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Greg Pak’s Silver Surfer: A Look at Cybermancer

Greg Pak’s Silver Surfer: A Look at Cybermancer


Suddenly Suzi: Who put the ‘romance’ in Cybermancer?

I knew little or nothing about Suzi Endo when I encountered her during my third read of Greg Pak’s beautiful and mesmerizing Silver Surfer #1 (still on LCS shelves if you are lucky, so what are you waiting for? Head on down!).

But as I researched the character once called Cybermancer, I was delighted to see she was created by none other than – DnA! That is right; our gal Suzi first came to light in Force Works #4 by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning along with Tom Tenney.  Welcome back, Suz!

For those like me who said “Who?” when she appeared in SS, not much is really known about Suzi Endo’s past before she was head of research in cybernetics at Stark Industries’ Far East Division. On one occasion they were attacked by Mandarin’s Avatars and all her research was destroyed before Force Works arrived to stop the criminals. They soon found Endo within the wreckage and took her to the Force Works headquarters where she helped Iron Man modify the techno-organic virus so he could use it against Mandarin. After he was defeated, she apparently went back to Hong Kong to restart her research.

Sometime later, Stark contacted her and offered her a new job for Stark International in LA. She eagerly accepted the offer and flew to America. Shortly after arriving, she was attacked by a “Cybermancer” from an alternate future. The real Suzi was put in stasis and placed in Force Works sub-basement and Cybermancer took her place. As she was held in stasis, this Cybermancer soon replaced an absent Century on the Force Works roster with the help of Iron Man, who was under the influence of Immortus.

Suzi was soon found by Amanda Chaney whom Iron Man discovered and killed, but not before she managed to call Rachel Carpenter and inform her of Iron Man’s betrayal. After the other members of Force Works defeated Iron Man and Cybermancer, they freed Suzi from stasis and introduced her to her possible future self. She had a long conversation with her other self who told her that she also would become like her and she couldn’t do anything to change it.

At the same time at the tech lab, the time portal was suddenly re-opened and two of the techno-Suzi’s associates came through looking for her — the extremely dangerous and highly-evolved Ultron and her mechanoid lover, Wonder Man. Liberating her from her prison, the three foreign entities went in search of the Cybermancer suit, but the real Suzi took it from its storage container in order to keep it out of her wicked twin’s hands. Force Works was told that the alternate time line Ultron, Wonder Man and the techno-organic Suzi came from was completely destroyed, and Force Works decided that they would try to help them survive on their Earth. The damage was too great, however, because the still-opened gateway took back what was originally from that world and claimed the lives of evil Suzi and Ultron. In an attempt to close the portal and stop the destruction, Wonder Man sacrificed himself by diving back into the dimensional doorway. It wasn’t enough to seal it shut, but the real Suzi showed up with the Cybermancer armor and used the costume’s gauntlet to remote-control the suit and send it back where it came from to permanently seal the portal.

The threat was averted and Suzi was left with a piece of the Cybermancer armor which she said she would reverse-engineer. She promised the team that there would be no more Cybermancer, but as her alternate self told her: “It’s in your blood. It’s in your destiny. You won’t be able to resist it.”

Eventually, Suzi re-engineered the Cybermancer armor and gave in to her destiny as Cybermancer, although staying out of the spotlight until the superhuman Civil War. She was apprehended by agents of SHIELD while attempting to prevent a bank heist in which three civilians were killed. Before being arrested, Endo defeated Comet Man.

Suzi later reappears in the Iron Man, Director of SHIELD tie-in to Secret Invasion, where she and Jim Rhodes assist in fighting off the Skrulls after Tony Stark and all Starktech systems are compromised when the Avengers are attacked in the Savage Land.

Suzi was revealed as a member of the Iowa Initiative team at one point, and later, in the ongoing War Machine series, Suzi had left Rhodes’ side due to his violent actions but was called back into service by Bethany Cabe.

How she wound up at the Organization of American States in Mexico City is anyone’s guess, but we cannot wait to see what role she will play in the Surfer’s great new mini — which we would like to suggest become a monthly ongoing (if we haven’t already said that?).

“Silver Surfer #2” from Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia hits in March!