SyFy’s Monster Man: New Sneak Peek & Create Your Own Monster!



Here is a new preview clip for the next episode of SyFy’s Monster Man, “Forbidden Werewolf.”

In addition, SyFy has a number of new features available on their website to go along with the new show:

· Monster Maker: A web-based application allowing users to create their own monsters. Take your time in building your own monster and view the full gallery to see what others have come up with!
· Cleve’s Greatest Hits: A top 10-style feature highlighting Cleve’s work in the movie effects field, which includes his work in Metalstorm, Re-Animator, Ghoulies and more! 
· Concept to Creation – Feature Gallery: A gallery showcasing Cleve’s creations from sketch to construction to finished product. See what it takes when Hall is asked to create a two-headed shark.
For more, check out the all-new Monster Man official site at:
Monster Man – Airs – Wednesday, March 21st @ 10/9c on Syfy
”˜Forbidden Werewolf’ – Sneak Peek