SYFY’s Neverland (2011): Extended Trailer and Interviews w/Rhys Ifans and Charlie Rowe


SYFY sent over the following extended trailer for their event mini-series Neverland, as well as video footage of actors Rhys Ifans and Charlie Rowe.

In the sneak peek , Peter Pan finds himself lost in an ice cap filled forest and is frightened by who might be lurking around the corner. He slowly approaches the strange sounds and soon realizes it’s one of his good friends that had also landed in this mysterious land. Watch the clip to see what strange creatures they end up running away from and who they encounter next!  
In the second clip, watch as Charlie Rowe and Rhys Ifans provide a behind the scenes look into the relationship between Peter Pan and James Hook and as they introduce us to a new character, Captain Elizabeth Bonny, played by Anna Friel.
Tune-in to the two-night mini-series event, Neverland this Sunday, December 4th and Monday, December 5th at 9/8c to find out how it all began!