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Marvel Super Hero Squad Wii Review

Marvel Super Hero Squad Wii Review
Wii Superhero Squad

Wii Walmart Edition

PRICE: $39.99 (Exclusive Edition)

RATING: E – Everyone 10+




Warning: Contains Spoilers


It’s Time To Hero Up!

For Christmas I got ..errr my son got the video game Marvel Super Hero Squad for the Wii. Santa went to Walmart and got the exclusive bonus edition featuring two unlockable characters, Spiderman “Black Suit” and Captain America “US Agent” in-game characters. The black costumed Spidey was a big hit with my little guy and I am happy to say Santa went to twelve different stores to find this edition.

This is based on the new hit Saturday morning (and night) cartoon on the Cartoon Network. It’s a cool little show for the youngsters as it features all Marvel’s popular characters and villains. The good guys are led by Iron Man and consist of Captain America, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer and Falcon with various guest stars. Ms. Marvel usually appears as well. The bad guys led by Dr. Doom have primarily M.O.D.O.K., and Abomination, with villains like Crimson Dynamo and Mole Man appearing. It’s a fun show.

The Wii game is a heck of a lot of fun as well. It’s simple enough for my five year old to play with a bit of help from dad initially, but he has caught right on and does kick my butt in “Battle mode.” In that mode it’s a one on one fight alla the Street Fighter games and is playable with up to four players. There is different settings/arenas such as Asgard, Savage Land etc. Also, each player has a different “takedown” or finishing move which is neat to do with the Wii remote. The players also repeat their idioms from the show which is a nice touch.

In addition to “Battle” mode is “Adventure” mode where you and another player (or computer) set out to recover the Infinity Fractals. There are six “action packed campaigns” to complete, one for each main Super Hero Squad hero. In addition, two more levels can be unlocked, Spider-Man and Dr. Doom.

My son and I played on easy mode and completed the first level. We started off having to destroy some AIM soldiers, equipment and vehicles. The end level boss was the Abomination who was not too difficult for us to beat. We played as Wolverine and the Hulk. You fight your way through the levels with Ms. Marvel giving you direction. There are various cut scenes throughout that look just like the cartoon.

My son loves it and wants to play all the time. He gets especially excited when a new character or costume is unlocked. In addition to the two that came unlocked with the game we also have a few more such as the Spidey 2099 costume, Crimson Dynamo and another Captain America – US Agent. These alternate costumes are accessible in “Battle Mode.”

I do have one gripe though. It has to do with the “Adventure” mode and when you need to interact with the environment to achieve certain results. Two examples would be when you need to free the SHIELD soldiers in the first level and do something on Asteroid M to get inside with the Iron Man level. You walk up to the spot and what looks like the Wii directional pad is shown. Here, I am clueless and not sure what to do. Occasionally, it will say ‘Z’ button (such as with freeing the SHIELD soldiers) and you have to press it repeatedly or some such. Well, it doesn’t always seem to work and regarding the Asteroid M level I have yet to figure it out, lol. Maybe a read of the directions is in order?

Marvel Super Hero Squad for the Wii is a great little game and tons of fun. If you have a little guy or gal at home who likes the cartoon you can’t go wrong with this. Heck, if you are just a comic book fan in general you’ll like it as well.

When the bad guys are out, all you have to do is shout, now


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