Star Wars TV Series: Rumor About Time Travel Episodes


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:328:]]Potential spoilers below, folks!

While we may or may not see the Star Wars TV series, dubbed “Star Wars Underworld,” apparently some details on the first few episodes have made their way on to the net.

AICN has word that the episodes are about time travel, specifically a group going back in time to put a stop to — Darth Vader!

Here’s the blurb:

one of the series’ first episodes will involve a group of bandits acquiring the capability of time travel, and using it to travel back in time to stop Darth Vader from ever existing.

Could be the bandits(?!) attempt to stop Anakin from joining the Dark Side, as Bleeding Cool noted, and not actually killing him, which might interfere with the births of Luke and Leia depending on the timeline.

Would beg the question if Anakin doesn’t become the Sith Lord of the Emperor – who?! Would be a cool alternate reality story if, say, further into the future Luke or even Leia became a dark lord of the Sith! Though that was at least touched upon in the comics, I think.

And apparently this isn’t the first about time travel in the Star Wars U.