Spider-Island sees 16,000 Spider-Powered New Yorkers!


picCheck out some info on the next Spider-Man event set to begin in August’s The Amazing Spider-Man #667 from writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos.

“Spider-Island” will see all sorts of heroes and villains exhibit signs of having Spider-Man’s powers.

It doesn’t stop there, as 16,000 residents of NYC all begin to grow limbs and acquire powers of their own – leading to Mayor J. Jonah Jameson putting Manhattan in quarantine ie “Spider-Island.”

I gotta say, Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man has been one of Marvel’s best books as of late. I dumped Spidey after “One More Dollar” hit, but came back once Slott came onboard.

Glad I did!

G4’s Fresh Ink announced the event: