Jessica Biel up for Lois Lane: Superman: The Man of Steel (2012)



We’ve heard a few names mentioned in regards to playing Lois Lane in the upcoming Zack Snyder directed Superman, now we can add another to the list. reports that Jessical Biel may be in contention to play the girlfriend to Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel.

“I’ve been hearing from multiple sources lately that Biel is in consideration for at least two MAJOR profile projects working with MAJOR profile, very influential Hollywood players. The parts don’t require much skill, if any, but they’re looking for an attractive girl who can stand there and be the “girlfriend”. And a lot of girls want this job. I’m told Jessica’s very near the top of the list, if not at the top, specifically for a movie involving a dude who might, once in a while, fly around saving the world in a cape.”

I would say that description certainly fits with Superman.

Previously, Kristin Stewart was rumored to be involved with the part of the ace reporter as well as Olivia Wilde and Rachel McAdams.

Heck, even Linsday Lohan’s name has come up so keep in mind this is all just rumor.

Who would be your pick for Lois?

Superman flies into theaters December 2012 directed by Zack Snyder starring Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Superman, Kevin Costner as Jonathan “Pa” Kent and Diane Lane as Martha “Ma” Kent.

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