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Save Stargate Valentine’s Campaign

Save Stargate Valentine’s Campaign

We here at Cosmic Book News can sympathize with wanting your favorites back.

Let’s keep the “SCI-FI” in SYFY!

Press Release

‘Stargate’ Fan Coalition Spreads Valentine’s Love to Help Save the Destiny of ‘Stargate Universe’



A coalition of fans of the recently canceled science fiction series ‘SGU: Stargate Universe,’ is encouraging fans of the show to ‘Share the SGU Love’ this Valentines season. As part of a campaign to keep the show alive, the media news organization Wormhole Riders and the fan groups SG:Unite and SGU Awareness are asking fellow fans of the show to send Valentine’s cards to the main decision-makers at MGM (the Hollywood studio behind Stargate Universe) and the series’ production offices at Bridge Studios in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Some of the producers of ‘SGU’ are currently working with MGM to continue the series in some form. SyFy’s decision not to order a third season after filming of Season 2 had concluded currently means that ‘Stargate Universe’ will end on a cliffhanger. Fans of the show who want to see more or at least get some closure to the series have come together under the banner of SG:Unite to show their support with the ‘Share The SGU Love’ campaign.

In addition to promoting the Valentines card campaign, the fans behind SG:Unite, Wormhole Riders and SGU Awareness are asking other fans to also show their support by purchasing the episode ‘Trial and Error’ on iTunes on Valentine’s Day. This episode was selected because one of the characters finds love from an unexpected source. SG:Unite is also reminding the show’s supporters to boost the ratings when it returns for what currently looks like its final 10 episodes in March. This they can do by watching episodes live or on the day of broadcast and encouraging people who haven’t seen the show before to tune in. Syfy begins airing these episodes in the United States on March 7 at 10 ET/PT, the slot immediately following that channel’s recently premiered original series ‘Being Human’. Canada’s SPACE Channel will broadcast new episodes of ‘SGU’ beginning on March 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

You can legally download the episode ‘Trial and Error’ from: iTunes, Amazon and Zune.

SG:Unite, Wormhole Riders and SGU Awareness are run by volunteers from various countries who believe strongly in a positive approach to campaigning for ‘Stargate Universe’.

“It is an unfortunate fact that some individuals out there have been cruel with their hate campaigns regarding ‘Stargate Universe’,” said Wormhole Riders’ Marjorie Roden. “However, we are putting that behind ourselves and only focusing on positive things. With the ‘Share the SGU Love’ fan campaign, the purpose is to help Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios … see the viability of keeping ‘Stargate Universe’ on the air. We’ll remain positive, conducting ourselves in a very positive and giving way.”

SG:Unite has a presence on a variety of social networking platforms, including Facebook (, and Twitter (@SGUnite). In addition, it will soon launch a website ( that will act as a community hub for fans of SGU: Stargate Universe. Wormhole Riders and SGU Awareness are also online at and, respectively. At these locations fans of ‘Stargate Universe’ are encouraged to participate, read about the mission to save SGU and contribute to a plan that the people behind the coalition hope will help to keep the show alive. The plan includes ways to spread the word about the cancellation and contacts at media companies that might be influential in charting a future for ‘Stargate Universe’. Information on where to send Valentine’s Day cards for the ‘Share the SGU Love’ can also be found on these sites.

‘Stargate’ is the most successful North American-produced science fiction franchise since ‘Star Trek’. Like ‘Star Trek’, ‘Stargate’ has been a source of entertainment and inspiration to people across the world thanks to its mixture of endearing characters, thought-provoking stories and commitment to portraying science and the military in a positive light. The first series in the franchise, ‘Stargate SG-1’, was a spin-off from the 1994 theatrical film, ‘Stargate’. ‘Stargate SG-1’ itself led to three spin-off series, ‘Stargate Atlantis’, the animated series ‘Stargate: Infinity’ and ‘SGU: Stargate Universe’. Two direct-to-DVD films, ‘Stargate: The Ark of Truth’ and ‘Stargate Continuum’, have been released that continue the adventures of the characters from ‘Stargate SG-1’. A third ‘SG-1’ movie and a ‘Stargate Atlantis’ direct-to-DVD film have also been scripted.

‘SGU: Stargate Universe’ is centered on a group of soldiers, scientists and civilians who are forced through a Stargate when their secret military research base is attacked. On the other side of the gate they find themselves on board an ancient ship, the Destiny, which is locked on an unknown path and unable to return to Earth. Faced with meeting the need for food, water and air, the group must discover the secrets of the ship in order to survive. The cast is led by Robert Carlyle and Louis Ferreira. Other regular or recurring cast members include Ming-Na, Lou Diamond Phillips, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, Brian J. Smith, Patrick Gilmore, Peter Kelamis, Jennifer Spence and Julia Benson.

‘SGU’ is seen in countries around the world, attracting an international community of fans. On Canada’s SPACE Channel it premiered in October 2009 to a record-breaking audience of 624,000 viewers. It went on to become the most-watched series on the channel. It has also been nominated for over 20 awards, including a 2010 Emmy® for “Outstanding Visual Effects and a 2010 Gemini Award.

SG:Unite, Wormhole Riders and SGU Awareness are independently run ‘Stargate’ fan groups that are not affiliated with MGM, Syfy or other companies associated with the ‘Stargate’ franchise.