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Smallville “Kent” Preview: 23 Image Stills

Smallville “Kent” Preview: 23 Image Stills

Check out 23 image stills to the April 15th Smallville episode of “Kent.” Including this one, there are only five episodes remaining for the series, with the two hour finale set to air May 13th! What’s going to take Smallville’s place?!

Click any image to enlarge and launch viewer; check out the promo trailer for the episode, as well.


The Earth-2 Clark Luthor sends Clark Kent to that world, where he meets the alternate Jonathan Kent. While Lois turns to Emil for help to recover her husband-to-be, Clark Luthor seeks out Tess and demands her obedience.

Even more (Spoilers, possible):

“Kent” takes place in the alternate world that Clark accidentally got pulled into in the December episode “Luthor.” This time, Clark is tricked into the trip by his evil alt self, Clark Luthor. Once on the Other Side, our mild-mannered reporter is mistaken by Jonathan for the now-unmasked Ultraman, so Papa Kent decides to take justice into his own hands.

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