Review: Stormwatch #5


Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda continue the cosmic saga of Earth’s covert protectors going strong in Stormwatch #5 as one member dies (really), a team leader is chosen (for Stormwatch but not by Stormwatch), and the big-ass horn from Superman #1 is finally blown!

I do not understand why Cornell made a decision to leave this wonderful book. It seems all the continuities of the three universes hinge here, in Stormwatch. Certainly the ramifications of what the Master of Lies, Harry Tanner, does this issue will be felt in several other books in the coming months, and that is a good thing for this perceived bubble book.

The fight between Harry and Midnighter was nothing short of breathtaking, with the armor of one versus the cosmic-powered swords of the other. A kidnapping of sorts happens toward the end of the book (no, not Adam One) and we actually get to see a few scenes inside the underbelly of the Eye of the Storm. (Some of these relics may mean something to WildStorm or DC, but since I am new to both U’s I could use some educating. Any readers care to fill me in on the CBN forum, please be my guest.)

Also nuances of future story were tossed about here and there — points like the Martian Manhunter telling a Shadow Council representative “I know what you are, remember?” – that I hope either Cornell before his departure or Paul Jenkins after his arrival follows up on.

This book is so good. I wish that readers of Marvel Comics’ “on hiatus” Guardians of the Galaxy would give this a try. You will not be sorry; I was not.

And of course, Sepulveda’s art brings a grizzly kind of real-life spacey quality to the book, not superhero-pretty but definitely adventurous. I love his J’onn J’onzz!

So here is to long life to this cosmic classic being done in a style I love – for the reader, not the trade. DC won me over big-time with Stormwatch. If you would just give it a chance, they will win you over big-time too!