SYFY’s Ghost Hunters and Faceoff: Sneak Peak Season Premiere Previews



SYFY sent over the following sneak peak preview trailers for the season premiere episodes of Ghost Hunters and Faceoff.

In Ghost Hunters, Dave and Steve set up the EM Pod on the 2nd floor which is used to detect electromagnetic radiation and what the team uses to monitor the presences of the paranormal. The team continues the investigation on the first floor, when suddenly they hear the EM Pod trigger off, notifying the team of activity in that original area. Soon after, both Dave and Steve notice sounds of footsteps walking across the second floor and this time the EM Pod starts going off very intensely. Catch the Season Premiere of Ghost Hunters next Wednesday, January 11th at 9/8c to see if the team can uncover what’s really going in the house.
In Face Off, the season kicks off with men Vs. women and teams are tasked to recreate characters from the Wizard of Oz. The 2 minute clip takes you through the thought process of some of the contestants, including the props they used and where they came up with their ideas. Throughout the clip, we notice the judges giving praise to the women for being better sculptures, adding pressure to the men to step up their game. How will this affect the men? Will they still be able to come up on top? Tune-in to the Season Premiere next Wednesday, January 11th at 10/9c to see who will be the first to be eliminated!