Steven Moffat Rumored To Be Leaving Doctor Who


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7831:]]It’s being said that the BBC is concerned with the direction of Doctor Who with it stated there has been a “creative nosedive” for the series which sees the Season 7 finale air this Saturday.

The Daily Mail says that the BBC is concerned with the “dodgy storylines” from the past 14 episodes as well as the fact that ratings are down upwards of 55% from 2005.

It’s suggested that Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat may be leaving the series after the 50th Anniversary special this November.

A source said the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary seems like a good time for Steven Moffat to bow out and notes something drastic has to happen to improve the ratings.

However, the BBC did counter stating Doctor Who still has the “highest audience share of all dramas on any channel this year and is in the top three most requested shows on iPlayer.”

In addition, the BBC argues the ratings numbers are actually higher, coming in at 8 million viewers, though that would still make it 2 million below the 2005 ratings.

David Tennant returns to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary starring alongside Matt Smith, who has yet to sign on for season 8.

Steven Moffat did recently confirm a Doctor Who Season 8, which does seem to suggest he is still involved.