Six Rumored For Doctor Strange

Six Actors Rumored For Doctor Strange


With Joaquin Phoenix reportedly bowing out of Doctor Strange, a large list of candidates to play the Sorcerer Supreme for Marvel Studios has become known.

According to Variety, the list of contenders to play Stephen Strange now includes:

Jared Leto. It’s said the actor is aggressively pursuing the role. Leto also had some fun previously with fans online about playing Doctor Strange.

Oscar Isaac. Currently starring in Star Wars: Episode VII, it’s said Marvel may have an inside look at the actor.

Matthew McConaughey. It’s said that Marvel believes after getting interest from Joaquin Phoenix, they feel they can get anyone for the part, and it’s also said they want a star for the role.

Ewan McGregor. It’s said he is expected to meet Marvel about talks for the role.

Jake Gyllenhaal. According to sources, Gyllenhaal is interested in playing a superhero.

Ethan Hawke. Contrary to an earlier report, it’s now said Hawke is in the mix to play Doctor Strange and even pursued the role early on.

Update: Add one more with Ryan Gosling.

“Doctor Strange” has a July 8, 2016 release being directed by Scott Derrickson.