Superstar Marvel Cosmic Artist Paul Pelletier Takes On Aquaman With DC Comics



A couple weeks ago the news came out that former Marvel Cosmic superstar artist Paul Pelletier has moved over to DC Comics.

Now we find out that Pelletier will be the artist on Aquaman.

Former Aquaman artist Ivan Reis replaced Jim Lee on Justice League, with Lee moving on to a new Superman title with Batman writer Scott Snyder next year.

The former artist on Wolverine, War of Kings, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Fantastic Four and Incredible Hulk takes over Aquaman with issue #15 that leads into a crossover with Justice League, and explains why he left Marvel.

“It wasn’t anything against Marvel. I was having a great time at Marvel,” Pelletier explained to CBR. “But I’ve said before the Geoff Johns and I have been ships passing in the night pretty much in the past. We’ve never had the chance to work together, so when this opportunity popped up, it was something I felt I had to put my foot down and go ‘I want to work with Geoff.’ This is my opportunity to do that, and I liked the idea of having a regular monthly assignment too. I had a blast with Marvel, but a lot of the stuff I was doing was hunting around for which project I was going to work on next. With ‘Aquaman,’ I’ll be working on the book for a while, and that’ll be very cool. But the main thing was the chance to work with Geoff.”