Scott Snyder Goes On America Vampire Hiatus For Batman and Superman


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4278:]]This January will see the last issue of American Vampire for quite some time as writer Scott Snyder takes some time off of the book to work on Batman, The Wake with Sean Murphy, and the new Superman comic book that will launch in conjunction with the Man of Steel movie.

American Vampire will see issue #33 come out this week with issue #34 in January, which is said to be an epilogue to the current arc as well as a precursor for what’s to come.

While we here at Cosmic Book News dread the word “hiatus,” Snyder promises the book will be back within a year, as he tells Newsarama:

I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely firm we are in terms of how temporary this hiatus is.

This isn’t something that’s open ended, where we’re sort of taking a break and don’t know when we’re going to come back. We’re absolutely coming back within a year of #34. I can’t give you a month specifically, because Vertigo is deciding now what the best month would be to place our return issue. But it has nothing to do with any sense of indecision on our part, internally, as a team, as to when we’re going to come back and how long we’re going to take off.

Snyder goes on to mention how he wants to get ahead on both Batman and Superman, and then he’ll come back to American Vampire.

We know we’re only taking about six months off from the series, between us. That might mean a little longer between issues that the readers see. So what I mean is that Rafael is only taking off six months after he finishes #34, and I’m only taking about six months off from writing American Vampire — maybe even less. For me, it’s mainly so I can get ahead on Batman and Superman, and I can also get ahead on The Wake with Sean Murphy. Part of it is needing to be able to stagger these books to make sure I’m able to give 100 percent on each one.

The only thing that would really make me not want to do the books is if I couldn’t give everything I have to each one. So I’d rather stop doing a book for a few months than put out a book that I don’t feel 100 percent about.

And by the time we come back, I’ll essentially be way ahead on Batman and Superman. I’m ahead now, but I’ll be way ahead, hopefully. And I’ll be far enough into The Wake, because Sean has a really meticulous drawing style, which is incredible and I love, that it will be staggered by the time we come back. What I mean is, I’ll be far enough ahead on the books that it will be almost like having two books and not four at that point.

No official announcement regarding Scott Snyder’s new comic book has been made from DC Comics, but Jim Lee is the artist with the title thought to be “Man of Steel.” Jim Lee departed the Justice League comic book with Ivan Reis coming on board from Aquaman, which left room for Paul Pelletier to jump ship from Marvel and replace Reis on Aquaman art chores.