Stan Lee Confirms Agent Carter Cameo; Talks Avengers & Spider-Man Shared Universe



We get more from the QnA featuring Stan Lee, Kevin Smith and Ultron-creator Roy Thomas.

This time, Stan Lee is asked about the possibility of the Marvel ever getting the rights back to the movies owned by the other studios, and Stan also confirms a cameo in the upcoming Agent Carter TV series.

Stan Lee is asked, “Will the Marvel Universe ever be brought back together?” With his response being:

That’s a very good question, and it’s something that Marvel is very concerned about. It’s very difficult to get them all together because these characters are so successful and make so much money that the studios that have the rights to any of them don’t want to let them go. So that is something that all the lawyers and all the production companies have to work out. Whether they will ever get it worked out, I don’t know. It is a shame that Marvel can’t distribute every one of them because then we could put them all together. You could put The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and every other group together in a movie that would make a hundred trillion dollars.

Roy Thomas then joked, “Isn’t that the next movie? The Avenger 3: The Lawyers?”

With Kevin Smith adding, “The real winners.”

Stan Lee then confirmed a cameo in Agent Carter:

“Watch the fourth one,” Lee said. “I think my cameo is in the fourth episode. They ought to be ashamed of themselves they didn’t give me three others before that, but what the hell. But it is kind of a good cameo.”