Superior Spider-Man #1 Spoilers; Dan Slott Comments On Big Surprise


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4960:]]Spoilers below for “Superior Spider-Man” #1, out in stores today.


The big surprise at the end of Superior Spider-Man #1 is that Peter Parker is still alive!

Or at least he is a ghost of some sort as we see him lend a “helping hand” to Doc Ock as he stops Ock from killing Boomerang.

Peter Parker is in an incorporeal form, whether that is a ghost or not remains to be seen.

Doc Ock can’t see Peter and doesn’t know he’s there, but Peter promises to find a way back.

Fans flipped their lid over the realization that Doc Ock had taken over Spider-Man’s body and also that he was to become a good guy, a hero.

Now we get an idea of exactly where Dan Slott is going with all this, and just maybe we all owe Dan an apology — at least those of you who “threatened” his life.

“You thought the death of Peter Parker was the end,” Slott told MTV. “You don’t know what we’ve got coming. So many tricks up our sleeve, so many surprises, that you will not see coming.”

Marvel Editor Stephen Wacker explains that “there is a shred of Peter’s consciousness still left within the mind of Spider-Man.”

“Just like the ghost of Peter Parker refuses to let go of this body, I’m refusing to let go of Spider-Man,” Slott added. “We can do another Marvel NOW! Initiative — I ain’t letting go.”

“Peter Parker is not gone, his spirit lives on,” Slott tells Wacker when asked about if we’ll see more of this in Superior Spider-Man #2, via the Marvel AR app.

Superior Spider-Man #2 hit in two weeks.