Star Blazers movie…finally?



Are we finally going to see a live action Star Blazers film become a reality?

David Ellison of Skydance Productions seems to think so, as he is in negotiations to acquire the rights to “turn the 1970s animated science fiction TV series into a large scale live action feature,” according to Deadline.

That’s not all as Ellison has, reportedly, hired Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Wolverine “2”) to write the script.

Ellison and Josh C. Kline are said to be on as producers.

Star Blazers is based off the Japanese anime series, Space Battleship Yamato, which sees an alien race decimate the planet earth with radioactive weapons in the forms of meteorites. The humans are forced go underground, but the radiation eventually reaches them. With one year left, the humans discover a message from another distant alien race with an offer of help. The message contains plans for light speed and a promise to cure the earth of the poison radiation. The humans build the Spaces Battleship Yamato to take them across the galaxy in in hopes of saving the human race.

I’m not familiar with this series, but reportedly, this was said to be bigger than Star Wars when it premiered in Japan.

Sounds good.