SYFY’s Ghost Hunters and Faceoff: Sneak Peak Episode Two



SYFY has provided us with sneak peak preview trailers for episode two of both Ghost Hunters and Faceoff.

My sons and I watched the premiere episode of Faceoff — and loved it! The make-up artists had to do renditions based on the Wizard of Oz. Some turned out good, some not so much. Particularly done well was the women’s version of the Scarecrow (right), while both sides versions of the Tin Man needed a little oilin‘! This ended up costing the men the win, with the guy responsible for the Tin Man’s chest area getting sent home.

Fun series and very entertaining.


In Ghost Hunters, Adam and Brit investigate the basement of Naples Hotel to see if they can hear voices from Topper, the alleged boy who hung himself in the hotel. The team moves around the basement looking for signs of movement and if they can hear noises coming from the boy. They position themselves at the bar and proceed to direct questions to Topper, when all of a sudden they hear what appears to be silverware dropping on the floor. Tune-in to an all new episode of Ghost Hunters next Wednesday, January 18th at 9/8c!
In Face Off, the action goes aquatic as the contestants are tasked with creating makeups that can get wet. We see our contestants in teams once again and tempers flare up when Becky realizes that Miranda just might not be as experienced as she thought. Her frustrations get worse once Miranda starts getting aggressive as a result of Becky’s rude remarks. Catch an all new episode of Face Off next Wednesday, January 18th at 10/9c to see who will be voted off next!
Ghost Hunters – Airs Wednesday, January 18th at 9/8c
”˜Buyer Beware’ – Sneak Peek


Face Off – Airs Wednesday, January 18th at 10/9c
‘Water World’ – Sneak Peek