

Lisa Joy Nolan is said to be on the project as a writer, with Matt Tolmach onboard as producer.

No specific details are known regarding which female Marvel character will be featured, but speculation has already began with the possibilities including Spider-Woman, Black Cat, Silver Sable and Firestar.

Felicity Jones recently played the character “Felicia” in Amazing Spider-Man 2, whom many fans think to be Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat.

Sony also has Sinister 6 slated for a November 11, 2016 release.

Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been delayed until 2018.

Update: A “Venom Carnage” movie is also rumored for 2017.


Now Fans Fake Spider-Man In The Avengers 2

With the recent possible bad news surrounding the Spider-Man franchise, and to add to that comments made by Max Landis, a fan has created a fake set pic from The Avengers 2 featuring Spider-Man.

In the image we see director Joss Whedon walking with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who is playing the speedster, Quicksilver.

To the left is a man trying to hide himself as we see the Spider-Man costume underneath the clothing.

Not a bad photoshop job.

Warner Bros. and Batman Vs. Superman have also been dealing with fake scripts and Comic-Con trailers.



“The Avengers: Age Of Ultron” hits May 1, 2015 directed by Joss Whedon starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver, Paul Bettany as Vision, with James Spader as Ultron.

Head on over to the Cosmic Book News Avengers movie hub for more.


Amazing Spider-Man 3 Rumored Delayed To 2017


As it stands, Amazing Spider-Man 3 has a June 10, 2016 release date.

Now it’s being said Sony is delaying the release date to 2017.

Earlier saw mention of WB’s potential Comic-Con Justice League plans, and in their own report, AICN states a source has filled them in that Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 3 will be pushed back to some time in 2017.

No reason was mentioned.

Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield are expected back.

Worth a note: Last month saw Max Landis state Spider-Man is back with Marvel Studios, could this be related?


Spider-Man Unlimited Mobile Game Announcement Trailer

GameLoft has announced a new mobile video game at the E3 with Spider-Man Unlimited.

Check out the trailer below.

Enjoy the unlimited power of swinging and running as Spider-Man in a chaotic Manhattan and battle the Formidable Sinister Six! 

Experience the Spider-Man comics come to life in a brand new episodic adventure, featuring content from over 50 years of Spider-Man Comics.

Coming soon for free to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


Now Marvel Freezes Out X-Men Toys Because Of Guardians of the Galaxy


Something is definitely brewing between Disney/Marvel and Fox Studios regarding the comic book movie properties of Fantastic Four and X-Men, which Fox owns the movie rights to.

An earlier report stated that Marvel Comics was putting their Fantastic Four comic books on hiatus because of the new Fox Studios Josh Trank Fantastic Four movie. It was also said that Marvel Comics wasn’t promoting their X-Men characters as much anymore because they don’t own the movie license.

Now it’s being said that Disney/Marvel has not developed any merchandise for the X-Men: Days Of Future Past movie.

It’s also suggested the reason being is because of the upcoming Disney/Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

It does seem odd there are no X-Men movie toys as the aisles are littered with Avengers, Iron Man and Amazing Spider-Man toys.

Below you can check out tweets from Rob Liefield, creator of X-Force and a well-known comic writer and artist.

Liefeld also comments that we might see Spider-Man in Avengers 3. He might not be too far off as Disney and Sony do have a mutual deal over the film and merchandise rights. Perhaps the recent comments from Max Landis aren’t too far off.


No Miles Morales Spider-Man Movie


Fans of the Marvel Comics know that Marvel replaced the Ultimate Comics version of Spider-Man and Peter Parker with Miles Morales. The regular Marvel Comics universe also featured Ben Riley, the clone of Spider-Man, and a Spidey from the future with Miguel O’Hara.

So will the same happen in the movies?

The producers on the Amazing Spider-Man movies, Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad, state “no.”

Via Indiewire:

Avi Arad: No. The one thing you cannot do, when you have a phenomena that has stood the test of time, you have to be true to the real character inside – who is Peter Parker? What are the biggest effects on his life? Then you can draw in time, and you can consider today’s world in many ways. But to have multiple ones… I don’t know if you remember, but Marvel tried it. And it was almost the end of Spider-Man.

Arad continues with mention that Peter Parker will absolutely be the Spider-Man in their movies, with Tolmach adding that as long as they are involved it will be Peter Parker as well.

However, Andrew Garfield actually wouldn’t mind passing the torch to Miles as he recently told CBR:

Miles Morales was a huge moment in this character’s comic book life. And I do believe that we can do that. It’s something I’m really interested in figuring out; an eloquent way of coexisting, or passing on the torch. I don’t have an answer, but I think it’s actually a really important move. I think it’s a really beautiful and important move.”


Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Spinning directly out of his best selling book Superior Spiderman, Dan Slott, puts Peter Parker back in the tights and unleashes enough hilarity and intrigue to satiate any Spidey fan!

Dan Slott has been both scathed and praised for his tale of Dr. Octopus as the Superior Spiderman. Personally, I was in awe of the way Slott created a story revolving around one of Spidey’s greatest villains, one that both destroyed and exponentially enhanced Peter Parker’s life simultaneously. From that very first issue, I pondered the possible outcomes and how Slott would hopefully make Peter’s return one that would be wrought with challenges he never saw coming. Today, all those thoughts come true as Peter emerges into a world he never created but now has to deal with.

Dan Slott writes a tightrope of a tale, balancing between the two things that make Spider-Man work — humor and consequence. From page one, Slott, makes an opening sequence that will shock you, one that will have lasting ramifications for years to come and will start a fresh controversy all over again! From there we are immediately thrust into an all out action sequence rife with comically infused banter that Spidey fans have been missing. The humor goes over the top (“spidey skivvies” anyone) before we are jettisoned into a press conference regarding Peter’s role at Parker Industries. Slott continues this pattern of humor and intrigue throughout the remainder of the first story, and we are left with a scene between Peter and Anna Maria Marconi that will change their relationship forever.

From there we are given small vignettes from Chris Yost, Peter David, Joe Caramagna, and Christos Gage, as well as Slott again, that hit on particular characters that will be stirring things up for ol‘ Peter in the new series and beyond. With a multitude of artists in tow, these writers give us tantalizing tales about Kaine, Black Cat, Electro, and someone new, that show just how Spider-Man has changed their lives whether it was Doc Ock or Peter behind the mask. The build-up is intense, and it will leave you clamoring for more!

Overall, this was a great read that gives you all out action, amazing art by Humberto Ramos, plenty of hijinks and of course, the always needed — screaming of J. Jonah Jameson!

Slott has begun a new era of Spidey tales in classic fashion and fans will be delighted by every page!


Spider-Man Would Have To Be Center of Avengers Movie Crossover


A hot topic amongst just about everyone who loves to watch comic book movies is a crossover between The Avengers and Spider-Man.

Sony owns the film rights to Spider-Man, and Disney and Marvel Studios own The Avengers characters.

While a crossover between the two may never come to pass, as the producers on Amazing Spider-Man recently stated that would only happen if they were basically desperate for ideas, producer Avi Arad further offers that Spider-Man would have to be the focus of the movie.

Arad tells the Toronto Sun the following:

But if we want to do that, the crossovers, it has to be a story that is absolutely centered on Spider-Man. We cannot be second banana to anything out there. Because this is the king. This is the one that influenced young people from birth.

I’m not preaching, but Spider-Man, Peter Parker, who is in all of us, is too important to go in and use it as a sidepiece for corporate purposes. The studio may disagree with me, some fans may disagree with me. I don’t care.