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Stephen Amell Hopefull For Justice League Appearance

Stephen Amell Hopefull For Justice League Appearance

Earlier saw an interview with DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns where Johns mentioned that a crossover between the TV and movie universes wasn’t ruled out stating the movies and shows were considered a part of the “multiverse.”

Now Stephen Amell who plays Oliver Queen in the hit series on the CW Arrow – and arguably the face of DC Comics for the past three years – responds with suggestion that he should be featured on the big screen in addition to Grant Gustin, The Flash.

Amell took to his popular Facebook page to offer:

I think 23 episodes trumps a feature film. I think Grant Gustin is the 2014 MVP of the DC Universe. And I think the feature film world would benefit greatly from our inclusion so I’m glad the door has been left ajar.