SDCC ’10: Green Lantern Movie and Press Conference Panel




At the 2010 Comic-Con International, Warner Bros. held two live panels: The Green Lantern Movie panel which was for general audiences and a special press only Green Lantern press panel. The following recap is condensed from Newsarama (Press Only) and Screen Rant’s (Public) live feeds. Green Lantern hits on June 17th 2011. Check out a list of related articles here at Cosmic Book News after the recap and be sure to check out our Green Lantern Core movie hub featuring all the latest news!

Green Lantern Panel (public)

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

The Green Lantern oath is recited with the Green Lantern comic book writer and Green Lantern movie creative consultant, Geoff Johns, coming to the stage!

Panelists include: Ryan Reynolds (Hal Jordan/Green Lantern), Blake Lively (Carol Ferris), Peter Sarsgaard (Hector Hammond), Mark Strong (Sinestro), Martin Campbell, Donald DeLine and Greg Berlanti.

Some movie footage is shown of special effects including some off-world scenes, the ring and aliens. Reynolds mentioned he wasn’t too familiar with Green Lantern so he looked to Han Solo for a bit of inspiration. He stated he met with Director Martin Cambell to discuss the character.

Cambell mentions the costume featured in Entertainment Weekly is not complete; that it is a “work in progress.” He says its more of a “skin” and less of a “costume.” (Editor’s Note: Makes sense as the ring creates the “costume” in the comic I believe.)

Producer Donald Deline talks about the planet Oa, home of The Guardians, and that we will see 3600 Green Lanterns in action!

There are only three weeks of shooting left and Reynolds mentions its been really hot in New Orleans (GL movie location).

On to audience question and answer with a fan asking how Reynolds got involved. It was said he saw the concept art Director Martin Cambell provided and “begged for the part.”

Again to Reynolds with a young audience member asking how it felt to say the GL oath. Reynold’s recites the oath revealing the Green Lantern ring he is wearing! He gives it to an audience member who had a sheet of paper under their chair.

Green Lantern Panel (press)

Director Martin Cambell begins by telling the press audience about the story; that it is pretty straight-forward and how the ring works (willpower).

Reynolds tells them he read the Secret Origins GL comics as the movie is about the origin and Geoff Johns told him its compared to Star Wars. Again he mentions the weather in New Orleans and says the motion capture suit (GL’s costume is all CGI) makes it hot. The talk about the GL mask – apparently not CGI and that it fits him well, which was created by an “effects house.”

Regarding voice casting for characters such as Kilowog, its too early in production to discuss that.

Now to Mark Strong as Sinestro! Strong comments on the character, “…an incredibly organized and fearless component of the Green Lantern Corps. He basically guides Hal Jordan through the training process.” He says Sinestro and Hal have a few confrontations in the movie and that he tests Hal because he is human; Sinestro does not feel humans can handle the Corps. He mentions a scene with Kilowog where they put Jordan through a rigorous test which leads to one.

Blake Lively, playing Carol Ferris, talks about her stunts and use of the “Matrix rig” – a gyroscopic harness 20 feet high that made her nauseous.

Pete Sarsgaar, Hector Hammond in the movie, mentions his character with, “There’s a fine line between science and wishful thinking. I’ve thought about the guys who have stretched our thinking …guys like Carl Saagan..” He mentions he read more science-fiction than comics and continues, “I really thought of [Hammond] as a dreamer, in that sense.”

And that’s a wrap!


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