Superman: The Man of Steel (2012) Begins Shooting in August


pic conducted an interview with Zack Snyder, director on the new Superman, and it was stated that the new movie will begin shooting at the beginning of August.

Snyder also mentions, again, how the movie is going to be a more realistic take on what he has done in the past.

“Actually, that’s something I’ve endeavored from the beginning and one of the first things I said to Chris and Emma was that Superman needs to live in the real world and if I were to do this, it would be me making a more realistic movie, whatever that even means. I’ve never shot a movie on location or in the real world, it’s a weird thing.”

The director was as elusive as always and when asked about news regarding the cast (speaking of, we just heard Edgar Ramirez is up for a role as a villain) and said the following.

“Soon, soon. I can’t say exactly when but I think you should stay tuned. The movie is growing and getting more awesome every day, so it’s good.”

Snyder also mentions that he might be going to this years San Diego Comic Con as he’ll have the Sucker Punch DVD to show off.

Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch hits theaters March 25th, 2011. Head on over here to view a large gallery of eye-popping pics and trailers.

Superman flies into theaters December 2012 directed by Zack Snyder starring Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel and Diane Lane as Martha “Ma” Kent.

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