Star Wars Reboot? Mark Hamill Gives Clues To New Trilogy In 1983 Interview (Video)



An interview from back in 1983 with Maria Shriver and Mark Hamill has surfaced with Hamill discussing Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII and IX.

Of course with the recent news of the Disney acquisition of Star Wars and an announcement of a new Star Wars Trilogy, everything is going to come out.

We’ve heard from a former Lucas biographer, the puppeteer on Jabba the Hut, the author of The Thawn Trilogy, and Hamill recently said a few things as well.

In the following interview – which took place in 1983 – Shriver reveals that she heard mention that Hamill will be brought back as Luke Skywalker “18 years from now.”

Mark Hamill also mentions that the droids are the only ones who will be featured in all three of the Star Wars trilogies, and we know they obviously did appear in the prequels.

Regarding what the next Star Wars Trilogy could be like, Mark Hamill perhaps gives us a clue.

It’s been theorized by some fans that Disney might even an attempt to do a Star Wars reboot. While that may be considered “sacrilege” by some, the same fans note that Paramount and J.J. Abrams succeeded in doing just that with Star Trek in 2009. As Abrams’ Star Trek is set in a different universe, it doesn’t trample over any of the previous Star Trek continuity, but with the crossover of Spock, only adds to it.

Could something similar be happening with Star Wars?

“But you see he’s [George Lucas] being very cagey because it’s either going to be on another plane of existence or not the same character. And I can’t really tell you why without sort of getting into sensitive material,” Mark Hamill said.

Of course, as this was revealed back in 1983, things could obviously have changed, but Lucas has stated that he did give Disney his treatments for the next trilogy.

Could a Star Wars reboot work?

See the following clip for more, with Mark Hamill talking about Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII and IX around the 3:20 mark.