Spider-Man Can’t Save Wacker & Alonso’s Nova; #7 Continues To Tank



It looks as if the new Nova, dubbed NINO (Nova in name only) continues its downward spiral as Diamond has released its early estimates for the month of August where we see Nova #7 comes in at #63 overall.

Specific estimated numbers have yet to be released, but by comparing the surrounding titles to the previous months, we are guessing Nova #7 lands somewhere around the 33,000 mark as it’s right above Teen Titans (July saw Teen Titans have 33,000).

Update: Actual estimates are lower than we thought.

We also see that the use of Spider-Man as a sales gimmick in Nova #7 had absolutely no bearing whatsoever – or maybe it did? Sales may have been actually lower without the evil wall-crawler who currently graces the top ten for comic book sales on a month-to-month basis.

So this definitely can’t be looked at as a good sign for Marvel as the addition of a top ten character with Superior Spider-Man has added no benefit to NINO Nova. As sales continue to slide, Marvel will be forced to confront the fact Axel Alonso and Stephen Wacker’s reboot: a) isn’t working; and b) isn’t what the fans want; hopefully Disney and Marvel Studios are taking note.

For a comparison to the DnA 2007 version – that has consistently been outselling the new stuff from Stephen Wacker and Marvel EIC Axel Alonso without the added expensive promotional campaign – Nova #7 (pictured right) sold 34,840 back in October of 2007. The particular issue didn’t feature Spider-Man, but was a tie-in to Annihilation: Conquest, an event left on its own and not a part of anything Avengers unlike NINO.

There was no Guardians of the Galaxy comic book in August as artist health issues were cited as a reason; however, there was a trade for the first Bendis run where we see Marvel “borrowed” DnA’s Cosmic Avengers idea (you know, the one Tom Brevoort turned down stating it wasn’t a good enough idea) with: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 Cosmic Avengers (Marvel NOW!).

One plus for Marvel on the cosmic side of things is that Infinity seems to be a most promising event, at least all the issues penned by Jonathan Hickman. The other tie-ins have been pretty much what Marvel Cosmic readers have come to expect with NINO and Bendis‘ Guardians. Just think how good it would have been if DnA’s Nova and GoTG were involved.

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