Shemar Moore Wants Cyborg For Justice League Movie



Shemar Moore, known for playing Special Agent Derek Morgan on the ABC series Criminal Minds, will be voicing the DC Comics character Cyborg in the upcoming Justice League: War animated movie.

Justice League: War is said to be in part based on the DC Comics New 52 Geoff Johns Justice League comic book and will be out later next year.

Moore tells IAmRogue what he likes about Cyborg:

What I like about Cyborg is I got to do this about a year ago for the first time, really a fish out of water. I had no idea, the offer came to me to be the voice of Cyborg. He’s this half black, half white human, but he’s half machine, half human because of an accident that happened to him. But he’s a black superhero. But I like that he’s a bi-racial superhero because I’m bi-racial. The president of the United States is bi-racial.

Turns out the actor likes Cyborg so much that he wants to portray the character in a live-action Justice League movie, currently rumored to have a 2016 or 2017 release.

I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I have a fantasy or wish that [hopefully] I should be able to play Cyborg in a feature film. I’d love it if they were able to do something with the Justice League to where I could join a group of actors and go out there and be Cyborg.

If I could get out there and play Cyborg, that’s the ultimate goal.

…to me I don’t know there’s just [a] vibe when you get to play an action hero. There’s something really fun about it and also because of what it represents.

…So for me to go out there and play Cyborg, he’s just an interesting character and what I know of him thus far. For me to be half machine, half human, kicking ass, that would be a dream come true.