Syfy’s Merlin, Being Human, Lost Girl: New Sneak Peek Previews


SyFy sent over the following preview sneak peek vidoes for the next episodes of Merlin, Being Human and Lost Girl.


In our first Merlin clip, the King and his knights travel through the Valley of the Fallen Kings when they are attacked by a large group of men. Merlin is able to save Arthur from a speeding attacker but isn’t so lucky when he’s struck by another and is fallen to the ground. Catch an all new episode this Friday at 10/9c as Merlin falls under Morgana’s power, becoming a deadly weapon in her fight for supremacy.

In Lost Girl, Bo discusses being van napped with her culprit and in turn asks for her help. He claims that his niece, Cassy is an oracle and can help her figure out her past, though upon her entrance, she doesn’t seem cut out for the job. Tune-in to an all new episode of Lost Girl on Monday, February 13th to watch as Bo stands to learn the secrets of her past when a Dark Fae with a problem comes calling.

In Being Human, Josh walks into the kitchen and notices Sally with her head down on the counter and jokes about having a rough night. Sally finally lifts her head and looks pale as ever and puts the boys at shock. She says she’s been experimenting with a woman, using her body to do things she is not able to do as a ghost. Watch the all-new sneak peek to see things tense up as Aidan and Josh learn about Sally’s love triangle.

Merlin – Airs – Friday, February 10th @ 10/9c
”˜A Servant of Two Masters’ – Sneak Peek
Being Human – Airs – Monday, February 13th @ 9/8c
”˜Addicted to Love’ – Sneak Peek


Lost Girl – Airs – Monday, February 13th @ 10/9c
”˜Dead Lucky’ – Sneak Peek