Comic-Con 2013: Gillian Anderson Wants X-Files 3



There has been talk of an X-Files 3 movie for some time with a producer on the movie last November actually stating a reboot is possible.

However, before we get to the reboot it’s quite possible that Fox may do X-Files 3 as it seems both David Duchovony and Gillian Anderson are on board.

Duchovny previously stated he would like X-Files 3 to be a big budget movie, and now at Comic-Con, Gillan Anderson says she would do the movie, but scoffs at doing another TV series.

“A film would be great,” Anderson is quoted as saying at the X-Files Comic-Con panel by The Hollywood Reporter, where it’s also mentioned that Anderson also said she was adamant that she would not reprise her role as Dana Scully for a television series or mini.

Duchovny also joked about raising funds for X-Files 3 when Anderson gave out a cardboard cut out of herself as Scully.

“This is how we’re going to get the movie made by the way!” Duchovny said.

All jokes aside, it’s noted that the cast and creators were pretty much mum on the subject of X-Files 3, which could be looked at as a good sign.

While we wait to see if X-Files 3 ever comes to be, both Duchovny and Anderson are both currently featured on TV.

David Duchovny stars in the popular Showtime series Californication, and Anderson has recently been seen on episodes of Hannibal and The Fall.